10 Best ADC in Wild Rift League of Legends

The best ADC in Wild Rift or Attack Damage Carry is an important key team role in League of Legends Wild Rift where they focus on dealing high amounts of Damage which makes them the leading Champions to do majority of the killing and carrying of the team to victory.


They mainly consist of Range Champions but can also focus around Melee Champions where are known as Duelist, Assassins and other labels, but in the Meta of Wild Rift as of now are mostly ADC champions revolving around Range Champions or in other words Marksman which we will be naming the top 10 list of the best ADC in Wild Rift League of Legends. 


Kaisa is considered to be one of the best ADC in Wild Rift right now mainly because she has a great Attack Speed and her entire kit having the best Mobility around which makes wave clearing easy for her. Although, she lacks in attack range compared to other Ranged Champions in the game, this makes her a relatively complex and hard to adjust kind of Champion if you’re new to her, but Kai’sa is the notable choice of an ADC if you’re comfortable in fully learning her kit and tactics.


Jinx is another ADC with great mobility around fights as her passive and active skills gives her the edge to be agile, she is one of the simple ADCs but a strong and annoying Champion to be up against. Her skills are vital for her fights during Chasing and Escaping which she can slow down, and Stun incoming enemies with her abilities making her an awesome ADC during early and late game. 


Ashe is another great starter ADC just like Jinx merely because she can be strong and frustrating to deal with during certain situations. Ashe’s skills utilize surveillance and CC type abilities, which you can use this as an advantage when chasing an enemy or hitting from the sidelines during a team fight. If you do get to max her build then you can see the very threatening Ashe, although if not farmed properly she will remain weak throughout the game phases.

Her skills may not allow her to be mobile, so being with Tanks, Supports and other teammates that can protect you are ideal rather than going alone. Despite that, her skills focus on Stunning, and Slowing down enemies which makes her a great Champion to chase enemies with. 


Ezreal is in the middle area of difficulty, you have to know Ezreal well enough and practice good enough to properly utilize him in fights and lanes. He requires good aim, and good judgement, but his entire kit makes him such a nice ADC to use that gives him a range of mobility skills. His Q skill is deadly but it requires good aiming on the Players part, and his Ultimate is great for clearing waves or killing enemy players from Afar. He is used in High rank matches, and learning Ezreal can be fun if you get to master him. 

Miss Fortune 

Miss Fortune is another ADC champion that you would see brand new players mostly use, she’s actually a great ADC with her AOE skills and Mobility potential, she is annoying to deal with, just like Ashe, she is paper just like Ashe, but if you get to max item build, she is someone you want to kill first in the enemy group before starting a a fight because her ultimate can shred her enemies health.


Vayne has always been that very strong late game Champion because of her CC, Mobility and Attack Speed which her range is alright but not the best that also makes wave clearing not really her forte to be fast enough, but in a 1v1 or group fight, she can outrank Champions if you can utilize her dash and CC skills during a duel. 

Vayne is easy to understand but in-game, it’s hard to utilize her kills plus the strict gold farming where you can’t lag behind with your enemies gold farming because Vayne players need to maintain the best Creep Kill count compared to other ADCs. If you lack in Gold Farm, you will be weak, very weak in Late game and it’s easy to fall out with Vayne because of that.


Jhin is another hard to use ADC for beginners, but his kit makes him a nice supportive ADC, he’s slow yes, but he’s great for wave clearing and has big damage for his basic attacks alone, his range from his ultimate makes him just as great in group fights because he can reach potential enemy Champions who are running away with low health.


There isn’t a lot of Varus players around, maybe due to the skills it requires for them to aim with his skill kit that needs manual and proper aiming from the player. He’s great for wave clearing and can balance between AP items which just adds more damage for Varus. His CC makes him a fearful champion where he “roots” an enemy, stunning it for 2 seconds, which not a lot of ADCs do have a stunning skill and slowing skill together.


Tristana isn’t all that great, she’s actually pretty bad among the ADCs, but people love her because of the range, which she has the most compared to any other ADC in the game. Tristana range is top notice and constantly hitting your enemy over and over will be so annoying for them, playing her right, and have the best Builds for Tristana, she will poke the enemies until death during group fights. 


Just like Kai’sa, Draven isn’t a beginner friendly ADC and is actually notorious around the community for being a hard Champion to learn and use when you don’t play him well enough, he can fall off late game but he can still be great because of the Amount of Damage in the early and mid-rounds that he can deal already and with his range potential that his Ultimate skill gives you, he makes him a worthy Champion to have in the Line-up. Hard to pick-up but another deadly ADC worth learning. 


Corki isn’t a god-tier ADC nor even as champion, but Corki is great in the right hands just like any other Champion, he’s best as a Mid laner but around ADC I could say he settles around the middle tier. Corki is meant for late game, and matches in Wild Rift don’t really tend to last long enough for Champions like Corki where their max potential show in the late game. Corki is paper and does small damage, but if you build the vital items starting from Trinity Force towards, Infinity Edge then you got yourself a pretty awesome ADC champ. 

Still more to come 

There are still a lot more ADCs planned to release in Wild Rift like Caitlyn who’s another strong ADC in League of Legends PC version. Nevertheless, hope you found the best ADC in wild rift that suites you and your playstyle, happy grinding! 

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