10 Best Tanks in Wild Rift League of Legends

You can’t win a game in League of Legends Wild Rift if you don’t get to use the Best Tanks in Wild Rift. Having a Tank Champion in your line up is a pinnacle part of the success in winning a group fight, just because they are the ones that will be targeted during a fight most likely.

Best Tanks in Wild Rift

Tanks come from skills focused on Stunning, Initiating, CC, AOE damage and just outright buffy in general that can absorb plenty of damage to survive as long as possible distracting the enemy during a fight. So, it’s good to know that Tanks are a vital asset in the line-up and picking the right Tank Champion comes from your playstyle and strategy with your team. 


Braum currently holds one of the Best Tanks in Wild Rift right now, as a supporting tank where he currently stands as an A-tier Champion in Wild Rift. His passive that enables to slow his enemies and dash towards an enemy that makes him an awesome initiator to engage, disengage and provide that overall support that your team fight would need. Since he is meant for support, he will succeed at it rather than being a Solo Lane Champion. If you love the support tank role in Wild Rift than it’s worth giving him a trying especially if you want to rank up in solo queue. 


Blitzcrank is another support tank champion and currently still stands as an S tier support tank champion in Rank matches at Wild Right just like the PC version. He is the most played Support Champion because one of the reasons is due to his ability in having to grapplehook and knock an enemy up if caught. He’s just an annoying Champion to deal with when you’re up against a Blitzcrank player who’ll never miss with the Blitzcrank Grapplehooks 


Alistar is a great supporting champion and also used by many, his UIltimate skill has a 60% Damage reduction which is greatly helpful during group fights. Alistar is a great initiator tank and a supporting tank which he can heal his teammates with a skill, and just Like Braum these Tank champion meant to Protect and CC’ing enemies are your priority as a tank player which makes him a great choice in the lineup. 


Nasus is a late game Champion, he’s the type that you can bully in the early rounds of the game, but will come back stronger to hunt you. He stacks damage on his Q every time he kills a creep or enemy and this builds up to an insane amount of damage that can just two-hit an enemy ADC. Nasus is a tank but he’s also a fighter that can carry a team if wanted. His skill named “wither” that reduces the enemies speed to insane amounts when maxed is just overpowered to deny any chance of the enemy getting away. 


Garen is an all-time favorite for beginner players that makes him a great starter Tank and very simple to use. His Ultimate and Primary skills make him a fun Champion and he has the entire stereotype of what a Tanky Knight should have. Highly recommended if you’re a relatively new player to Wild Rift and still getting use to the game. He can also be played as a primary damage dealer just because as a tank he can deal a lot of damage with his skills. 


Malphite is such an awesome Tank Champion when you want to initiate fights for your team. His ultimate is very important and it changes the game very quick to your favor if you do it and time it properly and manage to hit 2-3 enemies in the vicinity of your Ultimate while you have an ADC near you ready to back you up. 


Not a lot of people know how to play Singed, because Singed has this very specific playstyle you must commit to in order to make him effective in matches because he’s a Champion that doesn’t do well as is against stronger Champions. Despite that, once you get the hang off Singed, he is awesome, fun and just the type of champion to troll and annoy enemies in your lane. Tactics like Proxy singed where you distract enemy creeps before meeting at the turret tower, causing the enemy either to not have creeps to back him up or to aggressively push with the wave.

Dr. Mundo 

Mundo can be a great supporting Tank champion, although he can fall off late game or if item built against by the enemy. What makes Dr. Mundo a great supportive Tank choice is due to his Health regeneration Abilities where his First skill “Infect Cleaver” regenerates Mundo’s health when the skill hits the enemy and also slow the enemy’s movement. His ultimate skill is also great because it regenerates 50% max the HP of health in 10 seconds. Dr. Mundo is not bad, but he’s not that great and depending on playstyle he can potentially suite you well enough.


Amumu isn’t a godly Tank champion anymore since he was eventually nerfed, but he’s still a great champion to consider choosing in the team lineup. He’s basically a hybrid AP Tank that can deal damage if built towards to, or just heavily Tanky in defensive items. Amumu may not be strong to duel an enemy, but he’s strong in initiating group fights or to Gank enemies with your teammates 

Now you know! 

Awesome, these are all the known popular Tank champion choices right now in the game, so get on learning and master them because they are important in contributing to the success of the teamChampions like Braum, Malphite and Blitzcrack are the ones you could prioritize focusing and learning because they are the most common tank champions you can be up against right now which do the most contribution. 

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