8 Best Top Lane Wild Rift League of Legends

The Best Top Lane Wild Rift or commonly referred to as Baron Lane Champions make-up of the bruisers, the tanks, the big dudes that take damage and deal damage, they are the ones to withstand the damage in group fights and distract enemies to focus on you. Top Lane Champions play an important role just like Mid Lane where you have a solid 1v1 environment, farming your Golds and building up your items to contribute the most in team fights. Here the best Baron Lane Wild Rift champions in League of Legends. 

Best Top Lane Wild Rift Worth Mastering

Best Top Lane Wild Rift


Garen is a great choice for being the best Top Lane wild rift Champion for beginners, obviously he is one of the best Tank campions. He has a great CC skill with his “Decisive strike” and AOE skill with “Judgement” to pressure the enemy in fighting for lane, so winning your creep Farms and destroying the momentum of your enemy is quite simple. Even though it can be quite hard for a straight head-to-head 1v1, having your teammates Gank your lane will be easy enough since your skills cater for those team clashes and not solo fights. Don’t underestimate Garen’s CC skill. 



Jax is a bruiser, actually if Fed quite a lot and manages to lead in gold farm and item build, he can carry a game, and destroy enemy towers within seconds making such a great lane pusher as well. Jax is deadly, and if the enemy Top Laner is choking and having a bad day, the jax will be superior in these 1v1 confrontations, even in a 1v1 Jax stuns, and Life steal abilities are just top-notch making him really fun to play and master. 


Teemo was a mid-lane champion, but he eventually transitioned to the Top Lane. Teemo is single-handedly great for solid 1v1 scenarios because If you didn’t know Teemo is the most notorious Champion to annoy anybody with his Poison abilities. If you master Teemo, then your lane is set in stone to be all for you, because your Ultimate gives you the ability to place Toxic Mushrooms (A toxic Trap that can go invisible).  

By placing these in the proper places where enemies may go to when chasing you or running away is just so fun but annoying for the enemy because it deals a lot of damage overtime due to the poison. Teemos first skill gets better with the major damage output it can deal as well when you have a strong AP item build, and he can go invisible when idle at one place which makes Teemo one of the best top lane wild rift champion that will annoy your enemy.


Tryndamere is another scary and strong opponent. His CC skills and life steals are too strong when you have a good item build going. He’s just deadly, although, Tryndamere is meant for the Jungle, he can also adapt to being Top Player so if ever your team match line-up does have a Jungler, Tryndamere can adapt to being a Top Laner quitely easily and if early games go well for the Tryndamere player then he will be a formidable strong opponent for your enemies in the mid and later phases of the game. 



Fiora takes a lot of skill to pull her plays successful, but she is widely used in high rank because she’s that great if you can pull her off and perform well with her. She has that good of a defensive ability to endure enough damage in fights for the clutch, adding that she has high mobility in her with her Dash skill. 


Her first skill (Q) is a dash and her (W) skill makes her invulnerable to damage for a brief moment besides turret damage which also negates CC skills. Her passive is “Vitals” which is basically big bonus damage and bonus heal for her. This make her strong in 1v1s if used correctly with her Q and W because Fiora is that strong in Top Lane if played rightfully. 


Darius is a Tanky Champion that can deal big damage. His passive skill is quite handy in team fights, where enemies who get hit by Darius basic attack will bleed for five seconds, which gives them a “stack” and where these stacks can increase for the enemies who got it until the 5th stack where Darius’s damage to these enemies will increase.

Darius fits best in Team Fights because his skills are just major CC skills that will deny any chances of the enemy getting away from a fight once caught by Darius skills giving enough time for your team fight to follow-up on the kill or even you. 


Wukong is another popular Top Laner in League of Legends PC, although he received a Nerf when he came to the mobile platform Wild Rift, his passive was changed and no longer stacks armor but stacks damage. Although, this makes Wukong in the middle, Wukong can be great if you can execute great outplays, he’s like an assassin now, squishy but deals insane amount of damage. His skills are still beneficial especially when enemies waste their skills on your clone skill, Wukong is still the better Top Lane Champion to consider and you should try him out. 


Camille is another awesome pick for top she tends to wins most 1v1 and 1v2’s that makes her an awesome lane pusher. Camielle can also be a Jungler but can also be played in Top Lane.  She’s an A-tier Champion and is quite strong, but compared to other Bruisers and Duelist at the Top Lane, she lacks in defense but she makes up for it with her E skill that gives her bonus Attack Speed. 

Hope it helped! 

There are still a lot more League of Legend Champions for the Top Lane due to release in Wild Rift sooner or later, but for now, here are the current popular picks for the Baron Lane in Wild Rift League and hope you find the desired champion you’re looking for, Happy grinding! 

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