A Comprehensive Guide to UPMC Shift Select

upmc shift select

In the fast-paced world of healthcare, managing work schedules efficiently is crucial for both staff and institutions. UPMC Shift Select emerges as a game-changer, offering UPMC employees a seamless online tool to navigate and select shifts with unprecedented ease.

Understanding UPMC Shift Select

UPMC Shift Select isn’t just a tool; it’s a revolution in how healthcare professionals manage their work hours. This online platform empowers UPMC staff to explore available shifts based on criteria such as date, time, location, and position type. By integrating convenience and flexibility, UPMC  puts the control of scheduling back into the hands of the employees.

A Step-by-Step Guide

1. Getting Started

Creating an account on UPMC Shift Select opens the door to a world of scheduling possibilities. Log in to access a comprehensive list of available shifts. Easily filter these shifts based on your preferences, including location and position type.

2. Applying for Shifts

Once you spot a shift that aligns with your needs, click on it and hit the “Apply” button. Fill in the necessary information regarding your availability and qualifications. If selected, you’ll receive prompt notifications via email or text. Confirm the shift, and you’re all set – it’s that straightforward.

3. Scheduling Strategies

For UPMC staff, mastering Shift Select is key to securing preferred shifts. Consider these strategies:

  • Plan Ahead: Regularly check the Shift Select website, noting your availability well in advance to enhance your chances of getting the desired shifts.
  • Be Flexible: Explore alternative shifts that align closely with your preferences. Consider opting for a “floating” shift for added flexibility.
  • Communication is Key: Inform your colleagues about your unavailability for specific shifts, fostering a collaborative environment. Explore shift trades if needed.
  • Notes Section Utilization: When applying for shifts, utilize the “notes” section to communicate any pertinent information.

Bidding Smartly 

Navigating the ever-changing landscape of hospital shifts becomes more manageable with UPMC Shift Select’s bidding feature. Here’s how you can make the most of it:

  • Know the System: Familiarize yourself with UPMC Shift Select to maximize its utility.
  • Utilize Keywords: Narrow down your search by using keywords, making it easier to find shifts tailored to your preferences.
  • Embrace Flexibility: While prioritizing your needs, stay open to exploring different shifts. You might discover an unexpected but suitable option.
  • Regular Check-ins: New shifts are continually added, so check the platform regularly for fresh opportunities.

Harnessing the Power of UPMC Shift Select Features

It isn’t just a scheduling tool; it’s a comprehensive solution for healthcare professionals. Some standout features include:

  • Viewing Open Shifts: Easily navigate through all open shifts in your facility or unit, ensuring a perfect match for your schedule.
  • Smart Filtering: Tailor your search by facility, unit, shift type, days of the week, and start time for a precise fit.
  • Availability Management: Block out days or times when you’re unavailable, streamlining your shift selection process.
  • Efficient Selection: Choose multiple shifts at once, simplifying the request submission process.
  • Saved Searches: Save your favorite search criteria for quick and efficient future use.


Choosing a career at UPMC, a major Pittsburgh employer, comes with questions. Let’s address some common inquiries about UPMC

  1. What is UPMC Shift Select?
    • It is an online tool facilitating employee position exploration and department transfers within UPMC.
  2. How do I use UPMC Shift Select?
    • Log in with your employee ID and password to explore open positions, request transfers, and align shifts with your preferences.
  3. What advantages does UPMC Shift Select offer?
    • Enjoy the advantages of viewing all open positions, requesting department transfers, and aligning shifts with your preferences seamlessly.
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