Apex Legends Caustic Guide: How to play Caustic Apex Legends

Apex Legends Caustic Guide

Looking to master Caustic? This Apex Legends Caustic guide will teach you how to master this fun and annoying character to use in Apex Legends.

One of the reasons that makes Caustic a fun Legend is due to his poisonous abilities, his entire kit is made up of initiating toxic gas in the vicinity which damages and slows down enemies when engulfed by the gas that disrupts chaotic close-range fights, discouraging enemy flanks, or just plain outright disabling the entire strategies by the enemy is caustics job, and people love him for his annoyance with the toxic gas. 

Apex Legends Caustic Guide

Apex Legends Caustic Guide: Caustic Primary and Passive Skills 

Passive skill: Nox Vision 

Nox passive skill is immunity to other Caustic Gas Traps called Nox Vision that enables the Caustic player to naturally highlight the enemy players in Green when they are engulfed by the toxic gas. Although, the Vision can be obstructed by walls or other object obstacles in the area. 

Tactical Primary Skill: Nox Gas Trap 

Nox’s gas trap is probably what makes him deadly with his ability to place 6 Gas Traps that can be active anywhere around the map, and hold up to 3 Gas Traps charged and ready to use. Caustic has the Unlimited potential to use such deadly traps and place it during critical combat moments.  

When an enemy is inside the Gas Fumes, it will slow them down eliminating their ability to move fast. The toxic gas does 5 damage a second, although it doesn’t deal damage to the enemy shields. The only downside is enemy caustic are actually immune to other Nox Gas Traps, so they won’t receive damage. 

Nox Gas Trap skill only has 25 seconds of cooldown, and in a fight, that is pretty quick which makes Caustic a hard opponent in team fights.  

Ultimate Skill: Nox Gas Grenade 

The Nox Gas Grenade skill enables you to fire at a large area of Nox Gas blocking quite a big field during battle. It deals 5 damage per second when engulfed in the toxic gas just the same as the Nox Gas Trap, which the Ultimate skill just a wider range of the gas dispersing. Nox Gas Grenade does not stack with Nox’s Gas Traps. 

Perk: Fortified 

Caustic has a perk which reduces incoming damage by 15% taking 15% less damage from every attack and immune to slow effects from weapon fire. 

Apex Legends Caustic Guide: Tips on how to use Caustic Apex Legends

  • Use Traps to Block Doors 
    You can block the doors from opening using your Nox gas trap and even if the enemy destroys the door it will activate the Nox Gas Trap to ignite and scare of the enemy away from the area or find a different entry.
  • Use the Traps as Cover fire 
    The main part or middle core part of the Gas Trap is bullet proof being a great and quick way to avoid incoming fire until it gets destroyed. You can always activate it as well to scare of any potential aggressors during a fight. 
  • Use the traps once you drop 
    This is one of the only skills that a legend has the ability damage enemy players during the starting of the round when finding a weapon, place these traps down immediately and strategically which will give you control of the area for a short amount of time, which that time is enough for you to find good gear before an enemy tries to challenge you. 
  • Strategically place these traps when outside 
    Traps are a good way to scare off a flanking group or a squad looking to third party. Understanding the map layout and positioning, you can place these traps in spots where they can blend well and obviously knowing if the enemy will pass through it. Traps are quite hard to spot if placed in an area where it camouflages when the background colors, a good way to counter potential unpredicted danger, they are traps after all! 
  • Activate the trap on yourself to revive teammates 
    You could also do this with his Ultimate Nox Gas Grenade, gassing yourself in toxic fumes will give you the opportunity to revive your teammate during a chaotic situation that would be too hard to revive your teammates. Place down a trap or throwing a grenade on yourself will give you the time you need to revive your teammates and heal. 
  • Try to save the Gas grenade until the last seconds of the match 
    Specifically, when the circle is very small and you’re 2-3 teams left, the vicinity of the Gas Grenade is worthy to fill up most of the circle, this just obliterates any potential risk in your area, giving you a sense of control and confidence to mess up your enemy’s plan of offensive and defense.  
  • Caustic is vulnerable at far-range combats 
    He’s useless, his skills are not helpful when it comes to far-range or even mid-range battles, so you have to be aggressive, your job is to flank, be aggressive, and disrupt the squad with toxic gas. This is your just Job and that’s what makes Caustic deadly. Once a Caustic is in your area, he will take you out with Gas especially if its indoor fighting. 
  • Indoor fighting is your Home court advantage 
    This is your bread and butter, when you bring the fight indoors, it’s going to be a deadly situation for the enemy when tons of your gas explode, giving little room for the enemy squad to navigate or just immediately retreating. 
  • Counter Bangalore smoke with your Gas Grenade 
    Depending on the situation an enemy Bangalore might smoke his area to escape, or give their squad an opportunity to replenish health and shields. You can counter such move with Caustic’s Gas Grenade to where they smoke giving them the frustrating time of their lives. 

Get out there and poison enemies 

Caustic can be a hard character to use at first, and sometimes not even hard at all. Caustic depends on the players playstyle and the players understanding on how to use Caustic skills strategically, and this is what this Apex Legends Caustic Guide is for, so you can have an awesome field day with Caustic because he’s fun to use with his traps. Have fun! 

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