Are DXRacer Chairs Worth It? The Facts Explained

DXRacer is one of the premier brands for high-end PC gaming chairs. Of course, if you’re going to spend hours in a chair, you want it to be comfortable, so spending a little more makes sense. But if you’re in the market for a comfortable seat, you might wonder if they live up to all the hype and if they’re worth the hefty price tag.

DXRacer chairs are worth it, thanks to their highly stylish and comfortable designs. They’re produced with ergonomics in mind to promote a healthier posture and come in various sizes and styles to meet your specific seating preferences. Between the PU leather and mesh, you’ll be comfortable all day.

One of the trickiest parts of buying a new gaming chair is that you rarely get to test them beforehand. That’s why we made this guide to cover everything you should know about these chairs and if they’re worth it. As you’ll soon see, they’re an excellent addition to any gamer’s battle station. 

The Bucket Seat Design Adds Comfort and Support

Believe it or not, DXRacer was not always in the business of selling chairs. Well, at least not for PC gaming. 

The company, founded in 2001, initially specialized in producing seats for luxury cars. So, it’s no surprise that their products have that stylish racing-car-like flare to them. 

The chairs have a bucket seat design which is very common in racing cars. A single person sits snugly in this kind of seat, thanks to the slightly raised outer contours. It also adds a tasteful gamer aesthetic without being too flashy. 

Plus, the way it feels can enhance your immersion in racing titles – especially when combined with the chairs’ recline and adjustable armrests. 

Add a VR headset, and it’ll feel like you’re on the grid with your favorite F1 drivers! 

The Upholstery Materials Are Stylish and Breathable

Few brick-and-mortar stores keep PC Gaming chairs in stock, so you’ll almost always have to purchase them online. Without seeing them in person, though, how can you know the quality and feel?

DXRacer uses two exterior materials for their chairs and cushions: PU leather and mesh. 

PU leather is a popular upholstery for gaming chairs thanks to its refined appearance and soft, sleek feeling. And unlike natural leather, it holds up well against moisture. 

Unfortunately, PU leather is not at all breathable. So if you sit and play for long periods, it can quickly make you feel hot or even sweaty. 

Thankfully, DXRacer chairs have a solution for this: mesh. 

Mesh is essentially a thin and porous synthetic material that helps bring dynamic airflow to the upholstery, keeping your back and bottom much cooler. 

By using both, DXRacer crafts chairs that look stylish but also feel cozy and breathable. They’re more than worth their cost in this respect. 

The Adjustable Recline Allows for More Movement

Nothing feels better than kicking back in your chair to play some games after a long day. And if you agree, then a DXRacer is definitely worth it for you. 

DXRacer chairs utilize various types of adjustable recline technology. With most ranging from 90 to 135 degrees, you’re able to lean back to the position that feels best. 

Some DXRacers (such as the Gladiator Series) come with handy multi-function tilt mechanisms. Not only can you recline back – you’re also able to lock your chair into any angle of recline. 

That means you won’t have to worry about pushing your back into the chair to keep it in place. Or, fear it suddenly springing you forward when you try to get up. 

As a smaller person who’s had this problem with chairs, this is excellent news! 

Other models like the popular DXRacer Formula Series use a conventional tilt mechanism. These still allow you to rock back and forth but can only lock in the upright position. 

Synchronic-Tilt Mechanism

If reclining is an important factor to you, DXRacer offers an even better option. Unfortunately, though, it’s also their most expensive gaming chair. 

The DXRacer MASTER has a synchronic-tilt mechanism that will, in addition to locking at any angle you want, also adjust its height while it tilts. That way, your feet won’t leave the ground just because you lean too far back. 

But it gets better: the DXRacer MASTER angles all the way down to 155 degrees. So you could easily kick back and take a nap. 

So if you’re choosing between DXRacers, consider how vital reclining is to you. If you’re willing to spend the extra money, the comfort and versatility of the MASTER are well worth it. 

3D and 4D Adjustable Armrests Support Better Posture

Using seating without adjustable armrests can feel awkward. If you’re too small or big, your elbows and arms may have to sit at odd angles. As a result, it can be challenging to reach your keyboard comfortably. 

Over time, this might lead to painful conditions like mouse shoulder

Thankfully, DXRacers sport either 3D or 4D adjustable armrests. And the ergonomics they provide add considerable value to these chairs. 

Both types offer more user flexibility than stationary armrests. As a result, it’s another solid reason why you should consider getting a DXRacer. 

3D and 4D Armrests Explained

So, what makes these armrests unique, and are they worth it? 

2D armrests move up and down or swivel on their x-axis (turn outwards or inwards). Meanwhile, 3D armrests can do all that but also shift forward and backward. 

This feature is handy if you recline a lot since you can bring the armrests back with you. It’s what the cheaper DXRacer models, like the Formula and Gladiator Series, use. 

4D armrests take it a step further by adding side-to-side movement. Helpful if you tend to shift around a lot or want more dynamic ergonomics. Only the more expensive DXRacer models have it. 

The 4D adjustment option won’t necessarily be worth it for everyone price-wise. 

Still, I believe both types of armrests will surprise you with their usefulness once you own them for a while. 

(If you’re a visual learner, these gifs show the differences between adjustable armrests.)

Customization Options & Special Editions

Ergonomics and versatile features are excellent to have. However, they may not be worth much to you unless the chair actually looks good

Thankfully, when it comes to style, DXRacer delivers in spades. 

The various DXRacer models are available in numerous striking colors that complement their sleek profiles. However, almost all of the designs are two-tone. 

Combinations like black and white look striking and modern. Or you could go with something more bubbly like pink and blue. 

Bummed that they only come in these two-tone racing designs? Don’t worry – DXRacer also has various special and limited edition gaming chairs! 

These often coincide with the release of a major PC title or expansion, such as the DXRacer X Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons Edition. Other times, they can be an excellent way to show team spirit for your favorite esports organization. Such as with this DXRacer Pink Paw Print Conventional Gaming Chair.

So if you’re in the market for one of these chairs, check to see if they’re selling any unique models. If you’re in luck, they might even have a design you didn’t even realize you wanted.

The Ergonomic Designs Support Your Back

A good computer chair can be the difference between healthy posture and chronic back pain. 

DXRacer knows the importance of ergonomics and posture well, and as a result, they craft some of the most comfortable and supportive gaming chairs on the market. 

In terms of cushioning, the seat and backrest come filled with premium molded memory foam. This material helps your weight distribute evenly, so no one point is getting too much pressure. 

Plus, the foam feels cozy and contours to your body. 

Their chairs also come constructed with integrated lumbar support technology. Basically, this means that their design encourages better posture and helps preserve your back’s health. 

And what’s more valuable than good health? 

Ergonomics and posture support might not sound sexy, but they’re more important than you realize. 

Poor posture while sitting can eventually lead to chronic pain, digestive issues, and even balance problems. 

How Long Does a DXRacer Chair Last?

DXRacer chairs should last a minimum of five years but will last longer if you take care of them. The high-quality materials prevent wear and tear, and the durable steel frames under the seat and backrest provide solid support without deterioration.

So unless you throw your chair off the roof, chances are it’ll be structurally sound for a while. 

Longevity is another reason why DXRacer chairs are worth it. Many other premium gaming chairs are far more expensive while having about the same average lifetime. 

How Different DXRacer Chairs Compare

Let’s suppose you’re now convinced and ready to buy a DXRacer chair. Your back will be pleased about this decision, and you won’t regret it either once you see how sleek they are. 

But which DXRacer should you buy? 

Specific models may meet your needs more than others. So below, I’ll go over the pros and cons of each of them for your convenience. 

DXRacer Formula Series

The DXRacer Formula Series is the first series of chairs the company crafted. It’s also their most well-known product and what many gamers think of when DXRacer comes to mind. 

However, you should know before getting one that they’re quite small. It’s recommended only for people up to 5’8 (172.7 cm) in height and 200lbs (90.7 kg) in weight. 


  • The most affordable DXRacer chair 
  • Balance of mesh and PU leather 
  • Iconic design 


  • Conventional tilt mechanism (other DXRacers have better tilts) 
  • Only fits smaller people comfortably 
  • Fewer features than other DXRacer models 

DXRacer Gladiator Series

The DXRacer Gladiator is essentially the next step up from the Formula Series. In addition to some improved features, it’s also bigger. It’s recommended for people up to 6’2 (187.96 cm) and 225lbs (102 kg). 


  • Excellent mid-range option 
  • Multi-function tilt mechanism 
  • Exceptionally smooth wheeling 


  • 3D armrests, despite the higher price 
  • Some customers claim the recline function is stiff 

If you want the multi-function tilt and a little more room, go for the DXRacer G Series.

DXRacer King Series

The DXRacer King truly feels like a throne worthy of its name.

This chair is even larger than the Gladiator Series. So if you’re a taller person, you’re in luck – this chair works for people up to 6’5 (195.58 cm) and 250lbs (113.4 kg). 

So, how does it stack up to the others? 


  • Special breathable PVC leather 
  • Anti-scratch PU casters 
  • 4D adjustable armrest 
  • Accommodates people of almost any size 


  • More expensive than G and S series 
  • Takes up a lot of space 
  • Some reviews claim the armrests wobble


If you want to go all out for your PC gaming and get the best ergonomics possible, the DXRacer MASTER is for you. This product is the company’s premier gaming chair and the newest addition to its lineup. 


  • 155 degrees of tilt 
  • Lumbar support rotary dial 
  • Looks distinct from other DXRacer Chairs 
  • Rail-mounted headrest 


  • Less breathable leather 
  • Most expensive option 
  • Raised sides might bother your legs 

If you want one of the best PC gaming chairs on the market and can afford the hefty price tag, buy the DXRacer MASTER.

DXRacer Chair Warranty Explained

It’s a nightmare we’ve all been through: you save up to buy something expensive, just for it to break a week or two later. 

If that happens to your DXRacer, are you covered? 

You’ll be happy to hear the DXRacer chairs come with among the best warranties available. They offer a lifetime warranty on the internal steel frame, and all connecting and external parts have a two-year warranty. 

Additionally, DXRacer makes warranty claims very straightforward. You can contact them about your issues and receive a reply in 24-72 hours here.

Just keep in mind the warranty won’t help you in every case. Normal wear and tear aren’t covered, nor are any modifications you make. So before you add embellishments, think about if it’s really worth voiding the warranty. 

The Verdict 

To buy a DXRacer chair or not to buy a DXRacer chair – that is the question. And in our opinion, you should definitely buy one if you can. 

When it comes to PC gaming, there are almost no better options than DXRacer chairs. Not only do they pack a one-two punch of style and ergonomics: DXRacers are also cheaper than much of their competition! 

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