Barbara Roufs:A Comprehensive Biography

barbara roufs

Champion of American drag racing Barbara Roufs passed away suddenly in January 1991. She is thought to be among the most gorgeous athletes who motivated the group. A brief account of her life and the reasons behind her demise is provided here.

Southern California, USA, is where Barbara Roufs was born in 1944. That country is home to Barbara Roufs, the American Drag Race Trophy Girl. She is regarded as a stunning young woman. She has invigorated and cheered up the group immensely.

In 1991, Barbara, being 47 years old, passed away. This short biography will examine her career, wealth, marriage, demise, and manner of death.

Barbara Roufs: who is she?

One of the most beloved drivers of the 1970s was Barbara Roufs. She has two small children and is 29 years old. She is considered by many to be Southern California’s most attractive trophy girl in drag racing. Many of her photos about racing are available on YouTube. 1944 saw the birth of Barbara. We may assume that she was born and reared in California since she consented to be a trophy girl there. When she died, she was just 47 years old.

The early life of drag queen Barbara Roufs:

In 1944, Roufs was born in Southern California. Her varied family history complemented her kind demeanor. Her mother was Thelma Ruby Riles, and her father was Wayne Eldon Riley.
Thelma Five years after meeting her true partner in 1942, Ruby Riles wed him. Thelma was not your average romantic.

She did, however, own a beauty business in Clovis for fifty years. She also used her skillful fingertips to embellish the keys of several church organs. Its component churches include Baptist Valley Bible, Calvary Bible (Bullard), Barbara Roufs Age Grace Baptist Church, and the Church of the Nazarene. Thelma was a multi-talented woman who sadly passed away in 2005.

Barbara’s Legacy: A Tale of Passion for Racing and Unforgettable Smiles

Long after her dear daughter Barbara passed away. Barbara’s father was a competitive motorbike rider. He also liked having a houseboat and went fishing. The first couple to be honored in the Clovis Hall of Fame were her parents.
Raised in California, Barbara completed her schooling and fell in love with drag racing. She went from being a driver to becoming a trophy girl. She captures audiences with her infectious energy and beautiful grin.

Professional Schedule

Barbara won many drag racing titles in the late 1960s and early 1970s. She was the U.S. Professional Dragster Championship’s sixth-annual queen.

In 1973, she rose to fame as a drag racer when she was crowned queen of the Professional Dragster Association (PDA).
Women’s clothes saw a dramatic shift during that period. It was fashionable to wear short skirts, long hair, and shorts.

However, it appeared that bras were becoming outdated. Barbara Roufs is an elderly yet devoted drag racing trophy girl a favorite of players, viewers, and companies advertising goods.

She had a significant role in the growth of drag racing competitions in the 1970s because of her stunning appearance and strong presence. She was well-known in the PDA and gave prizes to the victors.

Roufs, Barbara Offspring and descendants

Everyone was astonished in 2016 when well-known photographer Tom West published old pictures of Barbara Roufs’ kid. Jet Dougherty shared a handful of her mother’s recollections on Facebook. She added that although her life had been tragically cut short, it had been rich and exciting. Jet thought she would finally be happy when her mother saw her online.

Her granddaughter, Crystal Dougherty, wrote the following after seeing the photos and expressing her excitement.
Jet also mentioned the 1991 death of her mother. Suicide was the cause of death. However, the cause behind the suicide’s execution was never revealed. She was 47 when she became older. Before she died, Barbara lived in Fresno, California, with her family.

Barbara Roufs Net North:

Barbara was a model and drag racing trophy girl during the 1970s. It was unknown how much money the trophy girls were given at the time.

She earned money in addition to her wage. Many of Barbara Roufs’ well-known 1970s pieces are available from internet merchants. Her estimated net worth is $1.5 million.

Barbara Roufs’s cause of passing away

In 2016, Photographer Tom West unveiled images of Barbara from her trophy girl days. Following the photo upload, Jet, Barbara’s daughter, crafted an homage to Mom. She passionately shared insights into her mother’s popularity and affection.

Expressing that her mother would feel overjoyed seeing her images, Jet conveyed that, despite fearing to discover them online, as they showcased some of her most cherished and happy moments, Barbara’s joy would surpass any apprehension

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