Top 10 Must-Play Adventure Maps In Minecraft

best adventure maps minecraft

What makes Minecraft enjoyable even after all these years is its high re-playability.

Players can always find something to do and new projects to make. However, playing a game repeatedly can wear out a lot of players.

Fortunately, Minecraft is also a very flexible platform.

The ability to create mods and maps is one of the reasons why the game is still kicking on a decade after its official release.

If you want to experience a new kind of gaming experience in this game, custom adventure maps will give you your fix.

How To Install Minecraft Custom Maps?

Installing a Minecraft Adventure Map is as easy as downloading a zip file and extracting it in your game folder.

In Windows computers, you can type %appdata%, go into the “.minecraft” folder, and put the extracted files in the “saves” folder.

In Mac computers, open the Application Support folder. Choose the Minecraft folder and put the extracted zip files to a folder called “saves”. Now that you know how to install maps in your game, you need to get good maps to enjoy.

Here are the ten most popular and best adventure maps in Minecraft.

10. PayDay 2: ENDGAME

best adventure maps minecraft

In this map, you and four other friends can play the available seven heists.

This map has animated texture packs, custom sound, more than 20 achievements, and three locations: Washington, Las Vegas, and Shanghai.

Although this map is designed for four players, you can do a solo playthrough if you prefer playing alone.

Some of the activities in this map is stealing expensive paintings, frame a US Senator into a crime, and rob a casino.


9. Crack In The World

Crack In The World best adventure maps minecraft

You will play as a man who managed to get his car broken near a village in the middle of nowhere.

After spending some time in the village, you will learn that Richard, who runs the electric facility in the area has some nasty plot on his sleeve.

To beat this map, the player needs to interact with NPCs, explore the whole place, and foil Richard’s plan.

What makes this map special is the numerous cutscenes and special effects.


8. The Redmurk Mystery

The Redmurk Mystery best adventure maps minecraft

The Redmurk Mystery map is one of the oldest maps in the list.

This map was created almost a decade ago, right when Minecraft was at its first height of success.

The player will arrive in a port town called Redmurk, only to find that it is empty.

Surviving this game requires a little know-how in Minecraft, as the only breakable block is sand, clay, or gravel.


7. Disarm The Bomb

Disarm The Bomb best adventure maps minecraft

Disarm The Bomb, as the name implies, is a map about diffusing hidden bombs inside a plane.

To beat this game, the player should diffuse the bombs scattered at ten locations inside the plane without dying.

If the player dies or fails to diffuse the bomb before the timer runs out, there will be a huge explosion.

In order to find the locations, you will need to find clues from the plane passengers and crew members.


6. Deep Space Turtle Chase

Deep Space Turtle Chase best adventure maps minecraft

Deep Space Turtle Chase is for Minecraft players who want to experience a sci-fi themed map in the game.

In this map, the player needs to find Dr. Earl S. Testudine, who laid a lot of traps for people who are trying to catch him.

It supports four-person playthrough and has awesome custom sounds and blocks.

What makes this map amazing is the fact that it captured the feels of a sci-fi game with just using what Minecraft is capable of.


5. The Tourist

The Tourist best adventure maps minecraft

In this map, the player will wake up in the middle of Paris without anyone on sight.

To reveal the mystery, the player needs to explore the whole area and survive.

This map features a lot of popular locations in Paris such as the Sacré-Cœur and the Catacombs.

You will need to make your own food and survive while solving the mystery of everyone’s disappearance.


4. Herobrine’s Mansion

Who wouldn’t know about Herobrine, one of Minecraft’s most popular creepypasta characters? Herobrine’s Mansion is a map which features puzzles, Redstone challenges, riddles, and more.

Although this map was created way back in 2012, it is still considered as one of the best maps in Minecraft.

Besides solving puzzles, the player needs to survive and fight bosses around the mansion, including Herobrine himself.

You can play this map in co-op or you can play it alone.

However, playing with friends is recommended. The original map is too old that it cannot support command blocks. However, a remastered version is available.


3. Terra Restore 2

terra restore 2 best adventure maps minecraft

Unlike other maps which are released in its complete form, Terra Restore 2 is released in what the author call as “episodes”. Each episode completes a part of the story.

Basically, the player travels to Nira with Exiel, an Enderman. The player needs to help Exiel restore the peace and order in Nira, in order to unite the three species which are humans, animals, and monsters.

It supports up to four players and is currently estimated to have more or less 12 hours of gameplay.


2. Kingdom Of The Sky

Kingdom Of The Sky best adventure maps minecraft

Kingdom Of The Sky is one of a kind map. Instead of using texts or other ways to convey messages, it uses its own voice-over dialogue of the story.

It also incorporates YouTube links which point to videos connected to the game.

It’s one of the hardest maps in this list, so expect a lot of frustration from several in-game deaths.

You cannot break or place any blocks, use the fire of any kind, and use flint and steel. However, you can craft weapons, armors, food, and torches to survive this map.


1. Herobrine’s Return

Herobrine’s Return best adventure maps minecraft

Due to popular demand, Herobrine’s Mansion spawned a sequel named Herobrine’s Return.

It features some of the most horrifying graphics the Minecraft game can handle.

It’s the same as the Nether World, except the fact that its ten times scarier and more impressive. There are over 8 boss fights, custom spell animations, cutscenes, unique items, and even side quests.


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