Top 10 Best Adventure Mods Minecraft

best adventure mods minecraft

After more than ten years since it was first seen by gamers worldwide, Minecraft is still growing strong.

One of the reasons why it keeps coming back is because of the game’s replayability, the updates from the creators, and of course, the different mods that are created and supported by the community of Minecraft players and modders.

Mods change how the game works.

There are mods that slightly changes the game mechanics, like adding machinery and tools that can be used with the items in the vanilla Minecraft.

Meanwhile,  there are mods that change almost everything in the game such as items, mobs, and game mechanics itself.

For adventure seekers out there, here are the adventure mods that you need to try.

10. The Ultimate Adventures

The Ultimate Adventures minecraft best adventure mods minecraft

If you want to experience some of the best mods in Minecraft at once, you will enjoy this mod pack.

The Ultimate Adventures is the collection of mods that will help adventurers in their adventures on different Minecraft worlds.

Overall, there are 25 mods in this pack, including Mo’ Creatures, Portal Gun, Simply Jetpack, Tinkers Construct, Moar Swords, and Archimedes’ Ships.

Although this doesn’t really offer a new kind of story, the mod pack enhances traveling and construction experience, which is very helpful for players who like adventuring Minecraft worlds.

9. Ruins (Structure Spawning System)

ruins best adventure mods minecraft

In vanilla Minecraft, new types of structures are being added on updates once in a while.

However, if you’re a player that wants structures to constantly appear in your worlds, one of the best options is the Ruins Mod.

This mod will give your world a new twist: new structures, villagers, and even strongholds.

One of the structures included is a floating castle just above the ocean.

Generated structures can even have spawners, farms, and loots, which is very useful in-game.

8. Astral Sorcery

astral sorcery best adventure mods minecraft

In Astral Sorcery, you can finally cast magic and use magical tools in your Minecraft world.

At first, you can only cast magic at night because your magic powers will come from the power of stars (literally).

However, as you become more and more powerful, you can also cast magic during the daytime.

It will be up to you on how you will be making the best out of every night’s time in the game to make more progress.

7. Rouge-Like Dungeons

Rouge-Like Dungeons best adventure mods minecraft

After installing the Rogue-like Dungeons mod, tower-like structures will start generating in your world.

All you have to do is to explore the dungeons inside these structures, fight mobs and survive in the dangerous dungeons.

The deeper you venture, the stronger the mobs will be.

Loots will also become better and better as you go down the levels.

You can find useful blocks along the way.

However, the most effective item source will be via farming item drops from mobs.

Almost all of the rooms have their own spawners, so the mob count will not be a problem.

6. Thaumcraft

Thaumcraft best adventure mods minecraft

Thaumcraft is a mod that also lets you use magic around your world, but instead of harnessing the power of stars like Astral Sorcery, you need to get vis crystals to perform magic and use magical blocks.

You can craft magical items such as wands, which are used to gather and store vis and use in the arcane crafting table.

What makes this a great mod for adventurers is that in order to use new features or “miracles”, you will have to explore and find more vis to become more powerful.

5. Good Night’s Sleep

Good Night’s Sleep best adventure mods minecraft

In this Minecraft mod, the player will have to begin his or her journey by sleeping in a specialized bed.

While you’re asleep, you will be teleported to a dimension that will either be a representation of a good dream or a nightmare.

In a good dream, everything is in vibrant colors and contains more valuable items.

You can even mine candies and plant skittles.

On the other hand, if you spawned in the nightmare part, what awaits you is a nether-like place with more barren land and fewer resources, making survival a little bit more complicated.

4. The Lost Cities

The Lost Cities best adventure mod minecraft

The Lost Cities is a mod lets the player create a new Minecraft world set in an old and destroyed city.

If you think that you can escape this hellish landscape, well, you might want to revise your assumptions.

The world generation will generate more lost cities instead of other biomes.

You can find dungeons, cities, and villages in the cities.

If you explore further, you can fight more dungeons and get gamer loots. 

3. Waystones

Waystones best adventure mods minecraft

Another utility mod, Waystones let the player travel great distances via teleportation.

This mod lets the user customize teleport points to make traveling a lot easier.

The mechanics are not that complex, you don’t have to worry about distances, unlike when using a Nether Portal.

Waystones is used in different kinds of adventure mods and is nifty to have, especially when adventuring in a very massive world.

2. Aether II

Aether II best adventure mods minecraft

Along with the first “The Aether” installment, Aether II is one of the most popular adventure mods out there for Minecraft.

It was created way back in 2014 and is still updated to this day.

Besides the original Minecraft game mechanics, this mod changes almost every aspect of the game: from mobs to structures, and some of the world landscape.

Even the NPCs are not just the emerald-loving villagers.

As a part of the theme, there is lore that you can explore, challenges to face, and new mechanics to learn in order to survive.

Aether II and its older brother, The Aether, will make vanilla Minecraft look like another game.

1.  The Twilight Forest

The Twilight Forest best adventure mods minecraft

This mod will literally take you to another dimension where you can see different creatures, explore dungeons, fight boss mobs, and get loots that have unique properties.

First, you need to create a portal frame using grass, dirt, podzol, or mycelium.

Put some flowers, mushrooms, or any plant in the frame, fill it with water and throw a diamond on it.

After that, you’re ready to hop in the Twilight Forest dimension.

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