Top 10 Best Animal Mods In Minecraft

best animal mods minecraft

Mobs in Minecraft are one of the most important parts of the game.

Whether passive, neutral, or hostile, these creatures give experience orbs, crafting materials, and food, which is very essential to make progress in the game.

These elements are also important in creating the Minecraft world livelier and more immersive.

But let’s face it, after playing for a while, it gets boring and repetitive at one point. Fortunately, you can improve your gameplay with the use of modifications or mods.

Animal mobs are the most common mobs in Minecraft.

They can be found in almost any part of the map.

You can even find a random chicken inside a cave or in the middle of the sea.

The majority of the mobs are animals, some are tamable, and some are breedable.

It’s not surprising that most of the creature mods are mods that add some animals in the game.

Here are the ten best Minecraft animal mods which add new creatures in the game. 

10. Exotic Bird Mod

Exotic Bird Mod best animals mods minecraft

If there’s one thing that Minecraft is lacking, that would be the existence of aerial creatures.

Although there are parrots added in the game, they can only be found in the Jungle biome, which is hard to find for some.

The Exotic Bird mod adds a lot of new mobs in the game, and all of them are birds.

You can encounter ducks, owls, pelicans, swans, cranes, woodpeckers, hummingbirds, flamingos, and even penguins on any biomes.

Another feature of this mod is that you can hatch an egg that usually spawns on trees.

9. Zoocraft Discoveries Mod

Zoocraft Discoveries Mod best animal mods minecraft

The Zoocraft Discoveries Mod adds a dozen new animal mobs in the game: anteater, camel, capybara, chinchilla, frog, gecko, gemsbok, giraffe, hedgehog, porcupine, rhino, and tapir.

To level up this mod, an additional breeding mechanics were added using items that are natively in the game (such as wheat and apple).

This mod is an example of quality over quantity because as amazing as it is, the number of animals is still limited.

Another surprise from this mod: you can actually craft a pair of bunny slippers and dye it in any color.

8. Familiar Fauna Mod

Familiar Fauna Mod best animal mods minecraft

The Familiar Fauna is another mod that spices up the game with new mobs, and most of the additions are there to enhance the environment.

Familiar Fauna is one of the mods that added butterflies and snails, which are small details that improve the ambiance of the game.

You can even catch the additional insects with a new game item: the Bug Net. Overall. There are only six mobs added: butterflies, deers, dragonflies, pixies, snails, and turkey.

What makes this mod stand out is that it is coded to support other mods.

7. Animalium Mod

Animalium Mod best animal mods minecraft

Most Minecraft animal mobs are passive and will only get aggressive if harmed by the player.

In some cases, animal mobs defend themselves by running away.

With the Animalium mod, more mobs will try to kill you anywhere you go.

Aggressive animal mobs are now everywhere, including brown bear, wild dogs, rodents, and piranha.

In addition, you can craft a new item called the Wild Dog Pelt Boots, which negates fall damage when used by the user.

An all in one tool called Bear Claw Paxel will let you dig, mine, and chop wood, which is quite useful.

6. JurassiCraft Mod

JurassiCraft Mod best animal mods minecraft

Minecraft has been up for a decade now, a lot of mods were created just for this game.

Unsurprisingly, someone creative and knowledgeable wanted to see dinosaurs inside the game.

Thus, the JurassiCraft mod was created. 

The JurassiCraft mod adds dinosaurs, new plants, and machinery in the game.

What kind of machinery?

Some Sci-Fi inspired machines that can extract DNA from fossils, which you can use to create your own dinosaurs.

DNAs can be found on fossils that are scattered on the map.

5. Zoo And Wild Animals Mod

Zoo And Wild Animals Mod best animal mods minecraft

The Zoo and Wild animals mod or ZAWA is another mod that adds new animal mobs in Minecraft. 

An additional item called the Encyclopedia, which is basically the list of every animal added, is included in the mod.

Some new mods are tamable or will drop an item when killed.

ZAWA was one of the mods that added Pufferfish even before the mob is an official thing.

Items such as tranquilizer guns are added so you can tame the new animals easily.

Taming can be done by crafting an item called “Kibble”.

4. Ice And Fire Mod

Ice And Fire Mod best animal mods minecraft

Who wouldn’t want to own a dragon in Minecraft? Although the Ender Dragon exists in the game, you can’t spawn it in the survival mode.

The Ice and Fire mod allows you to own and ride your own dragon in the game.

What makes this mod very good to have is the fact that there are a lot of dragons such as the Fire Dragon and the Snow Dragon to choose from.

Additionally, other mythical mobs such as trolls, sirens, and hippocampi are also in the mod.

3. Animania Mod

Animania Mod best animal mods minecraft

Animania Mod is probably one of the most ambitious mods on the list.

Each mob added have variances, textures, and animations.

The mod also improves the breeding growth, as well as behaviors of animal mobs.

Each original Minecraft animal mobs such as the cow now have different breeds (e.g. Angus, Hereford. etc) and its the same with pigs, sheep, and chickens.

And yes, there are hamsters in this mod, which you can take to a hamster wheel to produce power.

2. Better Animals Plus Mod

Better Animals Plus Mod best animal mods minecraft

Better Animal Plus or BA+ add a better variety of animals in the game.

And this mod surely lives up to its name, because the new mobs are detailed in both colors and textures.

New plants, craft items, and blocks are added.

You can even summon a Hirschgeist by using a Soulsand in the remains of a deer. You can even find lampreys in lakes and crabs on beaches.

New wearable gears such as wolf and bear capes are also available.

1. Mo’ Creatures Mod

Mo’ Creatures is sort of the one that started the trend of inserting new animal mobs in the game.

This mod is also one of the most expansive in its category.

Overall, there are 58 new mobs added, including a pegasus and a fairy horse.

Some mobs will even spawn in the Nether. The mod was created in 2010 and was last updated in 2018, making it one of the most supported Minecraft mods ever existed.

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