10 Best Apex Legends Character skins in 2021

Finding the Best Apex Legends Character skins is quite hard, since there are plenty of them to decided from. In-game skins can benefit us a lot simply because they are cosmetic changes to our liking. Which is pretty much what every modern game caters to players that want to enhance the cosmetics of each legend that they play and aim to feel mentally better with their gameplay using item cosmetics.

However, some skins are much rarer than other skins, which are usually tagged around the Legendary category. There are other times where the player needs to purchase crafting metals to make certain skin available to their loadout which is the free in-game currency method way of acquiring skins. Here are 10 Best Apex Legends Character Skins which we think players who own these skins are worthy of praise and envy from other players:

Best Apex Legends Character Skins to make you play better

Pathfinder – Bot of Gold

This skin is eerily similar to the character model used by C-3PO in Star Wars. Ironically, both characters (C-3PO and Pathfinder) have similarities in their backstory, and somewhat it makes sense that what if C-3PO is the Legend that players are using in their games.

Whether this theory is true or not, it is something fantastic that this skin exists in the game and it is worthy for players who own these skins to flex these in their games. However, the player needs to possess Quicksilver and this literal golden skin is worth 10,500 Legend tokens. Talk about owning a golden skin (literally).

Bloodhound – Raven’s Shadow

Ah! Who could forget what a Medieval Plague Doctor would look like, it is somewhat ironic that a legend who is known to hunt for his prey and kill them could have a skin that is a symbolism of a person that would find people to cure those who have been unlucky enough to contract the Black Plague.

Though their methods are quite similar, their intent on why they find people is completely different from each other. This skin is an orange variation of The Plague Doctor by the same legend, but it is worthwhile for any player who owns this to boast in their lobbies (and even to their friends) because the amount that one must need to own such skin is enough to make other players envious (which, by the way, is only worth 10,500 Legend tokens).

Mirage – Folk Hero

Did you just mistakenly see Tony Stark in your Ranked game earlier? Fret not, it’s just one of Mirage’s character skin. The red & gold colored skin is similar to that of the character design by Iron Man. Not only does this skin make you look like the Iron Man himself, but this skin also warrants you to spend like how Tony Stark would spend on an Apex Legends character skin himself, which is 10,500 Legend tokens and could only be available to players who unlocked The Revenger ( The Avengers).

Wraith – The Airship Assassin 

This character skin took the market by storm the moment it was released. It belonged to one of the most famous Legendary skins in the game and players need to spend 6,500 Legend tokens just to own these character skins. Many players seem to like this skin, not only because of aesthetics purposes, but it also gives them a teeny-tiny bit of advantage when it comes to formulating a strategy based on the color of the place where they would be hiding.

As compared to other skins with brighter colors, this skin enables the player to at least blend in with the surroundings (which is just a teensy-weensy advantage but having a camo in your loadout? Wow!).

Mirage – Wisecracker 

It is only wise (pun not intended) to include this skin in our 10 Best apex legends character skins, which shows the personality of this silly but sly legend. Though, compared to the Airship Assassin by Wraith, this skin has bright colors (which could be easily be spotted at long distances).

But, that is sort of the point of using Mirage, right? Causing a whole lot of distraction and bamboozling your opponents from the face of the map. This skin is available in the Nutcracker Bundle and it only costs 2,000 Apex Coins.

Bangalore – Outland Warrior

Yibambe! This character’s skin has similarities to the costume design by the Jabari tribe, in the Black Panther film. This skin also symbolizes a key aspect that both the Jabari tribe and Bangalore possess: bravery. It highlights Bangalore’s burning desire to be at the frontlines, even facing off opponents with extraordinary abilities, such as warping through the void, making another copy of one’s self, or simply traversing long distances in such short notices.

It shows that Bangalore is willing to go toe-to-toe with these legends, with nothing but her raw and exceptional aim in her arsenal. Although this skin is a part of a Legendary Hunt, players are clamoring for its return.

Lifeline – From the Ashes

These skins are either ironies or symbolisms of personalities by different legends, and this skin is just a great example of the former. Lifeline is known in the game as this helpful angel that would swoop into the rescue and supply the much-needed heals for her allies. But, in a realistic gunfight, would you accept aid from a being with devil horns and eyes that look like you’re staring into the abyss?

At the very least, this irony is what makes this skin much more interesting and shows how Lifeline would look like if she suddenly abandons her role as your typical support and just rampages her way into the map, killing opponents faster than the rest of your squad. Players who are lucky enough to buy the Season 3 battle pass, had their shot to own this skin. However, most players are still hoping that they’ll bring this back to the store.

Revenant – Relic of Death

What better way to show death’s face but to show your opponents a character wearing regalia filled with skull design. This skin is worthy for a Revenant main to have, as it reminds players unlucky enough to face you in your ranked games that Revenant could be the fourth horseman of the Apocalypse, just hanging around in your ranked games.

This is a truly terrifying skin to have, and it is just a rich symbolism for Revenant’s true purpose on the battlefield: nightmare by everyone. This skin was available as part of the Lost Treasures event that only lasted up to the 7th of July 2020. 

Rampart – The Devil You Know

Ah yes! Rampart’s Indian heritage is highlighted by this character’s skin, and it very flashy that your opponents might forget about Sheila. A golden and jade armor is just what Rampart needs to show the rest of Outlands that she is a force that should be reckoned with.

Although it is a flashy skin, which would enable enemies from a long distance to spot you, they would be too busy admiring the skin that you possess for a good whole second. This skin is readily available in the store and it only costs 1,200 crafting materials, which we highly think is worth it.

Wraith – Voidwalker

You might be wondering: is that a spaceman running around and killing people on the battlefield? No, it’s Wraith’s incredible skin which we think is, not only aesthetically pleasing with its simplicity, but also it shows another design of Wraith whenever she would jump into the Void (it’s quite safer if she’s equipped with all these gears than just jump into the Void with only her normal clothes).

For you, Wraith mains out there, this skin is worth having simply because of the color scheme and the way it showcases Wraith’s personality (and her ability as someone who could jump into voids). Although this skin was previously released during the Voidwalker event last September 2019, it was brought back into the store last July 2020. Hopefully, you Wraith mains out there would answer your prayers that this skin would be readily available for purchase.

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