Top 10 Best Armor Enchantments In Minecraft

best armor enchantments minecraft

Enchantment is one of the most important parts of Minecraft game mechanics.

This is one of the most accessible ways to improve one’s stats in the game without modifying codes or cheating.

Knowing the right enchantment for the right gear is a great way to get an advantage in PvPs and to maximize the chance of survival in survival mode.

Before Enchanting Your Gear…

There are two ways to enchant your armor and tools in Minecraft.

The first one is by using the Enchantment Table and the Lapiz Lazuli. Although this method is straightforward, the enchantment level is usually lower, and therefore, least effective.

The other method of enchanting objects is by using an Anvil and an enchanted book.

This method is more preferred because the player can choose the best enchantment for his or her gear.

Also, this method lets the player “store” a certain enchantment before applying into a certain gear or tool.

The player will likely get better enchantments in this method.

After enchanting a book via the Enchantment Table, the enchanted book is used to fuse its effect through an Anvil.

The drawback from this method is that escalating cost of enchantment. It would also make the gear less repairable.

If you’re wondering about the best armor enchantments in Minecraft, here are the top ten must-haves in your gear.

The Best Enchantments For Your Armor Set

10. Thorns

thorns enchants best armor enchantments minecraft

By wearing an armor equipped with the Thorns Enchantment, nearby enemy mobs will receive damage when the player is attacked. This effect also works for ranged attacks such as arrows and ghast bombs.

With this feature, you can clear up a horde of zombies faster.

However, this enchantment is a double-edged sword since it causes the armor’s durability to drain faster.

Before the effect kicks in, the player needs to receive damage from other players or hostile mobs.

Thorns can reach up to level III and recommended more in PvPs instead of survival mode.

9. Respiration

Respiration best armor enchantments minecraft

Respiration gives the player a longer breathing period when he or she is submerged underwater.

The enchantment gives an additional 15 seconds before the bubble meter depletes.

Respiration will also improve the vision underwater and will slow down the drowning damage in the player. If you’re trying to dig underwater resources, this enchantment can help you a lot. The highest level for Respiration is III.

8. Aqua Affinity

Aqua Affinity best armor enchantments minecraft

Aqua Affinity is another helmet enchantment that lets the player mine blocks at a normal speed underwater.

Usually, mining underwater will be five times slower than mining in the land.

This drawback is removed by the Aqua Affinity. You can put this enchantment in a helmet or you can get the effect without enchantment by crafting a helmet from scutes which is an item drop from baby turtles.

7. Feather Falling

feather falling best armor enchantments minecraft

Feather Falling is an enchantment applicable only to boots.

By using gears with Feather Falling, the fall damage to the player is reduced by two hearts per enchantment level without affecting falling speed.

This enchantment is very useful in reducing the damage received when the player uses the ender pearl to teleport.

The maximum level for feather falling is IV and is very useful when working in the Extreme Hills or Badlands biome, where the landscape is steep.

6. Blast Protection

blast protection best armor enchantments minecraft

Blast Protection can be applied to all the armor gears in the game, but it cannot be used with Fire Protection and Projectile Protection. With this enchantment, the damage from TNTs and Creepers is reduced.

It has a maximum level of IV and is very useful using PvPs. The damage reduction is calculated by 8 multiplied by the current level.

Additionally, this enchantment also protects the player from knockback with 15 x current level.

You would want to use this enchantment when working in the Nether as it reduces the damage from ghast fireballs.

5. Fire Resistance

Fire Resistance best armor enchantments minecraft

Fire Protection is one of the most useful armor enchantments in the game.

It protects the player from lava and fire damage, which is very helpful for exploring the Nether and Overworld.

The maximum level for Fire Resistance is IV. It cannot be combined with Protection, Feather Falling, Projectile Protection, and Blast Protection.

If you’re fighting against Blazes, this is where you’ll want to get a Fire Resistance Armor because you can accidentally set yourself on fire from the attacks.

4. Projectile Protection

Projectile Protection best armor enchantments minecraft

If you’re going to fight Pillagers and Illagers, Projectile Protection is a must-have enchantment.

Its maximum level is IV and it reduces the damage from projectiles (arrow attacks, ghasts, and blazes) by 8% x the level of enchantment.

Projectile Protection is also useful when fighting against the Ender Dragon as it reduces the damage from the dragon’s attack. This enchantment is recommended for PvPs and almost all the major bosses in the game.

3. Protection

Protection best armor enchantments minecraft enchants

Protection Enchantment is one of the most useful defensive enchantments.

It increases the basic overall defense of your armor and gives an overall damage reduction of 4 x enchantment level %.

At the Protection IV, this enchantment gives 16% damage reduction. You can’t combine Protection with other armor enchantments that provide damage reduction against specific effects (e.g. Blast and Fire Protection).

2. Unbreaking

unbreaking best armor enchantments minecraft

Unbreaking can be applied to almost all items in the game, such as armors, weapons, and tools.

What it does is it prevents durability reduction when the player uses an item. For armors, this means a 20% to 30% (at level III) chance of ignored durability reduction.

1. Mending

Mending is considered as the most important enchantment in the game.

This enchantment can be applied on armors, shields, tools, and weapons. What it does is it restores the durability of an item with experience orbs.

This prevents the item from depreciating as long as the player keeps receiving experience.

When Mending is used, the experience will instantly repair the damaged item. Mending is incompatible with the Infinity enchantment.

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