Top 10 Best Arrows in Minecraft

best arrows minecraft
best arrows minecraft

Ever since Mojang added Tipped Arrows to Minecraft, it has significantly enhanced our ways in strategizing our fights whether it’s against a mob, a player, or even using it on yourself.

Since arrows are something you would most likely want to target a hostile with.

We’ll be looking at the arrows that can be used in battle, used as a way of helping out a friend or using it upon yourself, depending on the scenarios you’ll likely want to use the arrows in.

10. Arrow of the Turtle Master

Arrow of the Turtle Master best arrows minecraft

Arrow of the Turtle Master, gives a pretty interesting effect, and that is making you feel like a turtle.

There are three different versions for this type of arrow: Slowness 4 & Resistance 3 for the 2 seconds & 5 seconds version, and the last one being the strongest one, Slowness 6 and Resistance 4 for 2 seconds.

As much as this may sound uninteresting, or not beneficial to your needs of conquest and battle, it does give you a resistance effect that may positively and heavily contribute to your survival during crucial moments to stay alive.

The Resistance effect gifts you the ability to receive lesser damage, reducing the attack damage of a hostile upon attacking you, just like how a shell of a turtle protects the turtle from any threat.

But why put it on an arrow that was made for your enemy, and not just drink the potion?

There are times where this arrow could become useful depending on the scenario where shooting your enemy or friend would be helpful in some cases, as the effects for the strongest version of the arrow is Slowness 6 and Resistance 4.

Slowness 6 is godawfully slow, you won’t even make a difference on the amount of distance you walk, considering this being a 2 second time limit until the effect wears off, it gives enough time to annoy the enemy if he is constantly being bombarded with these arrows as they basically “can’t really move”.

You could very much choose Arrow of Slowness for this, but Slowness Arrows don’t have a Slowness 6 effect, only being up to 4.

For you friend, the Resistance 4 could be a great way to tank some damage and focus on the brute force fighting as he is receiving lesser damage then he should.

It all comes down on how you want to strategize things as the arrows come with nice strong effects.

9. Arrow of Water Breathing

Arrow of Water Breathing best arrows minecraft

This arrow is a great handy method for your underwater adventures, whether it’s for single-player or multi-player.

Of course, we could just brew up an 8-minute water breathing potion and not spend further resources on something we can do in another easier way, though, potions aren’t stackable unlike Tipped Arrows.

Maybe you need other items that are important for you to take their places and waiting on your 8-minute water breathing effect to wear off so you could use another one isn’t just cutting it for the situation.

Also adding that more than 3 bottles of potions that takes up 1 per slot in your inventory just isn’t convenient for your journey, this is where one stack of 64 Arrows of Water Breathing could alleviate the predicament you are in, as you just shoot up in the water and make it hit you to gain the effect.

Arrow of Water Breathing comes in two different versions, a 22 second, and a 1-minute one.

Obviously, 1-minute being the recommended one, imagine 64 stacks of 1-minute Arrow of Water Breathing which equals to an hour of breathing underwater, that’s just absurd and so much more convenient than drinking a potion every 8-minutes.

8. Arrow of Slow Falling

Arrow of Slow Falling, hence from the name, is an arrow that makes any player or mob you hit fall slowly to the ground and will be immune to fall damage, whether it’s high up there on the mountains peek, or just by jumping.

This is a great addition to combine with the Arrow of Slowness as it is to achieve in disrupting the player from getting away, where sprint + jump is a common technique to make you move faster, and this Slow Falling effect works well with effects like Slowness being a nice combination to achieve full disruption of the enemy players movement and speed from retreating or chasing you.

In other scenarios besides fighting, you could very well use this on yourself, for a more convenient way of getting down from a steep mountain, or terrain, which 30 seconds being the highest version of the Arrow is enough to get you safely down from a high jump.

7. Arrow of Swiftness

Arrow of Swiftness is a good way to increase your speed when wanting to chase an enemy player, or run faster throughout the Minecraft world for a substantial amount of time.

There are two levels, and three different versions for Arrow of Swiftness: 22 seconds & 30 seconds for Swiftness 1, and for Swiftness 2 being 11 seconds.

What I love about Tipped Arrows is where you can store these short time limited effects on an arrow which being 64 stacks gives you such a long repetitive replenish that you could abuse this feature 64 times unlike making a Bottle of potion.

The potion version of Swiftness 2 is 1-minute and 30 seconds, it does give you an increased amount of time unlike per arrow that gives you 11 seconds for the swiftness 2, but calculating per arrow per one stack of 64 arrows and comparing it to one bottle, is that you get at least 5x more than you could get from a Swift 2 potion.

It’s a good way to be consistent in your fast paced chase towards the enemy that you could just shoot yourself while running as the arrow will hit you due to physics, so keep in mind if you ever want to have a more convenient way of storing an effect that you can constantly use that would help you run faster, this would be the best way to go.

6. Arrow of Harming

Arrow of Harming is just like the Arrow of Healing.

Where it is supposed to damage its intended target actually heals undead mobs, but not normal hostile mobs like (Spider, Creepers, Ravagers and more that isn’t undead).

The number of hits to kill is the same as the healing, no need to fully charge the Bow in order to kill a mob with the Arrow of harming as it only still takes 2 hits of any bow charge.

This can also be used against players, though the amount of damage the Arrow of Harming deals depends on the type of armor they wear.

For example, a full-set unenchanted diamond armor player will suffer 4-5 hearts per hit of any bow charge, though a full-set enchanted diamond armor player with protection 4 will only receive 1-3 hearts per hit.

Still, it’s a great add-on to your PvP battles, which greatly contributes damage to an extent compared to the normal arrow.

Keep in mind that Harming comes in two levels, obviously Harming 2 being the recommended choice.

5. Arrows of Healing

Arrows of Healing best arrows minecraft

Arrow of Healing is something that you would need if you want to kill mobs faster, undead mobs to be specific (any Zombie mob, skeletons, wither, etc.).

If you already knew, healing an undead mob with a healing potion deals damage to them, self-explanatory for the Arrow of Healing, as it heals the undead mob you shoot at. It usually takes around 3 full bow charged hits to kill an undead mob with a normal arrow.

But takes 2 hits, whether fully charged or the weakest charge to kill an undead mob with an Arrow of Healing.

Yes, it may be a 1 hit difference, but you don’t have to fully charge the bow to get the maximum damage hit out of it, great isn’t it?

The arrow comes in two different levels, as Healing 2 should be the preferred choice to get.

4. Arrow of slowness

Arrow of slowness best arrows minecraft

When playing online PvP, players love to use this Tipped Arrow as they dislike their opponents getting away from the fight, as it either tires the chaser out, or a mere nuisance to go after people who flee.

Slowness helps you in making that problem go away as it significantly slows down the target from running, making it easier for you to go after them and throw down as many hits on the target until you shoot them again with another Slowness Arrow.

Also adding that slowness as well does decrease the players point of view causing it to be more zoomed-in than normal

When fighting a hostile mob, like a creeper, or a ravager during a raid, this is a great way to slowdown the hostile mob when coming at you.

Slowness comes in three different versions: The Slowness 1 being 11 seconds and a 30 second one, and Slowness 4 being 2 seconds.

Slowness 1 reduces the speed by -15% speed, while slowness 4 is -60%.

Slowness 1 doesn’t really have a major contribution to the reduction of speed but it deals fairly enough to slow down the enemy from the regular speed which gives you the chance of catching up.

Slowness 4 is where the fun begins, outright crushing the enemy players speed and chances of a successful attempt to flee, even if it does last for 2 seconds, constantly hit the enemy with the arrow, ask a friend to do it to provide support, and you will have a target moving only inches.

3. Spectral Arrow

This is known for being the “Wall hacks of Minecraft”, as upon hitting the hostile target with a Spectral Arrow, it generates a glow aura effect outline around the targets 3D Model enabling you to see them behind any object or block, whether it’s a player or mob.

This proves to be helpful when wanting to know where an enemy player is located during a chase as it makes tracking them through the rough terrain, caves or trees a piece of cake.

Another scenario would be when in a dark cave, underwater, or having your village being raided by raiders, hitting a mob will make you see where they are located giving you the advantage even when visibility is limited.

The glowing effect around a target last 10 seconds, just enough time to know where the enemy is at before hitting him with another.

This arrow is only available on the Java edition of Minecraft.

2. Arrow of Poison

Arrow of Poison best arrows minecraft

Arrow of Poison could be one of the most favorited Tipped Arrows to add to your arsenal as it’s a great way to do additional damage to eliminate your target faster.

It comes in two different versions, Poison 1 (11 seconds) and Poison 2 (2 seconds).

Though 2 seconds may seem like it’s such little time to contribute any significant damage to the enemy but Poison deals 1 and a half hearts per second.

Continuous hits on the hostile with Arrows of Poison could be a game changer, as the poison will significantly be “non-stop”, depending on if you’re constantly hitting the target with the arrow.

Gaining the opportunity to disrupt the enemy from regenerating health or making them have a hard time from getting away due to receiving continuous damage.

It’s a great secondary arrow to have in battle.

1. Arrow of Weakness

Arrow of Weakness is such a cool and “overpowered” arrow to have in your battles, as shooting a hostile with an Arrow of Weakness eliminates the targets ability to do significant damage as it does a -4 on Attack Damage, rendering them weak and vulnerable.

Arrow of Weakness comes in two different versions, an 11 second, and a 30 second one.

This could be proved useful to help save you in dire need of a last resort, a helping hand, or avoid losing a big sum of hearts while in the middle of a fight as your opponent’s damage is weakened, you could ask a friend to provide constant Arrow of Weakness support in your clashes.

This applies for the any hostile mobs as well, being surrounded by mobs ready to kill you, use this arrow against them and their damage will be significantly reduced.

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