The 8 Best Assassin in Wild Rift to Dominate Rank


Finding the best Assassin in wild rift is quite easy, as there are only a few of them available in the making of this Article. Assassins are another champion type just like Mages that focus on the Mid lane, although some can divert to being Junglers, or solo Top Laners. Assassins are generally the Melee ADCs of the team which prioritizes on heavy amounts of DPS to take down enemies, they are agile and outright damage dealers in combat.


When an Assassin is maxed out in their item builds, they can do 2-3 hits before taking out an enemy support or range. There are only a few Assassins available in Wild Rift League of Legends, so here are the best Assassin in Wild Rift for you to try out. 


Akali is one of the best Assassin in wild rift available right now. She scales pretty quick beyond Level 6 making her have such great mobility, damage output and raw strength once you get the required level. Akali is one of the iconic and oldest champions in the game, which underwent a lot of buffs and nerfs, but in the end, she still remains standing as an S-tier champion to an Assassin Mid Laner Champion of choice, she isn’t that hard to pick up which makes her quite adaptable to learn for any player. 


Katarina is another best assassin in wild rift of choice for any league of legend player starting to learn assassin champions in league of legends. Although, she does lack in strength compared to her PC counterpart, but including the “Gunblade” item in her build would make her insanely strong in the match, but this may not last for long as her Katarina counterpart got nerfed, and even if she does get nerfed later on in Wild Rift, Katarina is still a worthy opponent to be against. 


Fizz is the one of the hardest opponents to fight in Mid lane in the PC version of league of legends. Fizz still remains the same annoyingly hard opponent champion to go against in Wild Rift just because his third skill gives him the mobile fighting advantage which makes him immune to attack for a short time to run or counter enemy attacks. Fizzy might be hard or even simple, depending on your experience level, but he’s great to play with in order to win games with ease if you play him right. 

Master Yi 

Master Yi is the juggernaut of Jungling, he’s quite easy to use for any new player, but he’s also a very strong Ganking Assassin which makes him a good Jungle along with his healing abilities and fast attack speed. Hes a very agile Master yi and outrunning him is pretty near impossible. Master Yi does have its weakness which is mostly CC skills, if the team lacks in CC skills from stunning to slowing, then a Yi player might have a hard time as he’s very much vulnerable to such abilities. Even then, Master Yi is one of the best Assassin in Wild Rift that can Jungle. 


Evelynn is another assassin Jungler just Like Yi, but Evelynn focuses on stealth ganking rather than straight up attacking upfront, she’s also an AP Jungler that targets squishy enemy champions. Compared to her PC counterpart, she has received major changes before transitioning into the Mobile platform, but she still remains strong as ever even if there’s lacking of damage due to her Q abilities being modified which made her relatively weaker.  


Rengar is an Ambush type of Jungler Assassin, he loves the bushes, and uses it to his advantage. His passive “unseen predator” makes him Jump towards an enemy when he’s staying at the bush, so whenever he’s hiding in the bush he will viciously leap to an enemy with his basic attack. He makes a great champion to use in Wild Rift due to the smaller map size in Wild Rift, and ambushing will be his focal point. 


Kha’zix is another ambush type of Jungler Assassin like Rengar. Kha’zix is loves to focus more on ambushing solos, and his passive is entirely meant to focus on isolated champions. He has a passive skill that marks isolated champions and deals bonus damage on them when he attacks and additionally slowing them down in the process. Kha’zix is just as deadly and most of the time Rengar and Kha’Zix are big competitors in the jungle when both teams have them. 


Zed is a hard champion to play, just because his skills require some form of complexity tactic when in a fight, he’s one of the few champions in Wild Rift that still has an ultimate where a few methods can counter a zed player. Zed is a mid laner, and he stands as an A-tier champion in the mid lane. The only downside is that Zed becomes weaker pass a certain ELO due to him being easily countered which most higher experience players know how. With that said, Zed is great to master, and he teaches a rather complicated playability to newcomers so the experience is good to try him out. 

More to come 

There’s only a minimum number of Assassins available in Wild Rift, as Kha’zix and Rengar are the newest addition to the Wild Rift franchise as of this Articles publication. Even then, these are the 8 best Assassin in Wild Rift to decide from, and are all fun to use when you want to carry your team to victory. 

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