Top 10 Best Base Ideas In Minecraft

best base ideas minecraft

“What kind of build should I do for my base?” is probably one of the most-asked questions in Minecraft.

With the wide variety of blocks and terrains available, players can build numerous themes for their builds.

Creativity is truly the limit when it comes to building your own base.

Just like in real life, it is nice to live in a place that you want to build in Minecraft.

Bases are very important in Minecraft.

In survival mode, you can set a defense mechanism to protect yourself (and your pets, if you have any) from hostile mobs.

In multiplayer mode, the more secured your base is, the more you can do more things without worrying about other players trying to kill you.

There is no such thing as two similar bases because it depends more on the player’s preference.

If you’re starting another world or if you’re new in the game, here are some base inspirations which you can do on your map.

10. Underwater Or Underground Base

Underwater Or Underground Base best base ideas minecraft

An underground or underwater base is one of the trickiest bases to build.

For underwater bases, you will need to have decent gears and sponges before you can start building underwater.

An underground base is easier to create and expand, but not one of the most aesthetically appealing.

If you like a little challenge, you can try to create both and see what suits your playstyle better.

9. Sky Base

Sky Base best base ideas minecraft

Building structures in the sky is not a new concept in Minecraft.

In fact, some of the most popular mods are derived from the concept of building something in the sky.

There are also fewer mobs that can spawn in a sky base unless your area is not properly illuminated.

You might have to gather a great number of resources from the Overworld first before starting building, or else, you’ll be going back and forth in order to get more materials below.

8. Snow / Sand-themed Village

Snow Sand-themed Village best base ideas minecraft

Building a base after spawning in snow or in a desert biome is quite challenging.

You have to make a base from the resources in your immediate surroundings, which is usually sand, snow, and variations.

If you’re up for the challenge, the hardest task would be how to make your base stunning and functional with limited resources.

Keep in mind that sand is affected by gravity and snow can only be mined by a pickaxe with a Silk Touch enchantment.

These are the challenges that you will likely encounter when building sand or snow-themed base.

7. Modern House

Modern House best base ideas minecraft

Before the concrete block was added in the game, players would use wool or hardened clay to construct buildings with clear colors.

When the 1.12 update arrived, concrete was among the new features added, and it immediately became one of the favorite building blocks of builders out there.

One of the structures that are usually built using concrete is modern houses.

The materials are easy to obtain (you only need sand, gravel, and dye).

6. Sci-Fi Inspired Base

Sci-Fi Inspired Base best base ideas minecraft

Another theme that needs concrete is Sci-fi inspired bases.

This theme is perfect for those who want to immerse themselves in a big project. You can use the Modern Lights mod to add neon lights on large cities and build skyscrapers with concrete.

Make a modified Nether portal for dimension gates, and create a huge spacecraft above the city.

There are a lot of mods that are using futuristic builds already, which you can use if you want to have some inspiration for your Sci-Fi base.

5. Treehouse Village

Treehouse Village best base ideas minecraft

Another popular base inspiration is a huge treehouse village made out of wood and leaf blocks.

Vines are used as a way of elevation system or just for decoration.

If you found a jungle biome, a huge treehouse village is the perfect base inspiration because you can use the tall trees and vines, as well as the treetops for a resource-efficient transportation system.

That is if you can hop around the map like a pro.

4. Minecraft Castle

Minecraft Castle best base ideas minecraft

For those who like to build with cobblestone, this project is the perfect one for you.

You can build a castle structure in Minecraft for your base. Castles are usually made with cobblestone or smooth stone.

To fortify the castle, surround it with cobblestone walls and make sure to out some traps too.

If you want to put some elements in your throne room, a red carpet would be great.

You can build ladders for transportation, but stone stairs will be more aesthetic.

3. Movie-Based House

Movie-Based House base ideas minecraft

Films and TV shows can also serve as an inspiration for building Minecraft structures.

An example of a great structure based on a popular culture reference is the picture above, a house inspired by the movie “Up”.

The balloons are made with wool, and the house itself is floating above a mountain.

This picture was posted in Deviantart by project-offset, who also create a structure based on other pop-culture references.

Here’s another good one, the Kami Lookout, based on the manga and anime series “Dragon Ball Z.”

2. Oriental Style Base

Oriental Style Base best base ideas minecraft

This list will not be complete without mentioning the oriental-style buildings.

Creating a Japanese, Korean, or Chinese-style castle is a great way to hone your building skills in the game.

You would also likely learn more about stone and wood pairing, which wood to use in order to create the oriental style that you want.

The greatest challenge is making the roof, which is characterized by arches.

1. Your Dream House1. Your Dream House

Your Dream House1. Your Dream House best base ideas minecraft

And last but not least, you can build your very own dream house using Minecraft.

Sure, you already have a vague image of your dream house in your mind, but seeing the house in physical form, even if it is just in a 3D game, would be very satisfying.

It would not be as accurate as in real life because this game can only support blocks, but it would be enjoyable and worthwhile.

This might even inspire you to work hard in order to achieve your dream house in the future.

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