Top 10 Best Beginner Jungler’s League of Legends

best beginner jungler league of legends

Being a jungler is a vital role in helping your teammates lanes, getting early ganks can be essential to a good early game.

So here are the best beginner jungler’s you should try out.

10. Rengar

rengar best beginner jungler league of legends

Tough to master, but absolutely broken when you do Rengar is a powerhouse in smaller engagements and is one of the best ganking heroes due to that Unseen Predator ability of his.

Building up Ferocity as he uses abilities he’s able to speed at enemies that are trying to escape and with every kill he gets his power grows stronger as they add AD to him with the bone tooth necklace charges.

Overall he’s a great hero to play for a beginner and is incredibly capable in the right hands!

9. Master Yi

master yi best beginner jungler league of legends

Probably the most commonly known champion outside of Ashe & Jinx, Yi is a timeless classic that in the hands of a strong player will simply outperform the vast majority of champions in every aspect.

His mobility boost allows him to run over to ganks that might be impossible without that sanic speed, increasing his speed with items turns you into a rocket ship that can speed across the map and rip an enemy to shreds with that beautiful sword of his a definite recommendation for any new player looking to just have an easy time in the jungle!

8.  Jarvan IV

Jarvan IV best beginner jungler league of legends

Martial Cadence, one phrase that gives Jarvan the fourth the true potential of all his power is his ability to rake % of HP damage, a great asset to have when fighting against tanky teams the ability to turn their own items against them makes him a fantastic jungler for newer players.

He doesn’t take a lot to get going and he has a very capable toolset out of the box, Cataclysm is that one ability you’ve probably been killed by a few hundred times once that rock wall goes up and you are trapped in there it’s usually death as most Jarvan’s won’t ulti for unguaranteed kills

7. Sylas

Sylas best beginner jungler league of legends

Built for aggressive aoe burst damage, petricite burst triggers off of all Sylas’s abilities allowing for great synergy between clearing jungle camps, popping into the lane to harass and potentially secure a kill while not sacrificing his utility as a non hard carry role.

Hijack is probably one of the most broken skills in the game as it gives you access to an enemy players ultimate allowing you to effectively have 5 different ultimates to choose from meaning if you know the enemy teams characters well you can use their own advantages against them!

6. Lee Sin

Lee Sin best beginner jungler league of legends

One of the most overplayed champions in the game and for a good reason too of course is our blind-master of all things beating the crap out of your opponents.

His Flurry passive boosts his basic attacks after using an ability allowing him to chain off quick burst speed combos and that added attack speed means during the jungle phase he can clear camps quickly and without error or issue, combine that with his Dragon’s Rage and he becomes an amazing ganking hero capable of popping out from nowhere laying out the dps and jumping right back into the jungle.

5. Evelynn

Evelynn best beginner jungler league of legends

A hero that used to be a box of garbage until she was re-worked Evelynn’s newfound power allows her to dominate the jungle and provide incredibly bursty ganks.

Working with her spike you’ll be able to stack your stats up modify your ability power and take advantage of her short cooldowns to provide huge damage.

Evelynn however strong though is incredibly squishy be mindful of this when you go to gank and dive if your teammate isn’t watching your dead as the enemy can easily melt you to bits in just a few seconds of focused attacks so stay safe!

4. Kayn

Shadow reaping his way into number 4 on our list is Kayn, his passive allowing for him to fill a bar that activates his shadow form or he can use Rhaast.

His abilities offer some great utility for ganking, particularly shadowstep is one of his strongest abilities for ganks as he can pop out of nowhere ignore terrain and run fast as the wind for a short time, not to mention that if he’s not in combat with the enemy champs his speed boost will last 9 seconds at max providing quick lane movement.

3. Karthus

Karthus best beginner jungler league of legends

The death singer brings with himself a definite strong toolkit of abilities that give him use in a wide variety of situations.

Whether he’s refilling his mana between fights on minions or dropping a wall of death in front of the enemy you are chasing that’s about to get away Karthus always seems to have a cast ready to help the team out and his ability to jungle as a caster is fantastic.

Not to mention his death defiled passive that lets him effectively stay in a fight for 7 seconds after death an ability simply unmatched in value by almost all ultimates in the game.

2. Hecarim

The Tyrant of absolute domination, Hecarim’s early damage is incredibly powerful giving him a very relaxed jungle phase while his rampage -> charge -> Spirit combo is a serious powerhouse.

His ultimate allows for executions to be performed on fleeing adversaries with ease ensuring you collect every last drop of gold as you level up.

You’ll want to make sure to keep an eye on the map as Hecarim, his ability to charge into combat means you can perform some incredible ganks allowing for a strong offensive in the early game which usually lets you dominate.

1. Kha’Zix

Kha’Zix best beginner jungler league of legends

The unstoppable void reaver crowns the list here as our top jungle character for beginners.

His ability to dish out serious amounts of damage in a short amount of time as well as his strong lane phase he makes a great versatile Jungler capable of handling almost any matchup and coming out on top whilst not being to difficult of a character to play.

Kha’Zix is a great choice for any new player to learn as a main, he is viable all the way up to high level competitive play too!

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