Top 7 Best Bow Enchantments in Minecraft

The Top 7 Best Bow Enchantments is written from writer’s opinion and as well influenced by other players opinion on what they think of these enchantments.

7. Curse of Vanishing

Curse of Vanishing best bow enchantments minecraft

If you know what this does, here me out.

Curse of Vanishing is an enchantment that you would likely not want to be added to anything important in which you would probably want to keep, especially being a weapon like a Bow since the enchantment will make your weapon vanish upon death.

Yes, the bow or anything with the enchantment of Curse of Vanishing will be deleted from the world upon death and you can never reacquire it back but as useless as it may seem in single-player, it isn’t really useless in multiplayer(?).

For an example, my friends on factions or survival servers tend to use this enchantment when they go fighting other players with their strong enchanted bows equipped or go out to raid an enemy base.

In fear of potentially being killed by the enemy due to them not wanting the enemy to get a hold of their bows upon death and use it against them or keep it for themselves, in a way it is a pro in a strategic sense during PvP scenarios and at the same time, it is a con because you’re never getting it back when you die, but at least you get your enemies items to compensate for the losses if you win in the end.

In order to get this enchantment, you have to be lucky from fishing it out of the water, trading with villagers, or simply finding naturally spawned chest around the world, e.g., Dungeons, Villages, Mineshafts.

Sadly, you can’t get this using the enchantment table like the rest of enchantments.

6. Punch

Punch best bow enchantments minecraft

Punch is another way of saying Knockback for the sword enchantment.

Punch gives the bow the power to knockback your enemy to a pretty good length away from their initial position upon impact.

This is great for pushing your enemies away when being chased, or when pushing an enemy towards a whole in the ground or something potentially hazardous that may aid you in your fight.

This enchantment maybe a pro and con depending on the scenario you are in.

When you are fighting against another player, you can knock them away from you and make your escape easier when losing the battle or when in single-player, a horde of zombies or pillagers come at you, pushing them back with the bow is a viable option.

For the downside, when chasing an enemy player, a bow with this enchantment may be unhelpful cause it could sometimes aid the enemy player from getting further away from you making them harder to kill.

5. Flame

The Flame enchantment gives you the ability to set a hostile target on fire upon being hit by the arrow.

This is great when you’re fighting other players on an online server, while they’re trying to retreat, they can’t sprint away due to fire damage limiting their capability to sprint properly or when wanting to have continuous damage on your enemy, fire is the way to go as it deals half a heart per second.

The flame enchantment is a great supportive feature for your bow and is a cool enchantment to have if you want to set all your enemies on fire for the fun of it.

4. Power

power best bow enchantments minecraft

Power is an enchantment that increases the damage of the bow, the Power enchant can increase up to 5 levels.

Referenced from the Minecraft Wiki, a Power level 5 enchant can deal 23 heart damage while shot fully charged, and a bow without a power enchant can only deal 9 hearts fully charged.

Fast and easy kill isn’t it? Combine this with infinity and you’ll be a killing machine.

You can grab the Power enchantment from the enchantment table but only levels 1 to 4.

The Level 5 Power enchantment can only be attainable using the Anvil, combine two separate bows with a Level 4 Power enchantment, which results to a Level 5 Power.

 3. Unbreaking

unbreaking best bow enchantments minecraft

This enchantment may not auto repair your bow like Mending, but it does make your weapon last longer than it usually should upon using it, increasing the durability of the weapon.

You can get the Unbreaking enchantment in three different levels.

As people have said, Unbreaking 3 can make you shoot over 6,000+ arrows before breaking. Great right?

This enchantment goes great combined with Infinity as it caters to the demands of the infinity enchantment and avoids your bow from breaking as a bow without the Unbreaking enchantment can only shoot up to 365 arrows.

2. Infinity

Infinity best bow enchantment minecraft

Infinity is an enchantment that gives you the ability to use an infinite of arrows at your disposal.

Only requiring 1 arrow in your inventory at all times when a bow contains the infinity enchantment.

Infinity and Mending are the two hardest enchantments to decide on what you want to use, since you can’t combine Mending and Infinity in one bow together, you have to choose only one to go with the rest of the enchantments.

Now you may ask, why is an enchantment that gives you an infinite usage of arrows — as long as you have one arrow– is not in the top one spot?

Because you may have infinite arrows at your disposal but the bow won’t be repairing itself won’t it? Now sure, combine Infinity with Unbreaking 3 and you can shoot at least over 6,000+ arrows before the bow breaks, and you can repeatedly repair the bow until you can’t anymore, due to the repair cost limit on an enchanted item.

But even if you could repair the item for a decent amount of times, it still breaks in the end.

I feel like depending on the specific uses especially people who play single-player, Infinity isn’t such a useful enchantment as much as you think, as crafting arrows will come with ease later in the game and infinity becomes more of a fun thing to have.

In multiplayer, Infinity proves to be helpful as the number of arrows you need during battle is quite a lot, and this enchantment would be convenient for that very reason, “spamming arrows until you win”.

1. Mending

mending best bow enchantments minecraft

I love this enchantment. Why do you ask?

Mending is an enchantment that may not give you extra damage, the power to set enemies on fire or may not give you an infinite amount of arrows at your disposal, but it is an enchantment where it gives you the ability to auto repair your bow every time you kill a mob or an enemy player, how?

The collected XP from the player or mob you killed with the bow will be used to repair your bow that has the mending enchantment, it will repair your damaged bow from breaking when in use.

It will save you time from building an anvil, going back to your base or using up resources to build another bow.

Maybe those reasons seem like you can endure it instead of putting your efforts in getting a mending enchantment on your bow, but for a player like me or anyone for that matter who doesn’t want to waste time and doesn’t like going through the hassle of going to get a new bow or repetitive repairing of the bow using up resources, then the mending enchantment should be the right choice, it’s convenient for our daily Minecraft use.

Especially when you combine this enchantment with any other powerful enchantment on your bow to help you in your adventures.

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