Top 10 Bows in Monster Hunter World

Taroth Bow Thunder best bows monster hunter world

Bow is one of the best weapons that you can use in Monster Hunter World. In fact, this weapon is surprisingly the best in terms of the overall damage output.

You can check YouTube and everywhere, and you will notice that the fastest speed runs are being done by bow users, except of course for the quite few that pulled some special tricks to make it a bit faster.

This fact gave the bow a great popularity, but using bow is not an easy task. As much as it is a beast in terms of the damage output, bow is very complicated in terms of the build and as well as the gameplay.

Each bow has unique stats that would require different build types, so if you are here to know the top 10 bows so you may know which ones you will focus to acquire – then you are in the right place as we are about to announce the undisputed top 10 bows in Monster Hunter World to date.

10. Hunter’s Proudbow II

Hunter’s Proudbow II best bow monster hunter world

The best bows are those with higher elemental damage. Bow is a weapon that has fast motions with its combos and attacks, thereby, it mostly rely on higher elemental damage.

Hunter’s Proudbow II is one of the best water bow, hence, this is the best water bow that you can craft from Smithy which is good as a starting point while you are still try to hunt the water bows Arch Tempered Kulve Taroth will feature.

This bow has 216 raw damage and a whooping 360 water element damage which you can unlock and further boost with release jewels and water attack boost respectively. Despite having 0 affinity, this bow is only a rarity 6 bow giving you 3 augmentation choices.

This bow also features a para coating so you can paralyze your foes, and a single 3 slot for any jewels you might want added on your skill tree.

9. Dragonbone Bow III

Dragonbone Bow III best bow monster hunter world

This dragon bow is the best dragon bow that you can get from the Smithy. It has 180 raw damage only, but its dragon element is at 420 which makes this bow the highest of all bows in terms of the elemental attack value.

The element is unlocked too, so you wouldn’t need a release jewel to unlock it and it has bow paralysis and sleep coating which makes this bow deadlier. The bow also features 2 single slots which is a great add on.

8. Legia Snowfletcher

Legia Snowfletcher best bows monster hunter world

The best ice bow that you can get through Smithy, and by far one of the favorite among users. This bow has 180 raw attack, but with 390 ice elemental attack which is already unlocked.

This bow can use power coating and sleep coating make this very potent weapon against Arch Tempered Kulve Taroth, Lunastra, and other monsters weak to ice. And though this bow has no available slots, still this bow would pack a punch you can hardly imagine.

7. Taroth Bow Water

Taroth Bow Water best bow monster hunter world

This bow is the 2nd best water bow that you can farm from Arch Tempered Kulve Taroth ONLY. This bow is extremely rare and many hunters spend hundreds of hours just to acquire this, and to tell you, this is extremely worth it.

It features 228 raw attack, and 390 water attack which is better than the water bow mentioned above. It can equip para coating and easy to build with since it has single 3 slot which is great for a bow in this calibre. This bow was once a weapon of choice to kill Behemoth solo, until the best water bow arrived which we will reveal later on.

6. Kjarr Bow Decay

Kjarr Bow Decay best bow monster hunter world

This dragon bow is an upgrade to our previously mentioned, and though this bow is nowhere near to its elemental attack, this bow has crit element boost built in to it. This means that you will not need 2 rathalos armor pieces to boost the crit element damage of this bow, which is mandatory to bow users.

This bow features 240 raw attack and with 240 dragon attack only, but it also has 10% affinity boost and with a single slot. If you want to kill the Rathalos family or any monster weak to dragon in a minute or two with a bow, then the kjarr bow decay would be more than enough to do the job.

5. Kjarr Bow Spark

Kjarr Bow Spark best bow monster hunter world

This bow, again, has the crit element skill which is really great, but having only a 240 thunder attack makes this bow 2nd only to the Taroth Bow Thunder. However, this bow is actually the best if you are to fight Nergigante, and of course its Arch Tempered version which is a menace among hunters.

The reason is because Nergigante by default could easily one-attack KO you, and this bow is more versatile when it comes to build. You can easily sneak in some hp boost, and evade boost on this bow without compromising its offensive skills, making this worthy against monsters weak to thunder and at the same time you are having trouble fighting against with using a pure dps build.

4. Taroth Bow Thunder

Taroth Bow Thunder best bows monster hunter world

This bow is overall the best thunder bow in the game to date. This bow features 228 raw attack and with 360 elemental attack. Though this bow is extremely difficult to optimize because of its skill requirements (crit element, release jewels), this bow is still the best given the fact it has really strong stats.

This bow is a weapon of choice among speedrunners, and it can kill any strong monsters weak to thunder in less than 2 minutes or so.

3. Anja Arch 3

Anja Arch 3 best bow monster hunter world

The undisputed best fire bow in the game, and the only fire bow in our list. This bow can be crafted from smithy, and surprisingly being crafted using Anjanath materials only which is relatively an easy monster in the game.

Many hunters find this bow very broken because it has insane stats that are fully unlocked, though with -20% affinity just to make the weapon a bit weaker, which you could easily compensate with affinity augmentations since this bow features 3 augmentation slots.

2. Kjarr Bow Stream

Kjarr Bow Stream best bow monster hunter world

The bow of choice against monsters weak to ice, Arch Tempered Kulve Taroth naked mode included. This bow has 204 raw attack and 330 ice element attack, with 10% affinity, and is fully unlocked.

This bow also has crit element skill, and can equip power and sleep coating. This bow is very viable for both pure dps and mixed survival builds with great variations. A bow which is extremely rare, but also extremely worth it to hunt even with hundreds of hours.

1. Kjarr Bow Water

Kjarr Bow water best bow monster hunter world

The best water bow, and the best bow overall. This bow has a stats very similar to other Kjarr bows, but what makes this bow very special is that this bow is the best against the strongest monster in Monster Hunter World – The Extreme Behemoth.

This monster has more than 50k hp, and could easily 1 shot any unsuspecting hunter. Not to mention its ecliptic meteor that would ensure death among those who can’t master the FFIV jump gesture. Not many hunters could fight this monster even with a team, but a few bow users like Lord’sK could kill this ultimate beast alone – their weapon of choice is the Kjarr Bow Water.


So these are the best bows in the game, and this list is undisputed. No pro player would claim that this list is inaccurate, hence, making this whole list an absolute fact – not just based on opinion. Hope this helps you out, hunter!

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