Top 7 Best and Funny Builds Skyrim

best builds skyrim

First released back in 2011, almost every gamer is already familiar with The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim if only by name.

In fact, a lot of people have played it over the years across multiple platforms, and because of this, the game’s mechanics and strategies have been discovered.

Or, at the very least, that’s what you think.

The thing is, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is so open-ended as a game, with so many gameplay styles available, especially for those who are willing to think out of the box, that is nearly impossible to exhaust all of the options.

There’s literally a style of play for pretty much anything you can think of – you just have to be willing to try.

Below, we have rounded up 7 unique and funny Skyrim builds that you should definitely try out.

1. Werewolf Magical Khajiit

khajit mage magical werewolf best builds skyrim

Khajiit’s make for awesome archers and assassins in Skyrim, mostly thanks to their stealth-based gameplay.

But, what most Skyrim players don’t know is that stealth doesn’t just lend itself well to physical combat – Illusion spells in Skyrim also benefit very well from the cat-like stealth of the Khajiit in Skyrim.

So, imagine if you had a Khajiit and turned him or her into an awesome mage with Illusion spells.

But, why stop there?

Who’s to say that you can’t turn the Khajiit into a werewolf?

Although the Khajiit’s hand-to-hand combat skills in Skyrim are not to be taken lightly, it would be even more awesome if you had the option to turn into a werewolf if you wanted!

2. The Boxer

khajit fighting melee best builds skyrim

Playing as a Khajiit in Skyrim grants you 15 additional points of unarmed damage.

That’s a lot, all things considered.

So, why use a bow, sword, dagger, or staff, or pretty much any weapon when you can use your fists (paws?) instead?

For more damages, you can go the Heavy Armor route and pursue the skill tree until you get the Fists of Steel perk.

The perk lets you do your armor rating in damage, and because Heavy Armor in Skyrim has the highest armor rating in Skyrim, you’re going to be doing a whole lot of damage without really wearing anything outside of your hands.

Plus, the Fists of Steel perk stacks up with the bonus park for the Khajiit race, so who needs weapons, right?

As an added bonus, you’re going to have a really high armor rating, so feel free to get right into the thick of things while fighting.

3. The Sneaky Assassin

sneaky assassin khajit best builds skyrim

Despite how useful the Sneak mechanic in Skyrim is, not very many players go the full Sneak route.

Or, even when they do, they often use it to strike from afar, which is a huge waste.

The Assassin’s Blade and Shadow Warrior perks, for example, are some of the best in Skyrim.

The former lets you do FIFTEEN times more sneak damage when using daggers.

Meanwhile, the latter allows you to stop combat and pretty much become invisible every time you crouch.

If you’re powerful enough, these perks will allow you to one-shot even dragons!

Mind you, sneaking about and stabbing people from behind aren’t the only things that you can do with this build.

You can also use the Elemental Fury dragon shout in Skyrim, which, at max level, doubles your attack speed with a weapon, allowing you to pretty much use your speed to land dozens of hits on your enemies in a span of 15 seconds.

4. The Dragon Priest

dragon priest best builds skyrim

Who says that the Dragonborn can’t be one of the priests that once served the dragons when they ruled the skies of Skyrim?

Master Conjuration and Destruction spells in Skyrim while wearing the same equipment that you can rob from the corpses of the other priests in Skyrim for the ultimate roleplay experience and you’re pretty much set already.

5. The Conjuration Archer

conjuration archer bow best builds skyrim

Unless you’re Legolas from the Lord of the Rings franchise, the problem with playing as an archer in Skyrim is that you can’t really draw arrows fast enough to kill multiple enemies if you find yourself being swarmed by plenty.

Insert the Conjuration spell.

Most players don’t know this, but the Conjuration tree has some of the best perks available for archers in the game.

This includes Bound Bow, Twin Souls,  as well as Flame, Frost, Storm, and Dead Thrall. That last bit is important because it lets you summon an antronach (or two with Twin Souls) that will follow you around until they die.

With an antronach acting as a tank to help put some distance between you and your enemies, you’re free to shoot as many arrows as you want without having to sneak about.

6. The Destruction Orc

destruction orc mage best builds skyrim

Playing as an Orc in Skyrim, you’re all but expected to go melee and wreak havoc as a frontliner.

But, what happens if you want to play as a magic-based Orc?

A lot of hilarity ensues, that’s what.

While there are no penalties for pursuing magic as an Orc in Skyrim, there are no bonuses either.

Plus, most of the armor for those who love casting spells are light armor, which doesn’t really look right when worn by an Orc.

Either way, seeing an Orc wear a robe while casting Destruction spells is a sight to behold.

7. The Necromancer

necromancer raise undead minions best builds skyrim

If you’re content with letting others do the dirty work for you, going all in on the Conjuration tree is the way to go for you.

Playing as a Necromancer in Skyrim is pretty much the lazy man’s build of the game.

You don’t have to do anything. You simply have to raise your minions, let them follow you around, and watch them go ham as they please.

With Dead Thrall, you raise any humanoid creature under the level of 40 in Skyrim from the dead.

Paired with your other Conjuration spells, and you can just do nothing and finish the entire game.

Just don’t be surprised if the other NPCs in Skyrim don’t take kindly to some of your minions.

You know, not everyone has the same fondness for dead people as you do.

Final Thoughts

The best thing about The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is that there are countless possibilities and builds that you can try out.

The 7 we listed above are just some of the many combinations that you can try out.

So, don’t be afraid to experiment and have fun!

The good thing about Skyrim is that there’s really no way to mess everything up so much that your character becomes useless.

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