Best Button Layout for PUBG Mobile

best button layout pubg mobile


Playing FPS games on mobile is 80% settings and 20% gameplay.

PlayerUnknown’s Battleground (PUBG) isn’t an exception.

FPS games are always a mess when it comes to mobile games.

That’s the reason for the existence of mobile accessories such as mobile gaming controllers and the likes.

But what most players don’t realize is that having the perfect button layout is more than enough to help you gain an edge in the game.

Often, these accessories are more obtrusive than they are functional so it’s not the optimal choice.

If you want to up your game without buying unnecessary accessories, here are the best button layout for PUBG mobile!

3 Layout Options

best button layout pubg mobile

PUBG Mobile offers one of the best customizations for settings in all mobile games.

They’ve truly captured the essence of FPS mobile gaming in the sense that they’re letting players tweak the settings beyond boundaries.

Right off the bat, you’re greeted with these 3 layout options.

Here are they:

1st Layout – In this layout, the left side of the screen is exclusive for movement while the right side is for aiming. The fire button is fixed and located on the right side of the screen. The first layout is the default layout which makes sense given its simplicity and functionality.

2nd Layout – For the 2nd layout, the left side of the screen is for movement while the right is for aiming. The fire button is floating which follows your thumb regardless of its position. This layout allows players to always have their thumb on the trigger although harder to get used to.

3rd Layout – In this layout, the entire screen can be used for aiming with the movement and fire button in fixed positions. For those with mobile gaming controllers, this is the ideal setup to use.

Best Layouts for PUBG Mobile

Now that we know the 3 skeleton layouts, let’s move on to the more complex button layouts.

PUBG mobile allows players to fully customize their button layouts to maximize their screen space and provide convenience.

Here are the best layouts for PUBG mobile. Please note that you can use these readily or you can further tweak it according to your preference.

Basic Layout best button layout pubg mobile

Basic Layout – For beginners, the ideal layout is this basic layout. In this layout, there are 2 fire buttons on either side, the crouch, the lying down position and the reload button on the lower right corner. You can tweak it even further however you like but this is the best layout for people who only use their thumbs when playing PUBG mobile. 

Claw Grip best button layout pubg mobile

Claw Grip – If you watch PUBG mobile streamers or YouTubers, you’ll notice that several them uses the claw grip quite often. At first glance, this looks uncomfortable and incredibly hard to get used to, but it’s not.

The basic claw allows players to hold the phone in a way that both of their thumbs are in the bottom while the two index fingers can tap the buttons at the top of the screen. Think of this as having a mobile game controller without using it!

The benefit of this button layout is that it lets you focus on aim and movement while having the option to simultaneously fire. Ultimately, this is just the basic claw setup and you can still tweak it even further to match your gameplay even better.

IOS Users Button Setup best button layout pubg mobile

IOS Users Button Setup – For PUBG mobile gamers using IOS devices, this is the setup to go. This is what PUBG mobile pros use on their IOS devices and it’s easy to see why.

In this button layout, there are 2 fire buttons and a bunch of other buttons strategically placed together. This is the ideal layout because you’ll be using your 4 fingers with this setup in order to gain more control and efficiency.  

Practice Your Layout

Now that you have a button layout, what do you do?

First, you need to practice using it, a lot! It doesn’t matter which button layout you choose, if you aren’t comfortable with it, it’s useless.

Practice in the Shooting Range best button layout pubg mobile

Practice in the Shooting Range – The training mode in PUBG mobile is often-overlooked in the game.

New players are eager to just get in the game that they forget this game mode even exists.

This mode isn’t only for newcomers, this can also serve veterans players who are trying out new button layouts or settings.

You can assess the practicality and convenience of your brand-new layout by testing them out in the firing range.

Aside from that, here are the more advanced controls to add to your layout later.

Left and Right Peek best button layout pubg mobile

Left and Right Peek – These buttons allow you to stay behind covers while shooting or looking around for enemies. These two buttons aren’t turned on by default, so you need to manually turn them on.

Since these are advance buttons, it takes time to get used to them.

Once you mastered them, they are useful in battle especially in close to mid-range combats.

Ideally, you should place them just above your movement button on the left side of the screen.

Final Thoughts

That is our guide on the best button layout for PUBG mobile.

Keep in mind that these button layouts serve the purpose of guiding players in choosing the layout that fits them.

They’re not intended to limit your gameplay, and should you ever have a hard time using them even with constant practice, consider the other layouts stated here.

If you want to further improve your gaming experience, check out our guides on the top 7 best emulators for PUBG mobile and the top 10 best attachments for PUBG mobile.

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