Top 6 Crossbow Enchantments for Minecraft

best crossbow enchantments minecraft


minecraft best crossbow enchantments

The Top 6 Best Crossbow Enchantments is written from writer’s opinion and as well influenced by other players opinion on what they think of these enchantments.

Crossbow is a very interesting weapon to use and has three unique enchantments for the weapon, enhancing the capabilities of the crossbow’s performance, which does make you slightly over-powered depending on your situation.

6. Curse of Vanishing

Curse of Vanishing best crossbow enchantments minecraft

Since the crossbow has the Curse of Vanishing enchantment, this has to go at the last place, as it is an enchantment which its usability depends entirely on you.

This enchantment will delete the existence of your crossbow upon death which either makes it a major con, or a decent pro.

Whether you want the crossbow to be entirely erased from existence when you die for nobody to steal it off your dropped items or simply throw away the gotten enchantment as junk, but it’s a good strategic technique to delete your heavily enchanted crossbow so the opposing party won’t acquire it.

But hey, I’d put it on my heavily enchanted crossbow to anger the person that tried hard to kill me for it, so he won’t use it for his own evil intentions.

It’s a great way to support the saying, “if I die, then nobody shall use this!”.

5. Piercing

piercing best crossbow enchantments minecraft

Piercing is an enchantment that gives the arrow an ability to pierce through multiple enemies and reacquire the used arrow back (though you can’t acquire all 3 arrows that were shot, only 1), in-addition an arrow can be able to pierce through shields even during the block stance done by the enemy player.

Piercing is a good enchantment to have on a crossbow for certain circumstances, though due to the exclusivity of Multi-shot and Piercing, just like Infinity and Mending.

Only 1 can be on an item, combination of the two is unattainable (unless cheats are used).

Multi-shot would be a better choice compared to Piercing as there aren’t really any common scenarios you would come across to use this effectively, this is why this enchantment goes on the top 5, as you don’t really benefit due to the occasional scenarios you will come across to need it.

A few ways you can look at it where Piercing would come in handy is where a horde of zombies, or hostiles are coming at you, though in all honestly, 3 high damaging arrows done by the Multi-shot enchantment would be a better choice to use against such threat.

Another threat would be an enemy player blocking with a shield, which piercing makes blocking futile, which would be a great benefit on your part as piercing would help you a lot in killing a shielded player, but due to shields being the not most liked feature of player vs player battles in Minecraft on most PvP servers, it really isn’t something you should worry about and that proves the rare demand of the piercing enchantment, to each his own, but no one really uses this, it’s inferior compared to Multi-shot that gives you better performance.

4. Multi-shot

Multi-shot best crossbow enchantments minecraft

Instead of shooting 1 arrow, why not have the ability to shoot 3! This is where the Multi-shot come’s to play.

Multi-shot, as said, gives you the power to shoot 3 arrows from your crossbow, only acquiring 1 arrow in your inventory.

One arrow shot, 3 comes out, a great feature for faster kills among many hostile targets to clear out, and also for a “better hit chance” when an enemy is retreating. I mean, you can’t really dodge 3 arrows coming at you unless its far, right?

An enchantment that is a must have to improve your spamming of many arrows towards your enemy.

A crossbow has bigger damage already compared to the bow, how much more if it is 3 arrows including the other enchantments to cater to your needs and, voila, you have a superior “arrow machine gun” that deals big amounts of damage ready at your disposal.

This enchantment can’t be combined with Piercing.

3. Unbreaking

unbreaking best crossbow enchantment minecraft

Unbreaking, or Mending? As much as I think you should need this, it’s really not a need, compared to Mending.

Even though increase in durability is of importance for the crossbow as the durability is low for the crossbow.

But due to the existence of Mending’s auto-repair ability, why worry, if you will be pleasing the Mending enchantment with many EXP orbs that you will be getting from your slayed mobs.

The only scenario you would be prioritizing the Unbreaking over Mending, is multiplayer battles against other players, where killing a player would probably take much longer to kill compared to a field of mobs available to kill on sight for Mending to do its work.

Though multiplayer fights, damage matters, combine this with enchantments like Quick charge or Multi-shot, and your high damaged enchanted crossbow will last longer in fights where repairing is not a choice to make.

Then again, you can combine this with Mending so it’s convenient nonetheless.

2. Mending

mending best crossbow enchantment minecraft

Mending or Unbreaking? Crossbows have lower durability compared to the bow, thus making the crossbow faster to break when in high demand of usage.

Since a crossbow is a tool to kill, and most likely the target you will kill will have EXP, mending actually is the right choice of enchantment for consistent durability reasons instead of Unbreaking.

As you will mostly be getting plentiful of EXP to auto-repair your crossbow like it was new.

That is…if you’re in not going to spam plenty of arrows towards a target that won’t supply constant EXP for you in your “I need to fix this right now crossbow” during a fight in multiplayer where you’re up against other players, which durability is a main priority in player vs player, then you would probably try to focus on getting Unbreaking for that reason.

Then again, Mending can be combined with Unbreaking, so why worry? Both add strong durable performance to your crossbow.

1. Quick charge

Quick charge best crossbow enchantment minecraft

The fire rate of a crossbow is slower than a bow, mainly because reloading an arrow on a crossbow has to be fully loaded, cocked and ready to fire.

Which is the downside of the crossbow but thankfully Quick Charge exist, solely created to make up for the drawbacks of the crossbows slow reloading time.

Quick charge gives the ability to reload faster, actually quite equivalent with the bows fire rate, Quick charge can go up to 3 levels, which makes it a great combination with the other enchantments.

Quick charge becomes a top 1 pick honestly because, the crossbow would be useless without it, slow loading time, low durability? Enchanting the crossbow with Quick charge and with addition of the Mending or Unbreaking enchantment, it goes perfectly well together as it makes the crossbow more likely picked as a weapon of choice to players.

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