Top 10 Best Emotes in League of Legends

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It’s been about 2 years since emotes were first released in League of Legends.

They are used now widely for different reasons among League players, such as cheering, greeting, showing off, even trolling, and more.

League of Legends emotes have grown bigger among League of Legends players and even the professional teams.

You can watch how a professional player show-off after outplaying enemies in Worlds!

There are many emotes out there.

Every player in League usually gets his favorite collection of emotes ready before the start of the game.

In this article, we will discuss the best 10 emotes in League of Legends so far, the other collections of emotes and even more!

Here we start with the top 10 best emotes:


This emote is showing the champion “Lee Sin” getting ready for a fight.

Players usually use this emote when they start the game to motivate their teammates, also they can use it after getting an “Ace” to get enthusiastic about winning the game.

Some players just like to spam this emote while playing Lee Sin just to show that they are so good with that champion.

It’s like showing off in front of your teammates or enemies.

9. Clean

When you crush your opponent in a clean 1 v 1 fight, you can use this emote.

This is the champion “Fiora” congratulates you for being so clean on that fight.

Also, the enemy can use it to show respect or being impressed by your moves.

After you land your Orianna Ultimate on 5 people and carrying the whole fight start spamming this emote!


This is the most know league champion for being depressed, it’s “Amumu”.

Players usually use this emote when they miss their skill shots.

Also, it can be used to irritate the enemies when they are chasing you.

The crying mummy is well known for its sad story among League of Legends story.

It’s so enjoyable to relate the story of a champion with the in-game actions!


The Queen of Freljord “Ashe” is appearing in this emote pretending to be shocked, like the mess that happened was never her mistake!

This emote is used when you accidentally or deliberately troll your teammate into his imminent death.

Or just hitting Ashe Ultimate from bottom lane all the way to the top lane and getting a kill over the top laner!


The “COME AT ME” emote can be so provoking for players who play under their turrets and getting poked every second.

Players can use this emote which shows “Yasuo” beckoning to provoke enemies and make them trade with you in the laning phase.

Sometimes it does work, and other times you just get dominated and the tables just turn.


d'pengu penguin dab best emotes league of legends

This little penguin is dabbing just to show-off after a great play.

Players most often use this emote after outplaying the enemy.

And that is one of the most used emotes in League of Legends.

Players of League of Legends love to show-off even if the play wasn’t that huge.

Even if you are in bronze, you still can show-off!


This confused “Blitzcrank” is a great emote to show a lack of understanding or confusion of something.

It’s usually used between League of Legends players to express misunderstanding or just to troll your allies.

Or maybe when you miss your Grab 😉


This emote is used widely after getting the results you were planning to.

For example: If you used the lens sweeper to clear vision from a bush and baited the enemy into a trap and you scored an “Ace”, you can use this emote (all went according to the plan).


The provoking “Jinx” is the favorite emote of the vast majority of League of Legends players.

It can be used on different occasions, especially when you run away from a chase successfully.

You can start provoking your enemy by this emote.

Also, you can use it to provoke your teammate after you troll them by destroying the plant and sending them to the Baron pit to die.


thumbs up best emotes league of legends

Are you wondering why this emote got the first place?

Well, this emote is extremely simple but it’s still the most popular emote in League of Legends.

To be honest, this emote is popular for many reasons: It’s free and can be used on several occasions and for different purposes.

Got a kill?

An “Ace”?

A Baron?

So Thumbs Up!

There is another set of emotes called mastery emotes.

Which shows how good you are with the champion that you are playing.

There are mastery emotes starting from level 4 with the champion until the maximum level which is level 7.

Showing mastery level when playing is common when you outplay enemies or just to provoke them.

Even when you troll your teammates you can still show your mastery level to them.

Generally speaking, Riot Games made a good move when they decided to include emotes in the game.

It gave the players a more flexible and easy way to express their feelings without needing to type while playing.

Also, the professional teams in Worlds use their team’s Logo as an emote like (Cloud 9 – Fnatic – G2 Esports – …. Etc).

The game includes 100+ emotes.

There are more and more emotes not only the 10 we showed up there.

You can browse them and choose the collection you like.

You can use up to 9 different emotes in a single game!

Also, know that League is providing new emotes every patch.

You can get emotes by simply purchasing them or from a chest.

You can head to your inventory to check your currently possessed emotes.

What are you waiting for?

Go now and pick your best collection of emotes from the store and start showing off in front of your enemies!

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