Top 10 Best Fighters in Mobile Legends

Leomord best fighter mobile legends

The fighter class is the most engaged heroes in the game in terms of combat time.

If tanks are there to support and shield, fighters are the ones who mostly engage in the team battles. They are assisted by mages and support heroes.

With such a heavy responsibility, not everyone can play this role excellently.

But because they are the heart of the offensive power of the team, they have a huge impact on the outcome of the game.

It’s equally important to know which heroes the best pick for your game style and overall ability are. 

So, whether you’re a newbie or a veteran, we give you the list of the top 10 best fighters in Mobile Legends.

As we go along the rankings, we also scattered some advice on the roles of a fighter in Mobile Legends to help players like you.

Are you ready to blast through the rankings with sheer power and strategic gameplay? Then read on!

10. Zilong

Zilong best fighter mobile legends

Zilong is one of the easiest fighters in Mobile Legends.

His skills are simple: flipping enemies, striking from a distance, and going Super Saiyan. As you can see, he doesn’t require a lot of critical thinking yet can be deadly. A Zilong in the hands of someone tricky can handicap a lot of enemy assassins and mages.

But with Zilong, it’s high risk and high reward. Sure, he’s easy to play but against other fighters, he is lackluster. But did we mention he’s free for new accounts?

9. Alucard

Alucard best fighter mobile legends

Who says Alucard isn’t powerful?

Once upon a time, Alucard was a savage. He was every player’s number one favorite and it’s easy to see why. He could easily dominate against 3 players. But due to nerfs and new heroes, he’s often ignored. 

But don’t let that discourage you! Alucard is still a beast. His power comes from his ultimate – 100% life steal. With the right items and conditions, he is immortal.

8. Alpha

Alpha best fighter mobile legends

Alpha is one of the OG heroes that still deserves to be in the top 10. He may not look like it but he is still a viable option for rank games.

Alpha is one of the best initiators in the game. His ultimate allows him to stun enemies along with his damage skills. He is like Zilong, only better.

7. Freya

Freya best fighter mobile legends

Freya is easily one of the most underrated fighters in Mobile Legends.

What really sets her apart is her offensive ability especially on 1 vs. 1 fight. She can also jump into an enemy and deal massive damage on a continuous basis.

A great fighter for a price that will not break the bank, Freya is a strong choice.

6. Jawhead

Jawhead best fighter mobile legends

Jawhead is a fun hero to use but a nightmare to deal with.

When we say fun, we mean it! Jawhead can lock on to enemies and stun them. He can also be played by ambushing players and throwing them to turrets or to allies.

He is one of the most durable fighters in the game so he is great for charging at opponents and leading the fight.

5. Ruby

Ruby best fighter mobile legends

Ruby is one of the best crowd control heroes there are.

The Little Red Hood can take on almost anyone on 1 vs 1. What makes her unique even among fighters is that she is the only fighter that doesn’t have life steal on basic attacks. Instead, her skills are the ones who do it.

She likes to pull heroes to her direction, giving them a massive headache but a ton of fun for the one playing Ruby.

4. Martis

Martis best fighter mobile legends

Martis was once banned in almost all ranked games, it’s easy to see why…

The Ashura King can unleash hell on multiple opponents at once. And once he gets going, it’s hard to stop him. His second skill, Mortal Coil has the highest priority in crowd control. That combined with his other combos can bring down even the mightiest tanks.

Nothing stops Mortis especially in the late game when he rampages with his unforgiving combos. The pros know this. That’s why the best way to counter him is by not allowing him to have kills early in the game.

3. Aldous

Aldous best fighter mobile legends

When he was first released, he wasn’t ignored nor used often.

But now, he’s in the meta almost always and always banned. What made players change their minds?

Well for one, he is the literal One Punch Man – once he gets at least 250 soul stacks. He is also capable of life steal which just makes him more deadly.

But for the ultimate kill, Contract Chase Fate allows him to see all enemy position and can lunge at one anywhere on the map. It can also be used as an escape mechanism when the going gets rough.

2. Leomord

Leomord best fighter mobile legends

Leomord is not one you should be messing with just because he is undead.

The Phantom Knight stomps anyone that comes in his way. Along with his trusty horse, Barbiel, they can dominate the game provided he gets all the kills.

Ultimately, he is a super strong pick for ranked games – if he isn’t banned all the time.

1. Chou

Chou best fighter mobile legends

Perhaps one of the most overpowered heroes in the game, Chou tops this list.

The Kung Fu Boy is favored by pros in Mobile Legends Tournaments simply because he kicks ass! Why? Because he is the best counter to any hero in the game.

He is annoying to deal with especially in 1 vs. 1 situation because Chou can stun and send enemy heroes flying in a true martial arts fashion. His role is to kill the damage dealers of the enemy team rendering the others useless. In short, A Chou in the hands of a skilled player can make the enemy team surrender in minutes.


That concludes our list of the top 10 best fighters in Mobile Legends.

Remember that the role of a fighter in Mobile Legends is to deal damage and protect the range heroes. He is also in charge of breaking enemy defense in team fights as he can take on anyone.

Do you agree with our list? Let us know in the comments below!

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