Top 7 Best Fireworks in Minecraft

best fireworks minecraft

If you enjoy fireworks in real life, you will enjoy fireworks in Minecraft.

Minecraft has a decent amount of firework effects to craft and play around with for your firework show.

This article will showcase and list the top 7 firework effects.

At the end of the article there will also be a guide on building a simple automated firework launcher once you have read all the best fireworks in Minecraft.

7. Small Ball Explosion

The Small Ball Explosion is the default effect when crafting a Firework star.

Although it may not be that exciting, you can set it up with multiple colors (by using any Color Dyes of your choice) and get yourself a nice simple firework display.

It’s not that hard to craft to acquire the Firework effect, as shown below:

Gunpowder + Color Dyes of your choice.

small ball explosion crafting color best fireworks minecraft.png

6. Large ball Explosion

large ball explosion best fireworks minecraft

Large Ball Explosions, obviously is the better and bigger version of the Small Ball Explosion.

If you want to go big and loud, you can go with the Large Ball Explosion effect that is pretty overwhelming when exploded a lot of times.

Because of that, it’s a great addition to your firework show.

You will only need to craft a Fire Charge to achieve this effect, as shown below.

Crafting a Fire Charge: Gunpowder + Coal + Blaze Powder.

crafting fire charge best fireworks minecraft
crafting firework star best fireworks minecraft

Combine Fire charge + Gunpowder + Color Dyes of your choice.

You don’t have to follow the exact recipe, if you don’t want to have multiple colors.

5. Burst Explosion

burst explosion best fireworks minecraft firework

The Burst Explosion is a small “crackly” or “sprinkle” type effect.

Though, it’s not that impactful or big which kind of underwhelms the viewer, but it does add a supporting style explosion when it explodes with bigger effects or the explosion becomes more noticeable if exploded together simultaneously.

You can add multiple Color Dyes to this effect just like the rest to add more excitement.

To craft this Firework effect, you will only need a feather.

Burst Explosion is crafted using: Gunpowder + Multiple Color Dyes + Feather.

dye color crafting firework star best fireworks minecraft

4. Star-Shaped Explosion

star shaped explosion best fireworks minecraft

The Star-Shaped Explosion is a more dazzling effect, as it forms into a big star-like effect upon exploding.

The Star-Shape Explosion is noticeable when afar and not near, so make sure you have a great view.

You can go with a dual color scheme to make the star look better and not bland with just one color.

We only need Golden Nuggets to achieve this effect.

Golden Nugget + Gunpowder + Multiple Color Dyes of your choice.

crafting star shaped explosion best fireworks minecraft dyes

3. Creeper-Shaped Face Explosion

creeper shaped face explosion best fireworks minecraft

The Creeper-Shaped Face Explosion is obviously the Creepers face, forming a shape of a Creeper-Head upon explosion.

This effect can be achieved by crafting any Mob Head and not only just a Creeper Head.

You can craft using Skeleton heads, Zombie Heads or any Mobs that drop their heads.

For some reason, still turning into a Creeper-Head explosion effect.

As of right now, no other Mob Faces have their own Firework effect, so even using a Skeleton Head would give you a Creeper-Shaped Firework Star.

This firework should be viewed from afar as you can’t clearly see the face when up close.

Gunpowder + Color Dye + Creeper-head (Any Mob Head)

crafting creeper shaped face explosion best fireworks minecraft

2. Twinkle Explosion

twinkle explosion best fireworks minecraft

This is an additional effect and can be combined with the effects (Creeper-Shaped, Star-shaped, Burst, Small and Large Ball Explosions).

This adds more excitement by adding “twinkle” visual effects and crackling pop sound effects after the initial explosion just like how you would hear and see in a firework show when a crackly or twinkly firework explodes.

It’s somewhat similar to the Burst Explosion but with better visual and sound which can be added to other effects.

To have this additional effect in your fireworks, you will need Glow Stone dust as shown below.

Combine the Glow Stone dust with any of the other effects when crafting them mentioned above in the parenthesis.

For adding the twinkle effect to the Large Ball Explosion:

Gunpowder + Color dyes + Fire charge + Glow Stone

crafting twinkle explosion best fireworks minecraft

1. Trail Effect Explosion

trail effect explosion best fireworks minecraft firework

Trail Effect Explosion is also another additional effect that can be crafted with the effects (Creeper-Shaped, Star-shaped, Burst, Small, Large Ball Explosions, and Twinkle).

This is a really good visual effect, as it achieves that original satisfying firework visual effect with the transitional falling delay of the particles before it disappears.

This can be combined with the additional Twinkle effect and of course the other effects mentioned in the parenthesis.

To have this effect in our fireworks, we only need Diamonds to be combined with the other effects when crafting them, as shown below.

Fire charge + Color Dyes + Gunpowder + Diamond

crafting diamond trail effect explosion best fireworks minecraft

How to make a Firework launcher:

how to make firework launcher best fireworks minecraft

Since we now know the top 7 Minecraft fireworks, let’s try it out and build a nice automated firework launcher to properly display our Fireworks.

This Firework launcher is automated upon activation, it will turn off until every firework that has been deposited runs out or manually switched off.

It’s simple and will only need 8x Dispensers, Redstone, Redstone Repeater, Redstone Torches, Lever, and any Block of your choice.

Of course, you can always modify the build to your liking.

Place your wooden planks in a 3×3 area for your dispensers, after that, place your dispensers on top of the wooden planks at the sides of the 3×3 area and put Redstone in the middle of the 3×3 area as shown below.

redstone firework launcher best fireworks minecraft

Time to build the trigger for the launcher.

As shown below, place 2 wooden planks at the side of the dispensers on top of the 3×3 area, place 2 blocks in the middle then place 2 Redstone torches at each side of the 2nd block in the middle.

Now we are able to place the Repeater, Redstone dust and Lever all in the middle like in the example photo.

You’ll hear the machine activate for a few seconds and will turn off.

Flip the switch 2 times to reset and you have yourself an automated firing launcher for your fireworks, enjoy!

Keep in the mind, the repeater is the timer, right click the repeater 3 times to set it the slowest fire rate, so you will be able to see the fireworks clearly.

repeater redstone firework launcher best fireworks minecraft

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