The Best Fishing Rods in Minecraft

best fishing rod minecraft

Fishing is probably one of the most underrated activities that players can do in Minecraft.

Although it is not as tedious as collecting materials or mining stuff, there’s really nothing much going on in this activity.

A lot of Minecraft players are against fishing because it takes a lot of time and it’s not always worth the wait.

The ultimate question now is…is fishing really worth it?

What are the best enchantments for a fishing rod? How can the player get benefits from fishing?

Fishing In Minecraft: Is It Worth It?

best fishing rod minecraft

You can pretty much get a Fishing Rod and start fishing after spending your first night in any new world.

The only materials needed to craft a fishing rod are three sticks and two strings, materials that are accessible early in the game.

Items that can be retrieved from fishing are classified into three categories: Junk, Fish, and Treasure.

Junk Items

In the world of Minecraft, you can get tons of useless items just by fishing.

The uselessness of the items depends on your current item requirement. Most of these items can be easily acquired elsewhere, that’s why a lot of people consider these items as “junk”. 

Here are the junk items that you can get from fishing.

  • Bowl
  • Tripwire Hook
  • Fishing Rod
  • Ink Sac
  • Leather
  • Leather Boots
  • Rotten Flesh
  • Bone
  • Water Bottle
  • String
  • Strick


Of course, you can’t do fishing without getting a fish. In fact, if you don’t have a good enchantment to your fishing rod, you would likely get a fish every time you throw your bait. Raw Cod gets 51% of appearing, Raw Salmon gets 21.3%, Pufferfish has 11.1% chance of appearing, and tropical fish has 1.7% of appearing. Fishing is a great food source if you’re spawned in an empty biome like Mesa or near an Ocean Biome.


Last but not least, you can catch treasures just by fishing.

Some of the items in the treasure category are very important. You can get a Nautilus Shell, Enchanted Books, Name Tags, and Saddles.

However, most of these treasures have less than 2% chances of appearing, even when you’re using a fishing rod with a great enchantment.

Although the chances are low, fishing is one of the best ways to get Mending or other enchantments early in the game.

So is Fishing really worth it? It really depends on your current needs in-game.

Cooked Fish are decent sources of food if there’s no access to crops. But if you want to get more important materials, you need to level up your fishing rod by enchanting it.

The Best Fishing Rod Enchantments In Minecraft

Overall, there are five applicable enchantments for the fishing rod.

The least useful one is the Curse of Vanishing, which might be useful for some items on PvP but not in a survival playthrough.

Here are the best enchantments if you’re planning to improve your fishing rod.

The Best Enchantment: Luck Of The Sea III

Luck Of The Sea III best fishing rod minecraft

The Luck of the Sea enchantment is hands down the best enchantments for fishing rods.

It increases the chances to catch more important items while decreasing the chances of junk items to appear.

For example, if you’re looking for a pufferfish (for potion making), you will get a larger chance of finding one via the Luck of the Sea enchantment.

This enchantment’s maximum level is level 3.

The Best Optional Enchantment: Lure III

Lure III best fishing rod minecraft

If you can’t find Luck Of The Sea, another alternative is the Lure enchantment, with a maximum level of level 3.

What it does is that it increase the rate of fish biting in the hook.

Because of this, your waiting time will be reduced significantly if you have Lure III applied in your fishing rod. For each level of Lure, the waiting time is reduced by five seconds per level.

If you want to get more items fast, Lure III should be your enchantment.

The Best Enchantment For AFK Fishing: Mending

Automatic Fishing Farms are the best and the most efficient way to fish in Minecraft.

There are a lot of AFK fishing designs available online. See our best afk farms in minecraft here.

But almost all the designs use Mending in their fishing rods.

Since AFK fishing farms will require a lot of time, and the purpose of farming is to get EXP and loot, Mending is an essential part of AFK fishing designs.

You don’t need to replace your fishing rod every now and then because it fixes itself.

Fishing gives a little amount of EXP, which is essential for Mending to work.

How To Get More Loot Via Fishing?

1. Fish when it rains

raining best fishing rod minecraft

If you want to have an easier time fishing, make sure to fish when it rains. The rainy weather actually increases the chances of catching a fish by 60%.

However, if you’re planning to go AFK Fish Farming, you might want to build some defenses because mobs will not burn while there is rain.

Set your farm in a well-elevated area (etc. veranda or rooftop) to avoid creepers from sneaking into you. Make the area well-lit to avoid hostile mobs from appearing.

2. Set your fishing spot under the sun

Fishing under the sun or under the moon actually makes catching an item or a fish faster.

You only need to make sure that your fishing rod is hit by the sunlight or the moonlight to take advantage of this feature.

Fishing underground will double the waiting time, so keep that in mind.

3. Build an Automatic Farm

Last but not the least is to build an AFK fishing farm.

This farm can do the fishing for you even when you’re away from the keyboard and doing something else.

There are a lot of AFK fishing farm designs available online which are also designed for survival mode.

Fishing is tedious and time consuming, that’s why a Redstone contraption is preferred to save time and effort.

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