Top 10 Best Girl Skins in Minecraft

best girl skins minecraft

Playing in the Multiplayer mode is one of the best activities you can do in Minecraft.

Most servers offer mini-games which you normally cannot access in the vanilla version of the game.

Since Minecraft’s names are not that visible from huge distances, one of the only means of differentiating other people is by their skins.

Searching for a good-looking skin can be a challenge, especially for female-themed skins.

If you’re a female Minecraft player, here are some of the best Minecraft skins that you can use. 

Ten Minecraft Skin Ideas For Girl Gamers

10. Trendy Girl Skin

trendy girl skin best girl skins minecraft

Do you want to be stylish and fashionable even while you’re swinging your pickaxe and mining those ores? You can use these trendy girl skins which are available for free.

And yes, this skin is compatible with most tools such and masks from other mods.

It has some neat designs that you can easily recolor to suit your preferred color scheme. 

 9. Yandere Simulator

yandere simulator best girl skins minecraft

Every game would not be complete without some sort of a costume that reminds us of school.

Yep, Yandere Simulator might be inspired by the upcoming horror game with the same name, but no one can argue that this is one of the best school uniform skin designs that I saw.

Especially because of the fact that skirts are not easy to emulate in Minecraft’s skin framework. 

8. Pastel-Colored Skin

pastel colored female best girl skins minecraft

For those who prefer light-colored costumes and long pink hair, a lot of pastel-colored skins are available online.

This color scheme is quite popular for girls, and for a good reason.

With its light color scheme, the skin is still full of details.

More than 1,300 people use this skin in Minecraft, according to NameMC’s data.

If this color scheme is not for you, you can find some variations like this one which uses white and blue color scheme.

 7. Flower Girl

flower girl female best girl skins minecraft

The next skin is for the players out there who like to have a flowery skin in Minecraft.

Featuring a white off-shoulder top and a headdress made out of flowers, this skin can be used on its own, but also works well for some modifications.

An example of a modified skin for this one is this, with a modified color for the headdress and the hair.

You can do whatever design that you want with this skin as it is pretty much customizable. 

6. Medieval Warrior Girl

medieval warrior girl female best girl skins minecraft

If you’re one of those players who likes to look good while wielding a diamond sword, the Medieval Warrior Girl is your best bet.

It’s a skin that features light armor and two diamond sword sheaths in the back.

This looks pretty cool when you’re wielding two swords (assuming that you can actually do some sick moves using two swords in Minecraft).

Nevertheless, dual-wielding with this skin is a cool thing to see, 

5. Elsa From Frozen

elsa frozen best girl skins minecraft

 Do you wanna build a snowman…on Minecraft?

Elsa is one of the most recognizable characters in the modern film industry.

And with the apparent release of Frozen 2 in the cinemas, one can anticipate the comeback of the Disney Queen.

If you want to celebrate this, you can use Elsa’s skin in your Minecraft journey.

Granted, you can actually build a snowman (Snow Golem) in Minecraft with two snow blocks and a carved pumpkin.

To make this experience more fun, travel to a snow biome and make your base there. 

 4. Tracer (Overwatch) 

tracer overwatch best girl skins minecraft

Seeing references from other games is not a surprising thing in Minecraft.

That’s why its not surprising to see other players making some references to other games using their skins.

If you also play Overwatch and is a Tracer fan, this Tracer skin might appeal to you.

Unfortunately, because of how the blocks are rendered in Minecraft, Tracer’s spiky hair cannot be emulated.

This skin is still spot-on for all the Tracer fans out there.

 3. Girl With Headphone

girl with headphone best girl skins minecraft

Another great theme is the Girl with Headphones.

Almost 10,000 Minecraft users currently use this skin or at one time in the past.

There’s only a handful of colors used in this design, but the details are still rich up close.

In addition, the simple design makes it easier to edit the appearance. You might want to

 2. Girly Link

girly link zelda best girl skins minecraft

Another notable skin is the female version for “Legend of Zelda” main character, Link (no, the name’s not Zelda).

Link’s Master Sword cannot be replaced by a Diamond Sword, but the aesthetic will still have the same effect, especially if you’re equipped with a shield.

Again, due to the block’s limitations, Link’s hat cannot be rendered just like the way it is rendered in the original games. 

 1. Ender Girl

ender enderman girl best girl skins minecraft

Last but not the least is the skin which is called “Ender Girl”.

This skin is inspired by one of the rarest mobs in the game: the Enderman.

Whether you like the Enderman or not, this Enderman-themed skin is one of the best when it comes to color usage and design details.

It doesn’t come with multiple colors, but it is easily tweakable. 

Where To Get Your Own Minecraft Skin? 

Did you find the skin that you want on the list?


Then check out more skins available online.

You can find unisex skins such as this Space Android, a Panda, or even dirt

Fortunately, there are a lot of skin resources such as Planet Minecraft, NameMC, and Novaskin which features thousands of free skins made by other people posted on their database.

Yep, you can even find the skins that some of the most popular Minecraft players use in their YouTube videos. 

If you’re still not able to find a skin to settle on, try to make your own customized skin instead.

Minecraft Skins will let you make a skin by coloring up a pixelated framework online.

Take note that even though you created your skin to use for your own account only, other players can still access your site and use your skin. 

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