Top 10 Best Greatsword Monster Hunter World

best greatsword monster hunter world

The Best Greatswords in Monster Hunter World

The Greatsword is a weapon in Monster Hunter World specialized in dealing brute one-time damage on monsters.

The key to this weapon is by charging it so you could deal devastating one-time damage.

Despite being slow and often times very hard to land, mastering this weapon would guarantee you victory even against the most formidable monsters in the game.

The Greatsword’s gameplay may look very straightforward and boring to some, but there are actually a few twists in using this weapon. This will all depend on which Greatsword you will use and the build you will come up with it.

Overall, the weapon is actually very fun to use and there’s a great variety of Greatswords that you can try to spice up your hunting life.

With that said, here’s a list of the best Greatswords to date in Monster Hunter World that every hunter should consider adding on their arsenal.

10. Kjarr Fellsword “Thunder”

Kjarr Fellsword Thunder best greatsword monster hunter world

If you are having troubles against Arch Tempered Kulve Taroth, then this might be the answer to your suffering.

This weapon is proven to be effective against any monsters weak to thunder, hence a good Greatsword if you want to chunk some brute damage on Arch Tempered Kulve Taroth’s gold plating during phases 1 to 3.

This Greatsword has 1,008 raw damage and 480 thunder damage.

This Greatsword also features a 10% affinity boost which you can further increase as you juice up some expert jewels in your build.

The only downside of this Greatsword is that it can’t reach white sharpness even if you compliment it with level 5 handicraft skills. Regardless, this is a Greatsword worthy of your hours of farming.

9. Kjarr Fellsword “Ice”

Kjarr Fellsword Ice best greatsword monster hunter world ice

This Greatsword is without a doubt the best ice Greatsword in the game at the moment.

A weapon of choice among many hunters against Lunastra and its stronger race variations, and a great choice when fighting monsters such as the Diablos family.

This Greatsword has only 912 raw attack and only has 450 elemental attack boost, but this weapon is complimented with 20% affinity and could reach white sharpness if you equip at least level 3 of handicraft within your overall skill build.

8. Kjarr Fellsword “Water”

Kjarr Fellsword Water best greatsword monster hunter world mhw

This water element Greatsword from Arch Tempered Kulve Taroth is something you would not really want to miss.

This weapon has 912 raw attack and 480 water elemental attack only, but it has 20% affinity boost and could reach white sharpness like its other kjarr counterparts.

This Greatsword is good against monsters weak to water such as Teostra, and Lavasioth.

Consider this if you are looking forward into slaying these beasts as quick as possible.

7. Kjarr Fellsword “Decay”

Kjarr Fellsword Decay best greatsword monster hunter world

A Greatsword of choice against monsters weak to dragon such as Vaal Hazaak, Rathalos, Azure Rathalos, Pink Rathian, and Rathian. This Greatsword has 984 raw attack and with 360 dragon attack.

The raw and elemental attack may not be as much as the Kjarr thunder version of this Greatsword, but it has one single slot and with 20% affinity boost.

On top of that, the Greatsword can also reach white sharpness with the use of handicraft jewels, and it has slightly more white sharpness than other kjarr weapons.

6. Kjarr Fellsword “King”

Kjarr Fellsword King best greatsword monster hunter world build

The best fire Greatsword in the game – equipped with 936 raw attack and 300 fire elemental attack stats.

This greatsword, just like some of its other Kjarr counterparts, also has 20% affinity boost and could reach white sharpness if you wear handicraft jewel with it.

This Greatsword is strong against monsters weak to fire such as the Greatest Jagras, Kirin, Vaal Hazaak, and many more!

5. Kjarr Fellsword “Numb”

Kjarr Fellsword Numb best greatsword monster hunter world

A weapon of choice for those new to the Greatsword. This Greatsword will guarantee you chunks and chunks of true charged attacks against ANY monsters because it is capable of paralyzing the monster over time as you land hits.

This Greatsword only has 840 raw attack damage, but it has 480 on paralysis attack value. This high amount of Paralysis status attack could ensure a number of paralysis infliction on any monster you fight against.

Not to mention its 20% affinity boost and single slot which will help you create the build of your dreams with a Greatsword.

4. Taroth Blaze “Sleep”

Taroth Blaze Sleep best greatsword monster hunter world

We all know that a single attack will deal x2 damage against a sleeping monster, and nothing is more satisfying than landing a true charge against an asleep monster.

Well, the problem is if you are playing solo and your weapon doesn’t have a sleep status ailment in it – though which this weapon has.

Meet Taroth Blaze “Sleep”, the best Greatsword coated with sleep status ailments that will ensure to put your target to sleep several times per run.

This Greatsword has 912 raw attack damage, and 450 sleep status attack value. Unfortunately, this 450 sleep status attack is locked until you unlock it using level 3 elemental release skill.

Well, the Greatsword has a single 3-slot so you can easily unlock the sleep status of this weapon.

3. Purgation’s Atrocity

Purgation’s Atrocity best greatsword monster hunter world

Definitely the best dragon Greatsword in the game.

This Greatsword has 1, 008 raw attack damage, and though it only has 150 dragon attack, its Elderseal value is what makes this Greatsword a real badass.

If you are annoyed of the elder dragons’ blights and auras, then this Greatsword is something you should really want to bring with you.

You should not worry even if that Elder Dragon is not weak against dragon element, because this Greatsword only has 150 dragon attack. This Greatsword relies much on its raw attack rather than its dragon elemental attack.

2. Empress Galea “Ruin”

Empress Galea Ruin best greatsword monster hunter world

Another Greatsword that will surely get your attention is the Empress Galea “Ruin”.

Its element is somewhat underrated, but it is actually strong especially if luck is on your side. It has 912 raw attack with a bonus of 210 Blast ailment value.

How Blast works is not yet fully proven, but the damage when it procs is actually very strong.

The Greatsword is already strong even without the blast, and adding the blast chances just makes this Greatsword one of the best that you can pick.

This Greatsword also has a white sharpness by default, so you will not need to add handicraft jewel for it to reach white sharpness. This Greatsword is also being complimented by two dual slots, making it one of the best choices for build enthusiasts.

1. Wyvern Ignition Impact

Wyvern Ignition Impact best greatsword monster hunter world

The greatest of all time – the best overall Greatsword in the game.

This Greatsword can be used against every single monster in the game, and has been the favorite among speedrunners.

This Greatsword has 1, 008 raw damage with a locked fire elemental attack of 450.

But there is a catch!

The locked element is actually a feature, because you would want this Greatsword to have raw attack only so you can add Elementless Jewel to boost its raw attack damage.

Another great feature this Greatsword has that’s why it is the best is that by default this Greatsword has white sharpness. With that, you would not need handicraft jewel anymore to reach the best sharpness for this weapon.

The downside of this Greatsword though is that it has -15% affinity, but since this weapon has 2 augmentation slots, then you can simply put affinity on one of the slots and health augment on the other.

This will neutralize the negative affinity down to -5%, making it possible for you still to reach 100% affinity with this Greatsword.

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