Best Guns in Apex Legends 2021

Ever wondered what are the best guns in apex legends? We have made a list of the best Guns in Apex Legends and the weapon tiers it belongs to for this current season in order to get you started to learn what guns to use. This Apex legends weapon tier list has been influenced and referenced from existing weapon tier list and information gathered from high-ranking player guides. 


Gunplay heavily depends on mouse movement, game sense, and common playstyles which all comes down to your gun preference. Guns may be a general thing for everyone to use and win games, but in reality, there are better guns to play Apex legends with, which entirely depends on how you play, and the tactics you’re confident with when a fight starts. 

Apex Legends Weapon Tier List 

Devotion is a killer option if you find a TurboCharger hop-up attachment but without it, it becomes an okay-ish gun, so prioritizing a TurboCharger is a must that would just upgrade the gameplay and you’ll easily control the playing field with the Devotion.



The R99 comes out on top as one of the best guns in Apex Legends compared to the R301 because of its high rate of fire. It has the highest DPS in the game right now which a full kit R99 can nearly take out a single guy with a full clip that comes with a fast reload, or a quick transition to your secondary gun to finish your enemy off, you’ll be surprised how you can win a 1v1 fight easily. 


Mastiff has always been a top tier shotgun, the damage output, spread and the range accuracy makes the mastiff one of the best guns in Apex Legends obliterating enemy armor during close range, mid-air, overall a top tier shotgun to win a fight. 


Kraber is the top-picked sniper in the game that has a major damage output compared to other snipers. Although, it has flaws due to not having great versatility in quick paced battles, but the major, far better damage output makes up for it. You only need to worry in hitting your shots. 

G7 Scout 

G7 Scout is a great gun for close and long range fights, the precision on this gun that makes it the most liked feature which pairs nicely with an assault rifle or shotgun. Although, people with bad aim may feel the burden of having it, it’s a gun only for those that can hit their shots which the precision complements a player with good aim.


The R301 has been a meta weapon a lot of times, the easy to control recoil and fast rate of fire makes up for the low damage it deals compared to other rifles in its class. What makes R301 a most picked gun is the rate of fire that is so high that you need a barrel stabilizer to actually control it properly, making the gun an armor shredder.


The peacekeeper is a strong shotgun, better than the mastiff with a faster fire rate and same amount of damage with the Mastiff, but it only drops in care packages at random which is hard to get, but overall if you manage to get one, it’s a great shotgun to switch with.


The prowler is an overall good gun, though, it needs be fully kitted to make the best out of it. Prowler needs SelectFire hop-up receiver to consider it a god-like weapon, which makes the base Prowler not a viable option if you have an R301 upfront. 


The wingman is the best revolver in the game, it deals tons of damage that is equivalent or even better to some sniper weapons with agile strafe speed and ADS speed compared with other rifles. The only reason for being at A-tier is that Wingman requires good aim, which not everyone has, and there are better options that are more pleasingly capable. 


Volt has been one of the best energy weapons in Apex Legends, although it falls off with its slow ADS speed, and several pasts nerfs on its damage, it’s still a great secondary rifle to holster in your fights. 


Sentinel is the go-to common sniper in the game after the Triple Take, it’s a great damage dealer and long-distance sniper, it has huge punishing damage which is a top-tier weapon of choice, although it is used less by people with not good aim due to the slow rate of fire and that can be a burden during a fight, but if you can hit your shots, this is a great sniper. 


The flatline may feel weak, but it’s one of the best guns in apex legends that outclasses most rifles in it tier, especially being paired with an Anvil Receiver dealing significant amount of damage for single fire mode, making it a powerful weapon to use at the right hands. 

M600 Spitfire 

A spitfire deserves to be an A-tier weapon, but has a major drawback, it has a slow rate of fire, but with plenty of ammo to use, but compared to other rifles in the same tier or higher it usually gets out performed by guns like an R301 or R99 that just shreds armor at a faster rate. Spitfire isn’t a bad gun, and is a perfect secondary weapon. 


The Hemlock is a hit or miss, it was formerly a strong weapon of choice that was hated by pros of the game and still stands with very high DPS but due to nerfing of its damage. It became a bit more of an average gun with rifles slightly outclassing it but still stands as a go-to assault rifle for some


Havoc is one of the best guns in apex legends, although it has been nerfed, it still stands as a easy to use weapon with its big clip size, little to no recoil, good amount of damage and decent hip-firing. An energy weapon that is just a great weapon to use early or mid rounds of the match, if you aren’t a fan of controlling recoil.

Eva 8 

The EVA 8 is an automatic shotgun, it’s not as good as the S tier Mastiff shotgun or the peacekeeper, but it does a good job being a close-range weapon and can destroy armor when you have pinpoint accuracy, and it gets even better with a Double-tap Hop up making it even deadlier in close-quarter fights. 

Triple take 

Triple Take isn’t a bad sniper, and is actually better than the Longbow or Charge Rifle, it hits hard, the fire rate alone is far better and constant with a spread that even with bad aim allows you to even hit the target. It’s versatile at close range compared to others, it’s a favorite among players due to versatility of it. 


L-star is a mediocre energy weapon at best, its majorly outclassed by other energy weapons, it’s not that great of a weapon but it’s not that bad. It serves as a good starter weapon once you just dropped or until you find a better weapon, but it’s not something that is to be prioritized over.  


The longbow isn’t bad, but it’s considered the worst sniper since it has outclassed by other snipers in the game. The damage is pretty low even with all desired attachments compared to other sniper weapons unless you’re hitting headshots with a skull-piercer hop-up with a longbow, it becomes decent but until then, it’s not good, but again, its the playstyle, and there are players that succeed with it.

30-30 Repeater 

The 30-30 repeater isn’t bad, and is actually just the dumb-downed version of the G7 scout, it’s a good gun for starting minutes of the round, but it’s heavily outclassed by most B tier rifle guns which makes it average at best when you really can’t find any better gun. 


The Alternator is a common weapon on drop, and is actually a pretty good mid-tier gun. With nice damage-dealing stats and if paired with a disrupter hop-up, it adds +1 damage making it a gamer changer in beginning rounds of the game. 

Charge Rifle 

The charge rifle isn’t bad…but it can be a burden during intense moments, it never really is picked, it’s a rifle with versatility being majorly limited, it’s not something you go into a battle that is close to mid-range and expect to be zipping around the place, although good far away at times, it’s definitely a weapon that will burden you. 


The RE-45 is a good pistol in the beginning of the match, it’s an automatic pistol which can shred common (white) armor if the user has good aim fast, making a good weapon early on in the game when you just dropped.


P2020 is another dull pistol that you would never pick. A weapon meant for early rounds of the game. It’s a good starting weapon to just kill unharmed enemies or players with the same weapon but has terrible damage just like the Mozambique, it may have decent range accuracy, and good amount of bullets for a trigger-happy player, but the damage is just mad terrible.


Mozambique is probably the worst gun in this game, it has a slower fire rate, slower than the 2020, and Eva. Adding that even if it’s a shotgun variant pistol, it has terrible spread with very low damage. Making it the most hated gun in the game deserving a D-tier rating in the list. 


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