Best Guns in Fortnite Season 6

Season 6 just came out this month and we are all trying to get updated with the new meta, since the Sniper, TAC AR, Heavy AR, Charge shotgun, Tac Shotgun and the Leverage action shotgun are gone from the game.


There are many new weapons this season 6 that are incredibly strong which they call the Mechanical and Primal Weapons from AR, Bow and Shotgun, and also bringing back the Pump shotgun. We will list down the best guns in Fortnite for season 6 down below. 

8. Mechanical Shockwave bow

The Mechanical shockwave is an awesome weapon to have since it deals these shockwaves on impact in a short vicinity. When an enemy player is hiding and building behind walls, you can shoot the wall where the shockwave would pass through around its max vicinity which might hit the enemy player, it’s a nice weapon to have when chasing enemies as well,  as you can fire in advance to where he runs and expect him to run into the shockwave.

7. Rocket Launcher 

The Rocket Launcher is back in Season 6, and even if the lower tiers may not cause much damage, the upgraded variant will shred shielded players, and players without shields. It’s great for long distance combat and effective when distracting an enemy player from building due to the burst damage it has. 

6. Grenade Launcher 

An important weapon to have in your inventory as it just shreds the enemy buildings and causes panic in your enemy as these explosions can be hectic, maybe hard to use at first, but easily capable to learn after a few shots. 

5. Primal Assault Rifle 

The Primal AR has a whooping 225 DPS, with its first shot accuracy and rate of fire, you’ll just send your enemies running away to panic for cover, use up their resources, and end up eventually dying. It’s a perfect gun by itself with the DPS to shred buildings. 

4. Pump Shotgun

Pump Shotguns are the best shotguns, most used and liked every season, for season 6 it is still a great shotgun, although, season 6 has come out with a new shotgun mentioned down below. 

3. Bolt-Action Sniper (Awp) 

The Bolt Sniper is the best sniper in the game so far, dealing 36 damage per shot and something you want to pair with guns like pump and primal shotguns or the scar which serves as good secondary weapons to switch to. 

2. Scar 

The scar is just the best weapon in the game, the rifle you need and want equipped in your loadout as it deals 35 damage per hit for the body alone. They are an essential gun to find to win-end game easily, which they entirely shred the opponents shield and health. Pairing this with a strong shotgun, you have the best loadout for end-game. 

1. Mythic Primal Shotgun 

The Primal Shotgun has got to be one of the best guns in Fortnite right now in season 6, it’s a shotgun created for season 6 release, and it deals a massive 70 damage which can take out an enemy in 3 to 4 hits at point blank. Insanely overpowered and the gun that is the major talk for season 6. 

Best weapon loadouts in Fortnite for season 6

Mythic Primal Shotgun and Scar 

These are possible the best guns combined in 1 loadout, have these 2 guns in your loadout is priority, you will be a strong opponent with big damage output during fights, and with every new weapon season 6, any new weapon is overpowered and this is exactly why you pair the new Mythic shotgun with the Scar. 

Shockwave bow and Bolt Sniper  

Usually when you have a sniper, you’d normally plan to take it slow and focus on battles that depends on distance into account. Having two weapons and your 3rd slot for something close range is common sense. Explosive bow would be good to scare of builders, damage people while they are building and the SMG finishes it off. 

Primal Shotgun and Revolver

If your aim is good, these two guns have a big damage output as revolves deal 50+ damager per shot, and it’s a great combination with a 70-damage dealing shotgun, as long as you hit your shots, you’ll be a beast. 

The new Primal Variants vs the Regular Variants 

Primal vs Pump shotgun 

What’s the best shotgun for your loadout, a big discussion in the community, but let’s be honest, the Primal shotgun is broken, the damage is so big it will just kill your enemy within 3 direct shots.

The reason pros may still use it is because they have the aim control, they got the skills to make regular shotguns work, but Primal shotguns, we miss shots sure, but the shots that hit makes up for it with the insanely added damage for the Primal Shotgun and that’s why you just have to pick the Primal because it benefits during a fight, you hit the shots, you down the enemy quicker with a primal. 

Primal Assault Rifle vs Regular Assault Rifle 

The community has shared their opinions about the new primal weapons including the Primal Assault Rifle, and the reception isn’t good. Okay, sure it shreds through buildings with its DPS, it also has high amount of damage, but it’s continuously inaccurate, it’s a great weapon for close-quarter combat and probably mid-range, but long range, not so much. It’s like a Deagle, big damage, perfect first shot accuracy, beyond that it’s not, and that’s the downside. 


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