Top 10 Best Hammers in Monster Hunter World

best hammer monster hunter world

Hammer is one of the most fun weapons to use in Monster Hunter World.

It is generally easy to use, can deal knock outs here and there, and can deal huge chunk of damage whenever you hit the monster especially on its head.

But there are a few things that you need to remember when using hammer; first is that this weapon needs a lot of timing as opposed to other weapons where you can pretty much hit as often times as you want.

You need to know when is the best time to unleash attacks which will definitely score a good head knock down on the monster.

Another thing to consider is the build.

There are a lot of variations to this weapon’s build as most type of builds can be effective with this weapon, and it is also on a case to case basis and also depend on the weapons that you will use.

So with that, let us tackle about the best hammers in Monster Hunter World and some of the great builds associated with it.

10. Kjarr Hammer Blast

This hammer is great for general use, and is suitable for fast-phase hammer play style.

This is great for those hunters who love to do aerial attacks, as most of the fast combos of hammer can be done mid-air.

The secret behind this weapon and why you should be doing fast combos with this is the blast – the more hits, the more the blast will accumulate and procs!

9. Kjarr Hammer Thunder

Kjarr Hammer Thunder best hammer monster hunter world

Basically the best thunder hammer in the game, and can be used against monsters weak to thunder element like the Nergigante.

We all know that the Nergigante can be exploited by making it trip over and over again by breaking its spikes – add the knock down this weapon can deal can give you very fun and quick hunts against this strong monster.

8. Kjarr Hammer Ice

Kjarr Hammer Ice best hammer monster hunter world

The undisputed best ice hammer in Monster Hunter World to date.

This hammer is best to be used against Arch Tempered Kulve Taroth phase 4. You can ensure good ride with this weapon against Kulve, and deal a ton of damage on its horn.

Kulve have a huge elemental damage multiplier on its horn, and this weapon has crit element too.

Take note that reaching 100% affinity is not very difficult with this hammer, so imagine having the crit element skill proc on every single attack that you do!

7. Kjarr Hammer Water

Kjarr Hammer Water best hammer monster hunter world

If you are really good at hitting the monster’s head, then using this hammer against Behemoth might just save you and your teammates.

Behemoth has a huge elemental damage multiplier on its head, and its head is weak against water! Add the brute stats this weapon possesses which is actually not very difficult to make a build on.

The builds that you can do with this weapon also have a dozen of variations; and you can mix up some survival skills with it without sacrificing too much DPS on your build.

6. Kjarr Hammer Gyre

Kjarr Hammer Gyre best hammer monster hunter world

The best fire hammer in the game. This hammer is capable of shattering any monsters weak to fire, especially the infamous Arch Tempered Kirin. Kirin in general is very weak against stun status ailment, hence using a hammer against it would be a very good idea for fast hunts. Add the crit element skill of this hammer, boost your affinity to 100% which is very easy to reach with hammers in general, and expect pony to be lying on the ground in minutes!

5. Kjarr Hammer Decay

Kjarr Hammer Decay best hammer monster hunter world

The weapon of choice for the average hammer users who would want to show down against the elder dragons. It has an average elderseal that would negate the auras these monsters have, and as a matter of fact, they are extremely vulnerable without it! Get some survival skills with this weapon, make sure to reach that 100% affinity, chunk a life steal augment, and then finally pick your opponent!

4. Kjarr Hammer Numb

Kjarr Hammer Numb best hammer monster hunter world

One of the best hammer on this list is the Kjarr Hammer Numb.

This weapon is an absolute favorite of pros, the average players, and newbies alike.

We are talking about the ultimate lockdown here – multiple paralysis, and multiple knockdowns each run especially when soloing.

Hit wherever you want and proc that paralysis, and while the monster is paralyzed, score a KO on its head – rinse and repeat!

3. Devil’s Crush

Devil’s Crush best hammer monster hunter world

The best DPS-based dragon hammer in the game.

This dragon hammer reigns superior in terms of damage against monsters weak to dragon.

If you are into pure DPS and is exceptionally good at dodging monsters, then this would be a great choice for you.

The only drawback this weapon has is its negative affinity, which if only they didn’t include, then this weapon would be totally broken.

2. Diablos Shatterer II

Diablos Shatterer II best hammer monster hunter world

A great hammer for general use.

It has very huge raw attack power, with a locked ice element.

Hence, with its element locked, you can add Elementless Jewel with it to further boost its raw attack.

What’s great about this weapon is that you can simply buy this from the smithy using Diablos materials.

So, if AT KT has not been so good to you yet, then this hammer would absolutely be the best option for you!

1. Taroth Hammer Sleep

Taroth Hammer Sleep best hammer monster hunter world

The Michael Jordan of hammers in MHW – The G.O.A.T – and the undisputed best.

If the goddess RNG is on your side and you happen to score this hammer, then you can simply forget using all that are listed above.

As mentioned earlier, hammers are not that difficult to make a build on as there can be a huge variations you can choose from.

DPS-wise this hammer is the best.

It has white sharpness, and its element is locked, so you can complement this with an Elementless Jewel. The affinity is not even negative, and it has a single 3 slot! – talking about being broken.

Wear 4 of Behemoth’s armors and Lunastra B chest, get level 3 peak performance, an Elementless Jewel, health augmentation, and reach 100% affinity – you’ll have the current end-game hammer meta build in MHW to date.

It’s not even over yet! Want some fun?

Go unlock the element, put in 3 release jewels by sacrificing some of the skills mentioned above, and you’ll have a one hell of a sleep status ailment hammer build!

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