Top 10 Best Heroes to Climb Overwatch

best heroes to climb overwatch


Overwatch is a team-based online first-person shooter game which was released on May 24, 2016.

The game combines elements from MOBA, FPS and RPG games into a unique gaming experience.

The goal of each game is simple, for a team to win, either to successfully escort a payload or defend control points scattered in each map. Players can select their ‘hero’ from a roster of 30 heroes and counting.

These heroes are further subdivided by their roles such as Support, Offense, Tank, and Defense. Each team needs to be synergized with at least one of each role to have a fighting chance.

However, with so many heroes to choose from, which are the best of the best?

That’s what we’re going to find out here as we rounded down the top 10 best heroes to climb in Overwatch.

10. Moira

moira best heroes to climb overwatch

A support healer, Moira plays an important role in any team.

Her healing abilities depend entirely on how much damage she deals. This is easy for her since her damaging beam is a monster attack, to say the least. When she uses her Biotic Orb, it becomes a great irritant for her enemies.

Lastly, her ultimate allows her to heal her allies and damage the enemies at the same time. Multitasking for the win!

9. Ashe

ashe best heroes to climb overwatch

Ashe is the ruthless leader of the Deadlock Gang who punishes anyone standing in her way.

Her full potential lies in the ability of the player to dominate at long-distance battles using her Viper rifle. She can also send enemies crying if they get too close with her Coach Gun.

The true fun lies when you spot a group of enemies so you can blast them with your Dynamite. Whenever you find yourself in a pinch, summoning B.O.B. which is your ultimate can crackdown on enemies to plan your escape.

8. Genji

genji best heroes to climb overwatch

If you’re a fan of ninjas, then you’ll love playing Genji.

Genji is an assassin so it’s hard to figure out this hero especially for newbies. For Genji to dominate, you’ll need to master his quick mechanics combining them with his abilities for an ultimate slashing of a lifetime.

Get up close and personal with your opponents using Swift Strike. If the enemy is still alive, strike them with some Shuriken Fans as you wait for the optimal strike time.

7. Zenyatta

zenyatta best heroes to climb overwatch

A healer who has mastered the art of calmness, Zenyatta is a strong choice for any team.

Unlike Moira, Zenyatta’s offensive capabilities are far more superior. His Orb of Discord is a punishment for anyone who dares defy the Robot Monk. On the other hand, his Orb of Harmony heals an ally for as long as he is within his line of sight.

Overall, Zenyatta is the one to pick when your team needs a healer without sacrificing much on the offensive end.

6. Ana

ana best heroes to climb overwatch

The ultimate support hero, Ana takes on the roles of a sniper and a healer.

As a sniper and support hero, she is best played at long distances from enemies or near a tank to maximize her potential. Her goal is to heal allies from a distance while sniping enemies off with her Biotic Rifle.

Her other ability, the Sleep Dart is a five-second stun which forces enemy heroes to sleep. Ultimately, Ana excels when the right conditions are met.

5. Reinhardt

reinhardt best heroes to climb overwatch

The ever-badass Reinhardt is considered a tank even among tanks. Reinhardt’s tough shield is a force to reckon with. Not only that, considering his size, he moves well, especially at close-range battles.

Reinhardt’s charge ability can one-hit kill most heroes and enemies wouldn’t even bother trying to get past his indestructible shield most of the time. He is a great choice for a tank since he’s a team player and a great defender.

If all else fails, unleash Reinhardt’s ultimate, the Earthshatter which will annihilate all enemies within range.

4. Zarya

zarya best heroes to climb overwatch

An overall team-player, Zarya is typically the one who carries a team.

What makes her so dangerous is her ultimate, Graviton Surge. This allows her to deal massive damage to enemies who clump together like spaghetti. A truly underrated hero, Zarya is a strong choice for those looking for a balanced hero that can hold her own.

3. Reaper

reaper best heroes to climb overwatch ranked

One of the best overwatch character to master on our list, Reaper is one of a kind.

Sneak attack is Reaper’s middle name thanks to his mobility and teleport ability called the Shadow Step. He prefers to get up close and personal to his opponents dealing them massive damage using his Hellfire Shotguns.

He strives in one vs. one fights so make sure to ditch opponents that are clustered up looking for blood.

2. D.Va

d.va best heroes to climb overwatch rankings

Aside from her unusual name, D.Va is one of the most unique heroes in the game.

A Korean girl in a pink mech spells nothing but trouble to enemies who aren’t familiar with her tactics. D.Va is a tank so she excels in destroying campers or snipers. Overall, she is a great hero who essentially has double lives which you can use to your advantage. 

1. Lucio

lucio best heroes to climb overwatch

Lucio is one of the most popular heroes among Overwatch players because of his abilities and mechanism.

He’s the ultimate support guy of a team running around and keeping his allies active. Lucio should always be on the move so make sure to master his wall-run skills to catch up with allies or when preparing for a sneak attack.

What makes him so good is he can turn around a losing game at the blink of an eye. Provided that the player mastered Lucio perfectly.


That’s our list of the top 10 best heroes to climb Overwatch.

Remember that this list isn’t set in stone as the meta always changes.

Also, this list is meant to be a guide not a limitation for players.

So you can always choose which heroes to master but consider referring to our guide always.  

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