Top 10 Best Horses In Minecraft



Going in an adventure in Minecraft can be a pain in the neck because of transportation.

The player’s avatar can only travel at a constant speed, except when sprinting.

Fortunately, developers saw this problem and soon started adding different modes of transportation inside the game.

One of the easiest transportation modes to use are horses and their variants.

There Are Horses In Minecraft?

If you’re new to Minecraft or an old player who last played the game a long time ago, you might be overwhelmed by the new features added in the game.

Horses were officially added in the game during the 1.6.1 update.

It has been changed throughout the years, with the addition of items such as Horse Armor (diamond, gold, and iron armors) and saddle to revamp the game experience.

As of now, horses can spawn in plains and savanna biomes. You can tame horses using wheat and breed them using golden apples or golden carrots.

Before you can ride a horse or its variants, you need an item called a Saddle, which is not mineable and not craftable in the vanilla Minecraft.

You can only get this item by chests that can be found on dungeons or in abandoned mineshafts.

It can occasionally appear in the chests around the Nether Fortress.

1. Normal Horses

minecraft best horse

The default horses in Minecraft are the ones you’ll usually find in the plains and savanna biomes.

Horses usually spawn in groups with two to six members and are the most common in the Overworld. All horses, tamed or wild, will follow the player when attached by a leash.

Each horse has different speed and health, in which the latter can be improved with a horse armor.

You can feed sugar, wheat, apple, golden carrot, golden apple, and hay bale to replenish the health or to make it friendlier.

However, only golden apples and golden carrots can trigger the “love mode” for breeding.

As of the latest update, there are seven official horse color schemes: White, Dapple Gray, Black, Liver Chestnut, Bay, Flaxen Chestnut, and Buckskin. For markings, five patterns are officially released: regular, blaze, paint, sooty, and spotted.

2. Liver Chestnut Horses

Liver Chestnut minecraft best horses

The Regular Liver Chestnut horse is one of the most common Minecraft horses to be seen in the wild.

Although the spawn rate, health, jump height, and speed of individual horses are randomized, the first horse you’ll see in wild is likely a liver chestnut horse or any of its marking variants.

3. Donkeys

donkey minecraft best horse

Donkeys, just like horses, are mobs which can be used for transportation in the game. These mobs can be found in plains and savannas along with normal horses.

One of the biggest difference between a horse and a donkey is that donkeys only have one color scheme, which is gray.

Just like horses, a saddle is needed to control the movement of a donkey. However, instead of wearing horse armor, the player can put a chest in a donkey’s inventory to allow movable storage.

Donkeys are slower and have a lower jump height, but compensates for additional storage when traveling.

4. Mules

mule minecraft best horse

Mules cannot spawn naturally in the Overworld. To acquire this mob, the player needs to breed a Horse and a Donkey. Instead of a foal, a mule will be born after the breeding stage.

Mules usually get the color of the horse, but it will be slightly shorter and will have longer ears. To ride it, the player must equip it with a saddle. Just like donkeys, mules can carry a chest instead of wearing a horse armor.

Some players breed mules to have the best of both worlds. Mules can be faster than donkeys, but with the same storage utility. If you’re going for a long adventure, getting a mule will help you store more items.

5. Foals (Baby Horses)

Foals Baby Horse minecraft best horse

Foals or Baby Horses are the product of breeding two tamed horses. Although foals can also appear in the wild with other horse groups, they are usually obtained through breeding.

Foals will usually inherit the color of either its parents. However, it has a 1/9 chance of getting a random color. It can have different or similar body markings. After 20 minutes of playing, foals can grow into an adult horse. The time will be shorter if you feed it with wheat.

6. Skeleton Horses

skeleton horse minecraft best horses

Skeleton Horse can only be spawned when a regular horse is struck by lightning. This mob is one of the rarest horses to spawn, and probably one of the rarest mobs in the game.

Unlike regular horses, Skeleton Horses will not drown when submerged under a body of water. Instead, it will sink due to gravity, which can cause drowning for the player onboard.

These mobs will despawn immediately except when the player put a nametag on it. You cannot feed a Skeleton Horse.

7. Upside Down Horses

Upside Down Horses best minecraft horse

Upside Down Horses is a mob which can be acquired by putting a nametag with a “Dinnerbone” or “Grumm” written on it. After putting the nametag in the horse, or any other mob, the game will render it upside down.

The horse will still function like before, you can still use it for transportation (on land and water).

8. Zombie Horses

Zombie Horses best minecraft horse

Zombie Horses have the same build and structure as a regular horse, but it has a dark green texture. Unlike a regular horse, a Zombie Horse cannot be found in the wild. It can only spawn when the player uses the /summon command to spawn one.

This mob is considered “undead”, but will not burn when exposed in the sunlight.

9. Flying Horses (Pegasus)

Flying Horses (Pegasus) minecraft best horse

The Pegasus or the flying horse is probably one of the best horses in Minecraft. However, you can only get one by using a mod.

By using the Flying Horse Add-on, you can put Elytra in the second inventory of the horse (where the horse armor should be). This has been in the Minecraft Suggestion for years, but it’s still never implemented.

10. Command Horses

command horse minecraft best horse

Command Horses are customized horses modified using a Command Block. In this option, your imagination is the limit.

You can spawn a specific horse in Liver Chestnut color with blaze markings or you just a regular horse with maxed speed and health.

Although Command Blocks are not available in Survival, players can enjoy using it for servers and maps.