Best Hud Setup for Fortnite Mobile

building mode hud best hud setup fortnite mobile

Fortnite is up there as one of the most successful games ever. As of the time of this writing, Fortnite has around 250 million registered players. Clearly, It’s now a household name.

Just last year in 2018, Epic Games announced that the beloved game will be coming to mobile. The IOS version came first followed by Android. With that move, it reached a whole new demographic of gamers.

best hud setup fortnite mobile

But mobile gaming is different from consoles. Even though the game is basically the same in either platform, it is harder to play on mobile devices.

This is especially true for shooting games. So, skills and gameplay aside, what separates you from Victory Royale may just be your settings.

That’s why we created this guide. In here we will talk about the best Hud setup for Fortnite mobile. Are you setting yourself up for a victory or not? Find out by reading below.

Two Ways to play Fortnite on mobile

There are two ways to play an FPS mobile game. One is where players use their thumb and the other their claw. For this guide, we’re going to look at the two in order to cover all players playing from a range of devices.

4-Finger Claw Hud Setup – Basically, players who use this setup uses both their 2 thumbs plus their index fingers with the phone on a stand. This is the ideal way to play Fortnite using a mobile device.

6-Finger Claw Hud setup – The 6-finger Claw Hud Setup is a variation of the 4-Finger one. Now aside from the thumbs and index finger, the middle fingers are also used in here. This takes a long time to master but it’s worth it. Obviously, this is the ideal way to play Fortnite on Ipads or tablets to cover a lot of ground.

The claw setup is the best hud layout for Fortnite mobile and iPad/tablet. But If you don’t like using the claw method, there’s also the more traditional way of using only your thumbs.

Organizing Your Fortnite Hud

There are infinite ways to organize your Hud. The most important thing is that it serves its purpose – to make your gameplay as convenient as possible. With that, here’s is the best Fortnite mobile Hud with no claws.

Fortnite is not like any other Battle Royale game. It’s inspired by Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) and Minecraft. That’s why there’s a separate Hud for combat as well as building. Let’s first go to the combat mode.

Here’s how your Hud should look like:

fortnite mobile hud default claw

1. Map

2. Move Character

3. Inventory

4. Select Item from Inventory

5. Reload

6. Build Mode

7. Crouch

8. Scope

9. Jump

10. Push to Talk

11. Emotes

This layout is the only the bare bones. You can further customize the placing and add more buttons to your liking. But this is the recommended base in which you’ll play with.

Although you can add as many extra buttons as you like, keep it simple. You don’t want to overwhelm yourself with buttons that you won’t even use half the time. It is best to focus on the important ones and add 1 or 2 more that you like. 

Build Mode Hud

building mode hud best hud setup fortnite mobile

1. Map

2. Move Character

3. Inventory

4. Select Structure

5. Select Material

6. Go back to Combat Mode

7. Jump

8. Edit Piece

9. Rotate Piece

10. Push to Talk

11. Emotes

Additional Fortnite Mobile Settings Tips

Fortnite mobile allows for a fully personalized gaming experience. From display to controls, you can choose it all. But if you’re just new to the game, we recommend that you follow these settings:

fortnite mobile settings fps resolution

Display – For the display settings, if your smartphone’s specs are a high, then you shouldn’t have any problems no matter what you choose. However, for those that are playing below flagship specs, try things out first and see if it can run the game to your liking.

best Touch sensitivity settings fortnite mobile

Touch Sensitivity – As for the sensitivities, you can choose your own style. Note that the higher the touch sensitivity, the easier it is to move the camera around. But that makes it harder to aim. So, choose what works for you. You can refer to our suggested touch sensitivity settings from the image above as a guide.

best firing mode settings fortnite mobile

Firing Mode – There are 3 shooting options to choose from in Fortnite mobile. Auto Fire, Tap Anywhere and Dedicated Button. The Auto Fire feature is Fortnite recommended as it is the easiest one. As the name suggests, it automatically shoots opponents as soon as it’s caught in your crosshairs. “Tap Anywhere” means you can tap anywhere on the screen to shoot. To fire continuously, just double tap and hold. The last one, “Dedicated Button”, will only allow you to shoot enemies as long as you press the fire button. It is up to you what option you choose but try all of them first to see what fits you.

Final Thoughts

best hud layout fortnite mobile iphone

That’s our guide to the best Hud setup for Fortnite mobile. There are plenty of Hud setups out there claiming to be the best. But what’s truly the best is what works perfectly for you. So, our last tip is to try things out and see what works best for your style and phone.

Do you agree with these setups? Is this something you already know? What would you like to know about Fortnite mobile next? Let us know in the comments below!

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