The 9 Best Mage in Wild Rift to Win Rank


Finding the Best Mage in Wild Rift? The purpose of a Mage is to burst an enemy with their high amounts of Magical Damage. Magical Damage in league of legends is called AP (Ability Power). There are some Mages that can also mix with Attack Damage in their item build but most Mages generally focus on their AP. The reason they are important is simply because of how the game and team line ups work.


Usually only 1 Mage should be present in the team as the other 4 team roles left would revolve around Attack Damage which most of the time makes both teams focus on building their armor rather than Magical Resistance. Mages are also good at Crowd Control Purposes, and other team supportive roles besides Bursting an enemy down with their Magical Damage. Here are the best mages in Wild Rift: 


Ahri is one of the best Mage in Wild Rift now after her transition to the Mobile platform. She maintained her core gameplay mechanics so she didn’t receive any major changes or nerfs. Ahri is a popular champion in league of legends and is known by everyone. She might be hard to use at first since most of her skills are skillshots and require some form of getting comfortable with it. Ahri is a strong opponent in the mid lane and stands as an S tier champion. 


Lux is a mage that alternates between a Mid Laner or a Supportive Role at the Bottom Lane. Lux has great Crowd Control and Damage to deal during combat, her stuns and slows plus her Ultimate during a group fight makes her a strong enemy to fight. Lux ultimate makes a her able to stay far from fights while dealing insane damage, and also to kill fleeing opponents.  


Annie is another Mage that can alternate between as a Mid Laner or a Supportive role due to her stuns and big damage output. Annie is actually quite hard to use for some beginners, although, she is great to practice as her ultimate and stuns makes her a viable champion. Her relevance stands close to Lux having both strong in CC and Burst damage skills during group fights especially her ultimate that spawns a bear.


Ziggs is a strong Mage if played right, he has massive AOE damage which most of his skills focus on and could be the equivalent of Teemo’s Mushroom Bombs. Ziggs stands as an A-tier hero just because his Bomb Mines can do annoyingly massive damage to the enemy making him a champion beneficial in team fights and anti-flanking.


Kennen is one of the best Mage in wild rift, and still stands as an A-tier champion. Kennen is defined as an overpowered champion in the community of Wild Rift. He’s currently a strong mage champion in Wild Rift due to the lack of counter that other champions do to him, plus having the Wild Rift map being smaller than the PC version, Kennen is more versatile and in team fights he’s very beneficial as he packed with CC, AOE, and High amounts of damage all together in a fight, and the fact his movement speed trumps all.


Orianna is another Mage support type of champion that has great Crowd Control abilities, she is known for being an all-arounder with her having high damage, but able to provide support for her team. She is great for team fights, that can stay far from the main fight while still supporting her own team via damage or slows, or bonus shields for your team. Her ultimate makes even greater with the ability to release a ball that produces a shockwave which if enemies are caught will be dragged to the ball, this is beneficial during group fights. 


Seraphine is one of League of Legends newest characters and quite a popular when it was released. Seraphine is a supportive Mage, although she can play Mid Lane. She’s labeled as a Sona 2.0 with her skills being entirely skill shot focused. Seraphine is relatively strong, but the downside is that her skills are easily avoidable making it predictable and she can be countered quite easily due to her squishiness, other than that Seraphine can be a good champion just like any, if played properly. 

Aurelion Sol 

Aurelion sol is around average for the majority but can be really good Mage. Aurelion Sol isn’t meant for new players, and has actually a low play rate due to players not really liking his weird playstyle which makes an overall hard champion to use. Aurelion sol is more of a roaming champion that aims to continuously poke enemies since he isn’t those Champions that could do a one shot, or burst damage an enemy down compared to Lux. Despite that, he’s good, just needs some learning to make him efficient in a real match. 

Twisted Fate 

Twisted Fate is a ranged Mage that revolves around vision and CC skills. He is known for his Ultimate that can teleport nearby enemies, or have full vision of every enemy team for a short while. Twisted Fate has a first skill that has 3 types depending on the “card color”, Red is Bonus damage, Yellow is Stun, and Blue is gaining Mana after hitting the enemy.

Twisted Fate is an average player but can be proven useful for his First and Ultimate skill. There a better options of range mages, or Range champions in general which Leaves Twisted Fate in the middle tiers, although he still stands a great player with unique skills that can stun or chase enemies with high amounts of AP Burst Damage. 

That’s it! 

The Amount of best Mage in Wild Rift League of Legends are still to a minimum amount available and the ones on the PC are still waiting for their time to be implemented into the Mobile version of the game, but either way, these are the best mage in Wild Rift which I hope has helped you in your deciding factor! 

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