Best Minecraft Names: 30 Cool Usernames

best minecraft names
best minecraft names

Finally, after playing with your friend’s account (or a cracked version of the game), you decided to buy your very own copy of Minecraft.

It’s awesome and cool until you realized that you don’t have a good Minecraft name yet.

You want your in-game name to be unique, cool, and easy to remember.

Unfortunately, you’re out of ideas on what to use an ign (In Game Name).

Minecraft has millions of players, which means that there are millions of IGNs already taken.

You might want to use your first name in the game, but there’s a huge chance that its already taken by another player.

In this article, you will learn how to make a noticeable and easy to remember IGN that you can use with your new Minecraft account.

Ways To Create A Minecraft Username

names of a server players list.

1. Steal From Your Other Games

A lot of gamers use the same in-game name that they have in other games with Minecraft.

With this method, your friends from other games can easily find you on other games with multiplayer.

However, there’s a possibility that your in-game name is already taken by another player.

In this case, you can try other methods below.

2. Adjective + Noun

A two-word in-game name is very common in Minecraft, even if the naming system just uses one word.

All you have to do is to capitalize the first letter of the second word to create a statement.

There are a lot of words that sound cool or funny when combined. Use words that sound cool and still make sense when combined; food items work wonders.

Imagine how your friends will feel if they tp towards you by typing “InspiringBagels”, “HeavenlyShears” or “JoblessSalami”.

3. Use Generators

If you’re not in the mood to think of different words, you can use name generators instead.

Name generators are online apps that give random cool-sounding names that players might enjoy.

There are sites like Jimpix which combine words to make in-game names.

You can set the parameter using their drop-down form to customize the result.

This makes the adjective+noun technique easier to do, especially if you run out of words to use.

If you don’t want to use a two-word in-game name, you can always use a one-word name.

There are generators that create words that sound cool or funny in just one click of a button.

Unfortunately, most one-word usernames are usually taken, so good luck finding one that still available.

4. Use Inspiration From Other Popular References

Spice up your Minecraft in-game name by using other popular culture in the mix.

Do you like a certain character from a movie or TV show? You can use names from TV shows, cartoons, movies, and even from other games to create an in-game character. 

What makes this concept even more exciting is the fact that you can wear a skin that is also inspired by the character that you chose. 

5. Borrow From Another Language

You want to use the word “Legendary” as your in-game name, just like what you’ve been doing with your other games.

Unfortunately, the “Legend” name is already taken.

Instead of giving up with the “Legend” username, you can use the version of the word in another language.

Opting for the Japanese version as an example, you can use “Densetsu”.

It has the same meaning as “Legend”, but in another language.

6. Choose From Available Names

Because players can change their names easily, their old names can become available for a short while.

“For a short while” would be an understatement, because there are a lot of players that might want to have the old name, not just you.

To know the list of available names that are up for recycling, check the NameNC link.

30 Examples Of Minecraft Usernames

30. Noctern_Night

29. hugmeimscared

28. DrNyox

27. EnchantedPotato

26. Duckies

25. reorient

24. kawaii_noodles

23. SenzuBeans

22. Nioak

21. Lyox

20. DragonForged

19. Svens_BF

18. WaterSheep

17. Offended_Cauldron

16. Miasmador101

15. functionalcreeper

14. xLxiS

13. Dejected-Potatoes

12. A_Small_Chicken

11. Amnach

10. Finickymelon

9.  Elite_Magikarp

8. SkyblockVillager

7. KiroTheSmoke

6. BucketOfBeetroot

5. TrackerInferno

4. PixelWarrior

3. Herobrine

2. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

1. “Your Favorite Thing” + “Your Other Favorite Thing”

Things That You Shouldn’t Do When Picking Your Name

1. Use A “Password”

Using numbers and letters in the username is accepted in Minecraft.

By incorporating the numbers properly, you can get a cool in-game name that is easy to remember.

However, you don’t really want to use an in-game name that is strong enough to be used as a password.

However, if you’re planning to use something like “3pdfh345545”, that’s gonna be terrible.

2. Use A “Number Only” Username

bad names best minecraft names

If you think that “3pdfh345545” is already hard to read and remember, there are still more terrific in-game names out there.

There are players who use only numbers such as “00110011“ in their usernames. 

Unless you have a photographic memory or have Hyperthymesia, you can’t really appreciate these kinds of usernames.

3. Copying A Username From Famous Players

Back in 2013, one of the most popular Minecraft players was SkyDoesMinecraft.

And back then, there’s a lot of people that use a variation of his in-game name.

If you played in that era, you’ve probably seen a couple of players that used variations of his name.

Using the altered names of famous Minecraft players might not be illegal, but it can surely annoy a lot of players.

How To Check If A Name Is Still Available?

First option is just to try using the name.

You can find a lot of tools online that can check if your username is still available.

One of the most used sites in the community is the NameMC.

In this site, you can check the history of a username and how many times has it been passed along.

This site even features a list of usernames that are available to be recycled.

Another good site is Iaero, which also offers “Nether”, a tool that can guide you back to your home when you’re lost in the Nether.

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