Top 10 Best Minecraft Traps

best minecraft traps

This Article will showcase and teach you 10 useful fun trap concepts to use at your disposal.

The list contains a mix of traps to use against a Player, Mob or both.

Some of these traps are of a one-time use which have to be built entirely again and some can be reset back to normal to reuse again for the next victim.

The traps mentioned are found and referenced from online sources and created by me to share on this Article.

10. Piston Trap

This is a common trap and it would work best on a server with Admin permissions so you can protect the area of the trap from being destroyed.

Without protecting it, this trap will break as the player can break it easily.

It is still a fun little trap to fool unsuspecting players on your server nonetheless.

As you can see in the pictures, mobs can also be caught in the trap and will have no way to escape.

The Trap is simple and only needs Redstone, Stone Pressure Plates, Sticky Pistons, and Wooden Slabs or any object to block the player from jumping away.



Just put Redstone under the block intended for the trap that will also have the pressure plate on top of it as well.

Surround it with Sticky pistons as follows:

9. Bed Trap

This is a simple Bed Trap yet lethal and a messy trap, it requires an Observer, Redstone, and a Bed.

This trap works only at night as you would obviously need someone to sleep on the Bed to activate the TNT to explode and kill the Victim, this simply works as follows:


Keep in mind placing the Observer has to be on the correct sides as shown in the picture.

8. Hole Traps

Hole traps are basic yet amusing.

There are different ways of building one rather than just digging down and waiting for an unsuspecting victim to fall in it.

We will show you one way to go about building a hole trap.

Like adding Cobwebs to it, and covering the surrounding hole with tall grass, Cobwebs are a fun little way to add some slow annoying delay to the victim’s death as they will be stuck in the Cobwebs slowly falling into the pit of death beneath them.

Great way to hide the hole, is adding tall grass in the surface around it to limit the visibility from afar or even near when a player is mindlessly running towards the trap’s direction.

Building it, is self-explanatory as shown below:

7. Sand Floor Trap

You can use this trap to trick curious friends, as they would be questioning what this random button does.

Upon hitting the button, the sand will fall into a hole of Lava.

As you can see in the Photo, the signs are apparently holding the sand in-place to fall any time the signs break, we can use this to our advantage, and use the piston to break the main sign which is placed in the Sandstone block that connects all these signs together ready to break all of them when the piston moves the Sandstone Block.


When placing the Lava, make sure the Lava is a bit deep and not just placed at a 1 block space of area only, as the sand can remove the Lava upon falling onto it, so make the Lava deep enough for the sand to fall through and sink straight to the bottom which is not removing the actual Lava sources.

 6. Railway Trap

Railways are fun in Minecraft, most likely your friend would be trying out your railway system if you had one, or if your friend has a railway system of his own, you can use this fun but fatal unsuspecting trap.

This trap works when the button activates, the continuing blocks will be removed and you will see your friend riding into the pit of Lava to burn while the hole closes back up again like nothing happened.

You will need a Detector Rail, Rails, Power Rails, Redstone, Redstone Torches and Sticky Pistons for this as seen below:

5. Roof Trap

The Falling Roof Trap is where objects from above would fall on you upon activation, for this trap we are using Gravel, though you can use sand, anvils or any object that fall and achieve to kill the player.

We only need Sticky Pistons, Redstone, Redstone torches, Repeaters and a Stone Pressure Plate.

This Trap works best in tunnel mine systems like in the photo, but you can modify it to your liking if you want it in any other ceiling area.

Keep in mind this trap won’t work effectively if torches are placed in the tunnel when using Gravel or Sand, due to torches breaking them upon falling.

It is best to place torches in areas where it wouldn’t affect the falling Gravel & Sand or keep the area unlit which would be better.


The tunnel system and stone pressure plate placement

in front of the tunnel entrance:

The Redstone Works:

On the right-side picture, place the Redstone torch beside the block where the Stone pressure plate is on top of for this to work.

Gravel falling when Trap is Activated:

4. Mining Ore Trap

The Mining Ore Trap is a trap where mining an ore would activate the trap you have built for that ore, there are different kinds of ways for this trap, but I’ll show a plain and easy one for this concept.

You will only need TNT, Redstone torches, and of course a Diamond ore or anything where you would want your friend to mine it upon seeing it.

This trap activates when a Friend, or player mines an Ore with TNT setup behind it causing the TNT to activate upon breaking the Ore block. As shown below:


This concept works when the Diamond Ore breaks, the Redstone torch behind it will break with it, the Redstone torch placed on the block at the top of the first Redstone Torch will light up and ignite the connecting TNT.

Great trap isn’t it?

No Diamonds for your friend.

3. Floor Trap

This trap works best in tunnel systems where you would expect a player to run through the tunnel.

For this trap, you will need Sticky Pistons, Redstone, and a Stone Pressure Plate for this to work.

You can place this trap in Mining tunnels, cave systems or anywhere that you could easily blend the pressure plate and where someone would walk towards to.


I have built it on the surface to make it clearer to follow, this trap would work best in enclosed spaces where the victim has only one way to go to the other end.

2. Lava Floor Trap

This trap is good to kill your friends when they snoop around your chest.

As you can make the Lava come out of the floor to protect your items from getting stolen while burning your nosy friends.

You would need a Room, Carpets, Redstone, Redstone torches, Dispensers and Lava Bucket.


All you have to do now is place the Lava buckets in the traps and cover the dispensers with a carpet.

You can also put more dispensers but have to modify the build to work with the amount of dispensers you want..

1. Water Elevator Trap

If you aren’t really familiar with making Water Elevators in Minecraft, this is how, with the added trap of course.

We can use this concept to make a simple yet devious trap for players that would be tricked into thinking it’s an elevator.

How this works is using Soul Sand to create air pressure in the water to lift you up, this how you would go about in making a Water Elevator, but at the top we can place Lava at the end to fatally kill the player and there will be no escape or turning back once the player realizes it is a trap with Lava at the top


If you have placed water and the Soul Sand isn’t creating any air pressure, keep in mind that you’ll need to first place Kelp to the highest point inside the water tower before placing Soul Sand in the beginning floor of the Water Tower.

You can’t place Kelp in Soul Sand so you must prep the water as follows before placing Soul Sand:

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