11 Best Places to Land in Fortnite


A landing spot is the most important part of your plan to consider in Fortnite Battle Royale simply because of the available loot spawns, rarity of chests spawning more, how safe it is, how easy it is to rotate and more. There are tons of best places to land in Fortnite, but it also depends on your playstyle, are you playing aggressively, safely, or just in-between? In this guide we will show you the locations for the best places to land in Fortnite.


Factors for the Best places to land in Fortnite  

  • Your tactical Goal – Is it to kill or play safe and win? Battle royale games have two main tactics, to be an aggressor and to be a safe player that kills if necessary which the ideal location depends on the goal decided. 
  • Availability of Loot and Materials – If you’re player who wants to get into the action, get loot by killing, or drop in an area with a high rate of chests spawns with an unlimited access to a field for gathering building materials then dropping in crowded areas like Pleasant Park, Tilted Towers and so on would be ideal.  
  • Distance from Storm/Circle – Some players like to play it safe and be far from the storm, and near the safe borders of the circle, which limits the hassle of running away from the storm, but further from the circle the lesser plays you might encounter as well, which makes looting or coming across an enemy a lesser chance to happen. 
  • Potential fights to happen – If you drop in a popular spot, check the surrounding area if there are many players or less which determines how many gunfights will happen. If you drop in less populated areas, you’ll avoid the risk of fighting for your life. Again, it depends on playstyle, whether to kill a lot, or play it safe. 

Fortnite best places to land

Dirty Docks – Dirty Docks has plenty amount of loot, fair amount of chest, and plenty of resources to gather in surrounding buildings, the only downside is rotating to other nearby locations could be tricky as its limited with a lot of terrain, but during firefights at landing, there is plenty of cover and random spawned chest to find. 

Greasy Grove – It was a popular drop spot, and still is now, although with other places coming to light and anew, the place is less competitive but still holds key strategic plays you could rotate to as the neighboring areas like Shifty shafts or Tilted Towers would be nearby. 

Factory v2 – Could considerably be the best place for a solo player that may be new to the game. It’s easy to navigate with four different mini factories in the area that have a few chests in them, there’s also places in the area like trucks that contain more chests.  

Retail Row – It’s an alright location, it’s around in the center of the map, which you’ll be far from the storm, it’s a competitive area due to the availability of resources and building materials, there are less obstructions and purely focused on ground based gunfights, so if that fits your playstyle, it’s a great location. 

Pleasant Park – Pleasant Park is a popular drop spot, it can be good or bad, but due to the loot and amount of chest you could find around with plenty of available resources to go gather plus with 2 NPCS available in the area makes it a good drop out. Although, its a competitive spot which is a downside if you don’t want action early on. 

Tilted Towers – Tilted Towers is a very populated drop spot in Fortnite, expecting a fight to happen or landing next to an enemy is common, but it has the best places to find items, shields and other valuable loot. If you think you’re confident, then it’s alright as the strategic placement of Tilted Towers is also neighboring important locations for more quick rotations for more loot. 

Salty Springs – Salty Springs is also a location around the center of the map, which remains a competitive location for storm safety and availability to loot. Which has a stair access to an underground bunker which you have to find.

Hunters Haven – Hunter’s Haven is a great place for aggressive players due to the rotations, it neighbors Lazy lake and it’s near the center so being in the zone of the circle is less effort. The place has houses to land on the roof with an open access to the rooms which by chance can get a chest spawn on drop. 

Slurpy Swamp – Slurpy Swamp is a great place with over 15+ chest, but has a wide access to loot and building materials enough to get you ready for end game, although it can be heavily contested, it still holds a value for dropping. 

Stealthy Strongholds – Most players that drop here are surprisingly bad, they are also plenty of obstacles, and angles where you can take advantage of in killing or stalking your enemies. There is a lot of building materials enough for end game which makes it a great place.

Weather Station – Weather Station is an awesome strategic place, although limited in loot, it’s on a mountain where you have the luxury for information gathering, which you can rotate to a safer place or hunt weaker opponents. It’s also a place good for farming metal a lot of it for end-game fighting. 

There are plenty of best places to land in Fortnite but in the end, as long as the location serves the 4 key factors, then it’s a great a place. If you can get a slight advantage over your enemy, you’re good to go. 

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