Best PUBG Mobile Settings for Sensitivity & Increased FPS

Best PUBG Mobile Settings

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Best PUBG Mobile Settings

Best PUBG Mobile Settings For Max FPS & See Enemies

First off you should change crosshair color from white to either green or yellow since those colors are what most stands out in-game.

A preference thing is changing the the shooting mode from tap to release, it takes a while to get used to but can make you fire a tiny bit faster since you don’t have to press a button to shoot.

Essential thing that will give you an advantage is to enable peek & fire, so you can lean right or left. Super useful around corner or behind a wall just so you don’t expose your whole body only the upper part. Just so you can get an good angle on the enemy.

pubg mobile lean & fire option

PUBG Mobile Setting basic

Gyroscope is so you can move your phone and it will rotate the camera angle for you, it’s good to have but annoying for a long gaming session. But enable if you like it.

Auto-open doors can be bad since they will open if you get to close a door and don’t want it to open but on the otherside you can rush into a house faster with it on, just remember to close the doors after you.

PUBG Mobile Setting fov

If you play first person it’s useful to increase the 1st person perspective camera view to increase the field of view so you can see more around you.

Choose Smooth & Extreme preset for maximum frame rate

This one is very important.

If you just wan’t maximum performance and frames per second turn down graphics to smooth which disables shadows, reduces the graphics and after that the extreme option will show up under frame rate and choose that one.

That will give you nice 60 FPS but it may make your phone hot and drain the battery faster.

PUBG Mobile Setting style effects settings

For style preset the classic is to bland if you wan’t to have maximum advantage, the colorful preset will increase the saturation of the colors and everything will pop out more so it makes it easier to spot the enemies.

Same with brightness turn up that from 100% to 100% which will make everything super bright and will make it easier to spot enemies in the dark areas.

Leave non-standard as normal unless you have a phone that has a notch on your screen then choose notched that will compensate for that.

You can turn off auto-adjust graphics if you don’t want it to never change your graphic settings.

For controls the default is fine, you might want to try the floating button option number two, that way you can aim around and easily shoot wherever your thumb are on the screen. Makes it easier than having the need to press a button  versus pressing anywhere on screen.

Also if you don’t like the default layout you can customize it fully to your liking, this is completely preference so if you don’t like how it is change it up to fit your play-style.

For example move around the aim button and shoot buttons so it fits your hand placement perfectly.

Here is one example you can get inspiration from:

pubg mobile custom layout

PUBG Mobile Setting vehicle

The default vehicle layout are perfectly fine if you don’t like it you can change to the single joystick option, the 3rd option split joystick is really hard to use I wouldn’t use that one.

Also important if you are using whether you are using a headset or speakers the sound is super important, so you can disable the music in the vehicles. I like to keep it on sometimes just for fun.

PUBG Mobile Setting sensitivity 2

The sensitivity is super personal, first of all the default preset is fine. Play a couple of games and if you feel something if to slow to move around then turn that option up a bit and try again until you find your perfect sensitivity.

I like to keep 3rd person camera up a little from the default 100% I use 146% because I find moving my thumbs to much and I like to spin around much faster.

Here is trial and error again just go to playground or aiming grounds and aim with weapons scoped and adjust accordingly to your taste.

Auto-pick up is a must especially when you’re in a hurry, you might wan’t to up the limit of your favorite weapon ammo. 

Remember to move around a tiny bit while looting so nobody gets a sniping shot on you standing still.

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Conclusion of Best PUBG Mobile Settings

Pubg mobile has a tons of different options to go from, most are preference based like sensitivity but graphics it’s strongly recommended to go for maximum frame rates since that can give you an advantage and use the colorful preset.

If you’r phone is still struggling you can try out the pubg mobile lite for Android which uses less ram and is more performance optimized

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  1. I’m getting heavy recoil for all guns,please suggest me best settings either sensitive or any other which I don’t know.my mobile is Samsung A8+..is there any best apps for keeping game without lag

    1. Ok bro I am going to tell about sensitivity

      Perfect sensitivity varies from person to person (i.e your can be different than mine)
      To find your perfect sensitivity go to settings>sensitivity
      In sensitivity , Find option ADS in it and just above ADS there will be camera option

      Then you have just go to training ground and use different sensitivity , and choose from which
      You can control gun recoil

      I will suggest Akm to practice with
      Another tip is higher ADS better recoil control ( but don’t put it very high because it will not balance with recoil and aim down and your aim will go up and down continually without actually shooting target )
      At last happy gaming

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