Top 10 Best Surf Maps CS:GO

best surf maps cs go

When someone thinks of Counter-Strike, surfing wouldn’t probably come to mind.

But for fans of the game, it’s become part of the culture now.

For the uninitiated, surf maps challenge players to traverse combinations of ramps and obstacles while gliding and jumping in them. The physics here is a bit different to give players as smoother gameplay.

For beginners, it would take time to get the hang of surfing since surfing is unique to CS:GO.

But for those looking for the best maps to surf, you’ve come to the right place.

Whether you’re a beginner or a die-hard CS:GO surfer, you’ll surely love our list of the 10 best surf maps in CS:GO.

Have fun surfing out there!

10. Classics2

classics2 best surf maps cs go

The Classics2 surf map is packed full of content that you’ll surely enjoy.

The map consists of 9 stages of a variety of obstacles and environment.

There’s a different theme for each stage which makes it such a unique experience for anyone looking for something challenging.

9. Surf_Kitsune

surf_kitsune best surf maps cs go

If you’re into neon lights and cool gameplay, then this surf map is your best bet!

What makes Surf_Kitsune stand out from the rest is the elegant design and planning that went on to create this map.

As you progress from a stage, the color changes which just adds to the overall experience.

Generally, Surf_Kisune is a great map for those looking to improve their fundamentals on surfing as well as learn some advance techniques which is possible thanks to the crazy design and obstacles.

8. Surf_Beginner

8. surf_beginner best surf maps cs go

As you can probably guess from the map name alone, this one’s for newbies.

If you’re new to surfing, this is one of the best maps to learn the basics such as maintaining speed, jumping from one ramp to another, and a combination of those techniques.

After you beat a few stages, the map becomes a little more difficult to test what you have learned so far.

Overall, if you’re looking for a solid map to just try surfing, you don’t want to miss this map.

7. Surf_Rookie

Another popular surf map, Surf_Rookie is great for beginners.

In this map, you’ll start with a simple ramp then it will gradually get harder as you go on.

Like the map on number 8, Surf_Rookie is a great map to test learn the basics.

The only difference is that this map is slightly advanced for beginners but if you get the hang of it, it gives you a great learning curve.

6. Surf_Mesa

surf mesa best surf maps cs go

One of the best maps to test out your skills, Surf_Mesa is an incredible map.

Surf_Mesa is a type of surf map which is called “linear” because it consists of only one long stage.

This types of surf maps are very hard especially for beginners because if you mess up, you’ll start again at the beginning.

Overall, the design is great, unique and there are a lot of hard and easy parts scattered throughout the map.

5. Surf_Utopia

5.  Surf_Utopia best surf maps cs go

Another linear map, Surf_Utopia is one well-made surf map for the ages.

With such an aesthetic and clean design, this map is one of the most popular surf maps out there.

The maps are very smooth which is ideal for beginners that wants to try their skills at linear maps.

The Surf_Utopia map is a fun and interactive surf map that you’ll surely enjoy even if you’re not a beginner surfer.

4. Surf Greatriver 2015

4. Surf Greatriver 2015 best surf maps cs go

Probably one of the best-looking surf maps out there, the Surf Greatriver 2015 map is a masterpiece.

Surf_Greatriver 2015 is a redesign of the original map by the same name.

The map’s setting is futuristic with lots of bodies of water.

The map is filled with ports, secret locations and a whole set of challenges waiting for the brave.

If you’re looking for a fun and an aesthetically pleasing surf map, then go and play on this now!

3. Surf_Ski_2_GO

3. Surf_Ski_2_GO best surf maps cs go

For someone looking for a popular and challenging map, this one’s for you.

The Surf_Ski_2_GO was created in 2013 and it currently has 213,000 active subscribers which is amazing.

What makes this map so popular is because it’s really a good surf map with a balanced combination of hinges, big height, unreal angles, slopes, and a dose of adrenaline to keep you excited all throughout.

2. Surf_egypt2

2. Surf_egypt2 best surf maps cs go

The inventor of surfing itself, Mariowned’s latest creation is the surf_egypt 2 map.

Believe it or not, Mariowned is still creating surf maps to this day and his latest masterpiece will blow your mind.

The amount of detail and dedication into making this map is clear as day as the map is one of the most popular surfing maps on Steam currently.

This map will test your patience, wits, and determination to become the best ever surfer in CS:GO.

1. Surf Master

1. Surf Master best surf maps cs go

At the top of our list, we have a surfing map that has over 2,800 recommendations and half a million subscribers.

The Surf Master is an excellent starting point for beginners looking to ramp up their surfing skills.

The clean and sleek design plus the challenging slopes and unreal angles makes it such a demanding yet entertaining experience.

Whether you’re a newbie in the surfing arena or a veteran looking to prove to the world that you’re a surf master, then this map’s all yours.


That has been our list of the 10 best surf maps in CS:GO.

When it comes to surf maps, the experience is only as good as the entertainment aspect itself.

There’s no use to playing a map that’s hard only for the sake of being hard.

That’s why if you ever want to polish your surfing skills, feel free to refer to our top-tier list of surfing maps.

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