Top 10 Best Switch Axes in Monster Hunter World

best switch axe monster hunter world

The Monster Hunter series is one of the most difficult game ever created.

It is so difficult that you would certainly need a team to beat the game, hence, very few hunters could actually beat the game all by themselves.

We are talking about 0.01% or less of the entire player population who were able to finish an entire Monster Hunter franchise all by themselves starting from the beginning until the hunter clears every single quest the game has to offer.

The latest in the Monster Hunter series is the Monster Hunter World, and to compensate for the game’s insane difficulty, Capcom created a “Save Our Souls” system famously known as ‘SOS flare’ so casual players could enjoy the game by asking a hand from other players all over the world to help them with their quests.

The difficulty of the game usually lies within the monsters itself.

They are usually vicious and as tough as how monsters would act in the real world.

But actually the difficulty of the monsters is just half the issue, as choosing the best weapon and builds is just as tough.

So in this article, we will be talking about the best switch axes in the game, so if you happen to like this weapon, you will know which switch axes you will eye on in your journey with this game.

10. Taroth Axe Sleep

Taroth Axe Sleep is a great switch axe that you can use if you love to inflict status ailment against monsters.

Sleep may not be that great for a switch axe since the weapon does not have a brute one hit attack move like the Greatsword does, but with a 360 sleep ailment value, what can you still ask?

The only downside is that this weapon has a locked sleep element, but when unlocked, will surely ensure multiple sleep status ailments to your target during the run.

This axe also has 665 raw attack power which is very decent for a switch axe, and with a power phial.

9. Kjarr Axe Bomber

Switch axes are designed to do exploding attacks against monsters, and this exploding instances can be complimented further if your weapon has a blast element in it.

This Axe has 665 raw attack, and is great with 270 blast attack and with a bonus of 10% affinity.

But what makes this switch axe really strong is the fact that it has Power Elemental Phial, meaning, it boosts elemental damage which in this case blast element.

8. Kjarr Axe Paralysis

Kjarr Axe paralysis  best switch axe monster hunter world

This switch axe is without a doubt the best in the lineup of status ailment switch axes.

While the sleep version mentioned above can grant you some uptime for rebuffing while the monster is asleep, this switch axe will grant you more free hits as you deal paralysis to your target multiple times per run.

This switch axe is insanely effective when you are doing a solo run since most of the monsters have lower status ailment resistance when being dealt alone.

The Kjarr Axe Paralysis also has 700 raw attack damage, which will ensure brute damage even if you are hunting alone – and this is on top of doing a lot of free hits when you get to hit a paralyze threshold against the monster you are fighting!

7. Empress Axe “Ruin”

Empress Axe “Ruin” best switch axe monster hunter world

Another blast switch axe on this top 10 list, but this time it’s more of a survival build.

The blast attack of this weapon is actually not that much, but this weapon’s purpose is not to inflict blast attacks, but to actually do raw attacks and at the same time keep you alive.

Yes, this weapon is equipped with hasten recovery, and this will enable you to lifesteal back some of the damage you inflict to the monster.

The lifesteal skill is based on chances, meaning you don’t get to lifesteal a percentage back with every hit – but it’s a lot when it procs! And to compliment this weapon’s hasten recovery skill, you can also augment this weapon with lifesteal itself – this time you will get a percentage of your damage as HP 100% of the time, and not anymore by chance.

So with the augment’s lifesteal plus the RNG lifesteal from hasten recovery, how do you like fighting a monster without the need to dodge?

6. Kjarr Axe King

Kjarr Axe King best switch axe monster hunter world

The strongest fire element switch axe, and this axe is great when fighting monsters weak to fire.

The weapon has 665 raw attack with 20% bonus affinity.

The weapon has 300 fire elemental attack fully unlocked, and is boosted with Power Elemental Phial. This weapon also has one single slot with blue sharpness.

5. Kjarr Axe Decay

Kjarr Axe decay best switch axe monster hunter world

Kjarr Axe Decay on the other hand is one of the best dragon switch axe that you can get.

This may not be the best in terms of the DPS, but if you want a mix survival and DPS build which is still highly effective in terms of inflicting damage to a monster weak to dragon, then this switch axe would be your best bet.

4. Kjarr Axe Stream

Kjarr Axe Stream best switch axe monster hunter world

Specifically effective against phase 4 Arch Tempered Kulve Taroth.

Since you will likely spend hundreds of hours hunting Arch Tempered Kulve Taroth, investing armor parts for this switch axe when you get to score one would be highly recommended.

This axe will ensure high Ice attack damage to ATKT’s horn, thanks to its high ice elemental attack that is being boosted by its power element phial.

3. Kjarr Axe Thunder

Kjarr Axe Thunder best switch axe monster hunter world

The best thunder switch axe in the game to date. It has 596 raw attack damage with a bonus of 15% affinity.

The weapon has 330 thunder attack value, which is again being boosted by power element phial.

What’s great about this switch axe is that by default it has white sharpness, so if you combine this with 4 pieces of Behemoth armor parts and an armor piece that grants affinity or attack power, then you’ll get an end-game thunder switch axe build at hand.

2. Kjarr Axe Water

Kjarr Axe water best monster hunter world switch axes

The best water switch axe and an absolute Behemoth killer.

This switch axe has 665 raw attack power with oozing 15% affinity bonus. This axe has 360 water element as opposed to other kjarr switch axes that have 330 only.

And of course, you will still get the power element phial skill which is exclusive for the kjarr weapons. A weapon that even the Behemoth would fear.

1. Terror Tyrannos

Terror Tyrannos best switch axe monster hunter world

The best all-around switch axe is the Terror Tyrannos.

This switch axe surprisingly can only be bought from the NPC, meaning you’ll never need to hope for ATKT to give you the great switch axes mentioned above just to get this.

This switch axe has 770 raw attack damage, hence it can be used literally against any monsters.

The element of this switch axe is dragon at a low 180 value, but its high raw attack value could compensate for it all.

The major downside of this beast is its -25% affinity value, which will require you to build on mostly affinity – making you sacrifice survival type of skills to make the most of this weapon.

So if you’re not confident enough with your dodging, then might as well skip this weapon for now.

But if you’re confident enough, then this weapon will ensure you the quickest hunts possible!

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