Top 10 Best Tips and Tricks in Brawl Stars

Mastering Your Brawlers best brawl stars tips and tricks

Are you tired of sucking at Brawl Stars?

Well, you’ve come to the right place! Before anything, let us just say that you are not the only one who has this problem. Thousands of new players download the game without any idea what they are doing.

We can’t blame them. Brawl Stars may look like a fun game with easy controls at first, but once you get past that newbie stage, it becomes more complicated.

There’s complex mechanics involved such as aim, movement, and tactics. Whoever said that this game is for kids CLEARLY is a kid when it comes to this game.

But don’t be discouraged. We’re here to help players like you, whether you are a newbie or a veteran, there’s a lot of tips you can surely pick up here.

Ready your notes and get your game face on, it’s time to know the top 10 best tips and tricks in Brawl Stars!

10. Saving Resources Wisely

Saving resources wisely brawl stars tips

We know that this is probably a no-nonsense by now but we’re saying it anyway: save your coins and gems. We are giving this as a tip because it’s quite surprising to know how many players just buy brawl boxes left and right without thinking.

If you’re a pay to win player, this won’t matter. But for free to play players, this is a big deal. Coins are hard to come by since you are only given so much after every win, so it is wise to save them for brawler upgrades.

9. Spreading Resources Equally

Spreading resources equally best brawl stars tips

In connection with the previous tip, it is smart to level up your brawlers equally.

Power levels determine the attack damage and health of your brawlers so it’s a good investment to level all your brawlers equally.

Why is this so important? Isn’t it better if I level up my favorite brawler first so I can rank faster in Brawl Stars? Well, the answer is yes and no.

Yes, you must level up your favorite brawlers to be able to get more trophies. And no, because if you let your favorite brawlers get too much of power up lead over the others, it will be difficult later.

Be wise and as much as possible, distribute your coins equally. Think of your brawlers as future investments. You wouldn’t want your other brawlers to stay weak, right?

8. Having a Gem Carrier

gem carrier best brawl stars tips

Brawlers like Pam, Poco, Penny, and Mortis are great gem carriers. Gem carriers are the ones who will collect the gems in Gem Grab so other players can attack and defend as they wish.

It’s a rookie mistake to just let anyone collect gems, especially in the high-level game plays. It’s also a risk to have one brawler carry all the gems as they could get killed and that’s game over. But that’s the role of gem carriers. They are supposed to control the crystal mine and collect the gems. 

7. Hiding for an Ambush

Hiding for an ambush best brawl stars tips

As much as possible, try to take advantage of the bushes and walls. You don’t always have to blindly attack. Sometimes, it’s much better to just hide and ambush enemy brawlers.

But this strategy is not meant to be used all the time. For gem grab, your team should control the center, so always hiding will not do that. But for other game modes and maps, when used effectively, your enemies will never know what’s coming for them!

6. Aiming Your Shots

Aiming your shots brawl stars tips

It should be common sense by now that auto-aiming is for newbies only. Relying on auto-aim is like being blind, you are shooting at nothing. No one is to blame because when enemy brawlers are close, we sometimes panic and just click auto-aim hoping for the best.

But the manual aim should be used as much as possible especially at long-distance fights. That isn’t to say that auto-aim is completely useless. In fact, when you are close to enemy brawlers, use auto-aim.

5. Having Field Awareness

field awareness brawl stars tips

Another thing that is such an important tip and the ones that most people forget is to have field awareness.

What this essentially means is to know what is going on around you. Being aware of the enemy’s position and the situation is what determines the game.

It’s easy to get all caught up in your own little showdown with another brawler, leaving your teammates to die collecting gems.

Apply this tip by always looking at your teammates and enemy positions and checking the gem count always. For other game modes, it’s important to know which brawlers are still alive and have a plan of action based on this.

4. Picking the Right Brawler

choose the right brawler brawl stars tip

In conjunction with tip number eight, there’s something called team composition.

Ideally, for 3v3 modes, there should be a gem carrier, a damage dealer and a support. Each brawler is under one of these roles.

For gem carriers, look up tip number eight. Examples of damage dealers are Barley, Dynamike, Spike, and Primo. Support brawlers are usually those that can heal, turret carrier, and the long-range brawlers. Examples of these are Poco, Jessie, and Brock respectively.

To help you more on choosing the right brawler, check out our list of the top 10 best brawlers in Brawl Stars.

3. Playing with Friends

Playing with friends brawl stars tips

Ever wondered how the pros dominate the world rankings? Are they all pay to win players? What is their secret?

They all have something in common – they play with groups. Rarely will one see them playing with random people since that is a recipe for disaster!

We know we can’t always team up with our trusty friends, so we have no choice but go with random people. One thing we can do is join active clubs.

Another tip is when you play with random people, try to add those who played well. That way you will have a list of people you can play with that do not always pick Primo which always jumps to enemy bases essentially giving out the game.

2. Predicting Enemy Movement

Predicting enemy movement brawl stars tip

Who else panics when Leon uses his invisibility Super? Well, not if you knew about this technique!

If you haven’t already done this, in a nutshell, you will be awakening your ultra-instinct. Do this by aiming your shot in advance to where you think they would go. It doesn’t have to be 100% accurate all the time.

But once you get the hang of this technique, you will be surprised at how most players have the same patterns to their movement. Take advantage of this.

You can also apply this when dodging shots. Try to move awkwardly. Throw in some faint movements by going left to right suddenly.

1. Mastering Your Brawlers

Mastering Your Brawlers best brawl stars tips and tricks

There is really no substitute for being good than mastering the game.

What this means is that by mastering every brawler, you will have more chance of being a better player at this game. In order to rank faster, it’s important to know which brawlers are good at certain game modes and maps. This can only be done through practice.

Knowing the mechanics of each brawler will give you an advantage not just in attack but also in countering. For instance, the farther Piper shoots, the higher the damage.

Here are the advantages of mastering your brawlers:

    Know the delay time of each brawler’s shot so you can time your movements.

    Use enemy brawler’s weakness to your advantage.

Ex. Splash damage brawlers like Dynamike are weak against Mortis or Primo (close-range).

    Knowing exactly the intention and roles of brawlers can expose your enemies to danger.

Ex. Pam is a gem carrier; therefore, it is wise to get rid of her as much as possible.


That’s has been our top 10 best tips and tricks in Brawl Stars. Now go and apply these tips and let us know if this worked for you by commenting below!

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