Best Ways to Find Diamonds in Minecraft

Finding Diamonds in Minecraft can be a chore, they are rare just like in real life, and as a new player, coming across diamonds can be hard at the start but there are useful ways to know how we can find diamonds just a little bit easier using simple rules and techniques to mine our way into a chunk of Diamonds.  We will show you the Best Ways to Find Diamonds in Minecraft

How Diamond Spawns 

What Y-Level do Diamonds Spawn? 

Diamonds can be found anywhere below Y-Level 16, but the common spawn spots are either Y8, Y9, Y10, Y11, or Y12. They are abundant in these Levels but far from each other, focusing on mining at these Levels will likely have a higher chance in coming across Diamonds.

In order to make this efficient, we can mine around Y9, Y10, Y11 since it’s in the middle of the appropriate Y-Levels. We can see both up and bottom levels if we ever struck diamond. The worst thing is digging past a Diamond that is only 1 block away without knowing but mining at the said levels will avoid this problem.

F3 on Windows or Fn + F3 on Mac to see Level coordinates

This brings up a detailed informational overview about the game, including your coordinates of your locations. With this, we can see the Y-Level coordinates in the X/Y/Z on the left, which is how you’d find the appropriate level for Diamonds on the Y Coordinate. 

How many Diamonds can spawn per chunk? 

The game makes only 1 attempt to spawn around 1 to 10 Diamonds Ores per chunk. Allowing up to 10 Diamonds in a single chunk to spawn, but very rare, usually the common number of Diamonds you will find per chunk is 2 to 5 Diamonds. 

Common Diamond Spawns 

Lava Lakes

They are common around underground Lava Lakes, whether its besides, on top, or underneath the lava. It’s not an official spawn rule by the game but based on player observation with how Lava and Diamonds Generate, they generate around the same Levels together.


Not only Coal or Iron are common in caves, but Diamonds can be as well, when a cave is huge and it’s at the recommended Y-Level of Diamonds, they are easily spotted in wall and floor surfaces or a block away from it.

Caves also lead to Mineshafts, and Ravines which are also great exploration areas for Diamonds at the recommended Y-Levels. 

We call this Cave Mining, and Diamonds are not entirely rare or common to generate in Cave surfaces so it’s a possibility which you should keep an eye out. 

Spawned Chest

These are chests naturally spawned in areas like Dungeons, Mineshafts, and Strongholds. Not something you’ll commonly come across with but a reminder that checking chests is a good habit as Diamonds do spawn in them. 

Other places where naturally spawned chest will be located in: 

  • Villages 
  • Nether Fortress 
  • Temples 
  • Minecarts 
  • Buried Chests 
  • Woodland mansion 

Mining Methods 

Branch Mining

Branch mining is an efficient way to find diamonds, which is proven by the Minecraft community. It involves mining in big tunnels like a 4×4 area which you dig in a long line until satisfied, then you branch off in many different areas from left or right without any order to the tunnel layouts but this may vary to the player.

You can also mine in a 6×6 or 8×8 layout depending on how big the space you want the tunnel to be, it requires more time mining it out though, as you mine in a bigger space but it will more or less get the job done in getting a Diamond, and whatever other ores that are in the way. 

Strip Mining

Strip mining is a time-efficient style, a lazy way of Mining as you dig in a straight long 2 block-high tunnel, just about the players height. After finishing with the first tunnel, you leave 1 or 2 blocks apart for the next tunnel you’ll dig out as shown in the image, a repeatable fast-paced task. 

You can separate per tunnel by 2 blocks apart as you can see the ore anyway in the next tunnel for each side.  

Quarry Mining

As we all know; Quarry Mining is where you dig a gigantic hole in the ground as deep as possible. It not really efficient and its definitely time consuming, but it’s a sure way of finding a Diamond, if ever there was one in the area you were digging. Besides finding diamonds, getting out other smaller benefits like possible Iron, and Gold is a win in that case. 

It’s Interesting sometimes to dig up a chunk-size hole on the ground for Diamonds, it may or may not work, but for sure, you’ll be getting whatever was spawned in the area you were mining.

Another useful way you can implement this method is by starting to make the Quarry mine at the level lower than Y8, since diamonds are found in Y8, Y9, Y10, Y11 or Y12. Starting your quarry operation at a level of Y6 could be a smarter and time-efficient way. 

Mining Diamond Tips 

Using a Fortune Pickaxe 

If you ever get to find Diamonds, you can mine them using a Fortune Pickaxe. If you ever have it or want to wait for it. An Enchanted Pickaxe with Fortune enchantment will give you 2x the amount of what you get from mining a single Diamond. Instead of 1 Diamond per Diamond Block, you get 2. 

Dig the Stone around the Diamonds 

Dig the Stones around the Diamonds first, especially if the Diamonds are plenty as they can spawn around Lava. A reminder to potentially keep your Diamonds safe and not burn into nothing. 


Now you know how to get Diamonds, and the useful ways we can efficiently find it. There are more technical complex methods out there, but for now, knowing the basics is important. Happy Mining. 

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