Top 8 Best Ways To Get XPs In Minecraft

best ways to get xp minecraft

Experience orbs simple “XPs” is one of the important game mechanics of Minecraft.

The player can get a lot of benefits from accumulating XPs while playing the game.

Depending on your strategy, you can get a lot of experience orbs which you can use to improve your weapons and further progress in the game.

Where Can Use XP In Minecraft?

For Enchantments:

Minecraft allows players to enchant weapons using two methods. One of these methods is via the Enchanted Table.

The Enchanted Table requires experience and Lapis Lazuli to enchant items.

If you want to get better enchantments, you need to place bookshelves around the table. More powerful enchantments will require more experience and more Lapis Lazuli.

This method can only enchant unenchanted items. The actual level cost does not correspond to the level requirement of the Enchanted Table.

For Anvil Usage:

Anvil has a lot of uses in-game.

You can rename, repair, and enchant your weapons, armors, and tools without using Lapis Lazuli. Besides, you can add more enchantment in an already enchanted item, which gives makes it more useful and durable.

The downside for this method is that the more you enchant an item, the more expensive it can get.

For Mending:

You have an unlimited source of experience orbs in Minecraft.

The game spawns hostile mobs based on the light condition while passive mobs can be spawned through breeding.

Mending, or the enchantment which repairs armors, weapons, and tools through experience orbs is a very useful enchantment to have.

As long as you receive experience orbs, you don’t have to mind resources for your gears again.

Tip In Using Experience Orbs :

If you’re enchanting tools and armors, it’s better if you do it at a lower experience level.

The higher your experience is, the harder it is to level up and refill the experience bar.

When a player dies, all the experience points will be dropped. If the player can’t retrieve it in time, these orbs will despawn.

Eight Ways To Get XPs In Minecraft

Overall, there are eight ways to refill your experience bar and level up.

The job will even is even easier if you’re a Redstone engineer and make automatic XP farms.

Here are the ways to get experience orbs in Minecraft.

8. Fishing

fishing best ways to get xp minecraft

Fishing is one of the most boring activities for a lot of Minecraft players. After waiting between 5-45 seconds, players can get fish or more important items, based on enchantment in the fishing rod.

Every time you catch a fish, you can get up to 6 experience points.

7. Bottle o’ Enchanting

Bottle o’ Enchanting best ways to get xp minecraft

A Bottle o’ Enchanting is a throw item which releases experience orbs when used by the player.

This item can be obtained via trading or via loot generation.

Bottle o’ Enchanting gives 3-12 experience per bottle, which is pretty good. You can get this item from Master-level cleric villagers for 3 emeralds.

6. Trading

Trading villager best ways to get xp minecraft

Now, there’s a more important reason why you should trade items with the villagers: experience points.

Every time the player makes a trade with villagers, he or she can receive up to 11 experience orbs.

This is a pretty decent deal, as you’re also receiving emerald (if you’re selling stuff) or receiving other goods.

5. Cooking / Smelting

Cooking Smelting best ways to get xp minecraft

Cooking or smelting using a furnace is not the fastest XP maker in the game.

In fact, the highest point you can get is just one experience point from smelting gold, emerald, or diamond ore.

Iron and Restone gives 0.7 points each block and food items give 0.35 points per item.

You can treat this as a passive experience source because you will always likely use the furnace to cook food and smelt useful materials.

4. Breeding

Breeding best ways to get xp minecraft

To expand your farms, you need to breed animals by feeding them their favorite food.

Expanding the farm is not the only benefit of breeding animal mobs in the game.

You can get up to seven points every time an offspring is created. This is very useful if you want to get experience in a relatively safe way.

3. Killing Mobs

Killing Mobs best ways to get xp minecraft

You can receive experience points by killing passive or hostile mobs in Minecraft.

All mobs drop experience orbs when killed, with the exception of bats, baby animals, iron and snow golems, and villagers.

Almost every spawning monsters can give you 5 experience points. Blazes give 10 experience points.

2. “Harvesting”

harvesting animals pig cows best ways to get xp minecraft

“Harvesting” animal farms can give you a lot of food and other droppable items.

Although getting food is one of the main reasons why players set up animal farms, the experience points you get from killing animal mobs is decent.

You can get 1-3 experience points from killing animal mobs.

1. Mining

Mining best ways to get xp minecraft

Mining certain resources will give you experience orbs.

Coal Ore gives 0-2 orbs while Redstone ores give 1-5. If you mine more precious materials, the XP gained will also be higher.

Diamond and Emerald ores give 3-7 points while Nether Quarts and Lapiz Lazuli gives 2-5 points.

Biggest Providers Of XP

5. Ravagers

Ravagers best ways to get xp minecraft

Yep, Ravagers are one of the mobs which drop a lot of experience orbs.

They join the raids together with other pillagers. It usually has 50 heart points or 100HP, which makes it one of the hardest mobs to kill in the Overworld.

When killed, the ravager gives 20 experience points.

4. Monster Spawners

Monster Spawner best ways to get xp minecraft

You can find Monster Spawners on dungeons, mines, and certain structures.

It creates hostile mobs when the required light level is reached. If you mine this block with a pickaxe, you can get up to 43 experience points.

Instead of destroying the spawner, seasoned players use these blocks to make an XP farm.

3. Wither

Wither best mob ways to get xp minecraft

The Wither is one of the bosses in the game. It’s quite tough to beat because of its destructive nature.

However, if you manage to beat it, you can receive 50 experience points, in addition to the nether star, which is an item needed to build beacons.

2. Drink A Furious Cocktail

A Furious Cocktail A Furious Cocktail best ways to get xp minecraft

If you managed to get all the effects from the game in your in-game avatar at the same time, you will achieve the “How did we get here?” advancement. This advancement gives a whooping 1,000 experience orbs to the player with successful attempt.

You have to get absorption, bad omen, blindness, conduit power, dolphin’s grace, fire resistance, glowing, haste, hero of the village, hunger, invisibility, jump boost, levitation, mining fatigue, nausea, night vision, poison, regeneration, resistance, slow falling, slowness, speed, strength, water breathing, weakness, and wither all at the same time accomplish this.

1. Ender Dragon

ender dragon best ways to get xp minecraft

The Ender Dragon is the last boss of the game. It’s clearly the hardest mob to beat.

Its attack strength is 15HP and its health is 200HP. But beating this boss is worth it if you’re trying to get some XPs because after it explodes, you’ll get 12,000 experience orbs. This is enough to level up a level 0 player to level 78.

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