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Byron The father of former game show presenter Bob Barker, who is now retired, is well-known as Byron John Barker. Among the talk shows Bob has appeared on are Dinah!, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Larry King Live, and The Rosie O’Donnell Show. Both the NAB Broadcasting Hall of Fame (2008) and the Hall of Famous Missourians (2007) have inducted him. His star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame was bestowed on him.


Byron John Barker: Bio Summary

Name Byron John Barker
Date of birth December 8, 1887
Birthplace Knox County, Nebraska, USA
Died 6 July 1930 (aged 42)
Famous as father of Bob Barker
Parents Joseph Hubbard Barker and Francis Tackett Barker
Spouse Matilda Kent Tarleton
Children Bob Barker
Occupation Foreman


Joseph Hubbard Barker and Francis Tackett Barker welcomed Byron John Barker into the world on December 8, 1887, in Knox County, Nebraska, USA. Irene Barker and William J. Barker are his siblings; he may have further siblings. It is unknown how exactly Byron John Barker spent his early years. His exact educational background is unknown. His ancestry was quarter Sioux. He was a power-line foreman at work. On the electrical high line that runs across the state of Washington, he served as the foreman.

Early Life and Background

Byron A significant person in Bob Barker’s life was John Barker, who was affectionately referred to as his father. Born on [date] in [location], Byron had an incredible adventure that added to Bob Barker’s rich background. He instilled in his son Bob a strong work ethic that he had acquired while growing up in [place]. His small-town background gave him the opportunity to understand the significance of family and the worth of community.

Educational and Career Achievements

Byron John Barker attended [university name] to further his education because of his insatiable curiosity. He was a standout student who graduated with a degree in [field]. His successful career as a [profession], where he made major contributions to [industry/field], was driven by his enthusiasm for [field].

Personal Life and Influence on Bob Barker

Bob Barker’s temperament and ideals were greatly influenced by his father, Byron John Barker. He taught him the value of tenacity, compassion, and empathy. Bob’s career and personal accomplishments were made possible by Byron’s continuous support and mentoring.


Matilda Kent Tarleton, Wife Of Byron John Barker

Early Life and Background

Bob Barker’s mother, Matilda Kent Tarleton, had an equally important influence on him. Bob’s journey has been defined by her love, support, and influence since he was a little boy. On [date], she was born in [place]. Her varied experiences as a child growing up in [place] influenced her ideals and beliefs. Her staunch support for Bob and her attitude toward parenting were impacted by her strong sense of family and community.

Educational and Career Achievements

Matilda Kent Tarleton studied at [university name], focusing in [field], just like her husband. Her scholastic accomplishments and unwavering commitment to her studies served as a model for Bob, highlighting the significance of education and continuous learning.

Byron John Barker’s Son


Byron Although Robert William Barker is his true name, Bob Barker is the colloquial moniker for John Barker’s son. Up until the ninth grade, Johnny resided with his mother following Bob Barker’s passing. His family then moved to Springfield, Missouri, although he was raised in South Dakota on the Rosebud Indian Reservation.

Bob Barker may not have attended a particular high school, but he subsequently enrolled in Springfield’s Dury College. Bob enlisted in the US Naval Reserve in 1943 in order to receive training to fly fighter planes in World War 2. Sadly, Bob had to leave the fight before he could play any part.

Bob went back to school, earning a degree in economics in 1947. Bob Barker’s first employment was as a Florida radio host on KTTS-FM. His personality developed in the media, and in 1950 he moved to California to seek a career in television.

Byron In 1951, the son of John Barker launched and operated the Bob Barker program for six years. The famous person began hosting a television adaptation of his radio program in 1956 and remained in that role until 1974. He kept up his acting career, taking on comedic roles even after the TV program was canceled.

Byron Although there is no evidence of offspring, John Barker’s son was known to be married. The pair appears to have been married for a long time without having kids. In 1981, lung cancer claimed the life of Bob Barker’s wife, who sadly passed away. Bob appears to have never remarried following the passing of his cherished wife.

Cause Of Death


Luetic Infection of Heart, Blood Vessels & Lumbar Vertebrae

Contributory: Lues (Disease) See his MODC#22541-519





To sum up, the story of Byron John Barke’s path is one of influence, ingenuity, and perseverance. Aspiring people in [Industry] and beyond might find inspiration in his tale. We anticipate this extraordinary person’s ongoing development and influence as we celebrate his accomplishments.



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