How You Can Kickstart Your Own Chai Sutta Bar Franchise And Cost

The CSB or Chai Sutta Bar, deeply rooted in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, brings the authentic experience of enjoying a nukkad-style adrak chai in a traditional kulhad (clay cup). Despite its name suggesting a connection with cigarettes, smoking is strictly prohibited, offering a luxurious twist to the chai franchise landscape. Let’s delve into the journey of CSB and uncover how you can kickstart your own Chai Sutta Bar franchise and cost.

The Booming Indian Chai Business

In the heart of India, the tea business, affectionately known as Chai Business, reigns supreme in the consumer market. With approximately 80% of local produce consumed within the country, the demand for hot tea transcends seasons. The success story of Chai Sutta Bar, boasting over 200 franchise outlets nationwide, highlights the lucrative potential of the Chai franchise operation. Intrigued? Discover all the franchise details here.

Introducing Chai Sutta Bar: A Sip into History

Established in 2016 in Indore, Chai Sutta Bar has grown into a sensation, becoming a prominent Indian café chain. From modest beginnings of selling 4 to 5 thousand teas in kulhads daily, the brand now boasts a staggering 80,000-plus daily sales. The incorporation of ‘Bar’ in the name signifies an offering of traditional hygienic tea and beverages, served in kulhads, at affordable prices. The ambiance mirrors a nukkad bar with a distinctive bar table, setting it apart in the market.

Meet the Visionaries Behind CSB’s Success

The brains behind CSB’s meteoric rise are the visionary co-founders:

  • Director Co-Founder Mr. Anand Nayak
  • Director Co-Founder Mr. Anubhav Dubey
  • Managing Director Mr. Rahul Gothi

With plans to expand globally, CSB has already made its mark in Canada, the UK, the USA, Dubai, Muscat, and more.

Unveiling the Franchise Details

Considering a Chai Sutta Bar Franchise? Here’s what you need to know:

Investment: For an initial investment ranging from ₹16 to 20 lakhs, the franchise offers a swift 15-month payback period, with an average monthly return of ₹90,000.

Experience: Ownership demands relevant experience in the food services industry, supported by the franchise agreement’s training and assistance.

Location and Area: Ideal locations span from 300 to 2,000 sq. ft near high-traffic areas like railway or bus stations, educational institutions, or shopping hubs.

Franchise Cost: With a franchise fee of ₹6 lakhs, the total investment is ₹16 lakhs, ensuring a robust return on investment (ROI) of 108%.

Business Expectations: Expect a secure learning environment, 35-40% profit margins, ₹1.5-2 lakh working capital, and full support from Chai Sutta Bar.

Proven Business Tips for Success

Embarking on a business journey? Consider these tips:

  • Research fresh ideas and market potential
  • Align your skills with your chosen venture
  • Explore franchise opportunities with established brands
  • Plan a budget and marketing strategy
  • Ensure necessary permits and licensing
  • Leverage technology for efficiency
  • Continuous learning is key

The Inspiring CSB Journey: From Rags to Riches

The Chai Sutta Bar success saga, fueled by hard work and strategic entrepreneurship, presents a unique opportunity for aspiring business owners. Seize the chance, adhere to business tips, and meet the requirements to kickstart your Chai Sutta Bar franchise.

Conclusion: The Chai Sutta Bar Franchise – A Steaming Success Journey

The tale of Chai Sutta Bar unfolds as a captivating narrative, blending tradition with entrepreneurial vigor. From its inception in the heart of Indore to becoming a global chai haven, the journey has been nothing short of extraordinary.

Aspiring entrepreneurs eyeing the Chai Sutta Bar franchise are presented with a golden opportunity. The investment, coupled with the brand’s support and proven business model, promises not just financial returns but also a cultural shift towards promoting Indian tea traditions.

Chai Sutta Bar is a testament to innovative founders merging business acumen with cultural preservation. The success resonates in every sip, symbolizing not just profit but a pledge to sustainability and community empowerment.
Chai Sutta Bar offers more than a business opportunity—immerse in diverse flavors, stories, and the spirit of Indian entrepreneurship. Join now!. Craft your success story, let the aroma linger, and cheers to success!


When was Chai Sutta Bar established?

Founded in July 2016 in Rewa, Indore, Chai Sutta Bar has five self-owned locations and multiple franchises, each costing just 2 lakhs.

Does CSB provide the potential for franchises?

Their official website has information regarding franchise opportunities.

What is the Chai Sutta Bar’s turnover?

The company, with ₹10 lakh share capital, reached ₹100 crore revenue in the last fiscal year, as per MCA data.

What is the number of Chai Sutta Bar locations in India?

Chai Sutta Bar’s unique business strategy has fueled significant growth, boasting over 200 exclusive shops in India and beyond.

What kind of income can one anticipate from a Chai Sutta Bar location?

Investing ₹16-20 lakhs in Chai Sutta Bar brings a payback in 14-18 months, with monthly profits surpassing ₹90,000 per outlet.

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