Darez Diggs: Stefon Diggs’ Brother Faces Lawsuit Over Elevator Assault in Downtown LA

darez diggs

In the Diggs family saga, a troubling chapter unfolds as Darez Diggs, the younger sibling of NFL star Stefon Diggs, faces a lawsuit for orchestrating a brutal elevator attack in downtown Los Angeles. The incident, which occurred in May 2023, has sparked legal action and raised questions about the Diggs family dynamics.

Lawsuit Details: Allegations of Emotional Distress and Property Loss

Darez Diggs finds himself at the center of a legal storm, with Cristopher Griffith filing a lawsuit against him. Griffith claims emotional distress, pain, and suffering resulting from the elevator attack. The plaintiff is seeking $100,000 in compensation for jewelry and other property allegedly taken during the assault.

Notably, the lawsuit extends to the owner of the apartment complex, implicating them in the legal ramifications of the incident.

Shocking Elevator Attack Captured on Video

Video footage obtained by TMZ sheds light on the disturbing events of that fateful day. Darez Diggs, a former XFL player, is seen orchestrating a vicious attack inside an apartment elevator. The incident transpired on May 29, 2023, but the video surfaced a week later, revealing a shocking sequence of events.

In the footage, a man exits the elevator, engages in a brief conversation with Darez Diggs, then hastily returns to the elevator and closes the doors. What follows is a harrowing scene as Darez Diggs attempts to halt the elevator, allowing two accomplices to enter and violently assault the man inside. The attackers forcibly grab his jewelry, kick him in the face, and drag him to the lobby, where they make off with his chain.

Darez Diggs: From XFL Safety to Alleged Mastermind

Darez Diggs, also known as Mar’Sean, made a name for himself as a safety in the XFL in 2020. Following in the footsteps of his elder brother Stefon Diggs, Darez showcased his football prowess with the Los Angeles Wildcats before the league’s closure.

Before his XFL stint, Darez displayed versatility in high school, playing multiple positions, including wide receiver, running back, and defensive back. His collegiate journey started with the Morgan State Bears in 2013, later transferring to the University of Alabama at Birmingham, where he contributed to conference and division titles.

Beyond the gridiron, Darez Diggs ventures into the fashion industry, running his own lifestyle brand and clothing line, Blue Boii, mirroring his brother Stefon’s engagement in fashion events.

Ongoing Investigation: No Arrests Yet

As the legal proceedings unfold, the investigation into the robbery case remains active. According to police reports, no arrests have been made, and the suspects, who made off with an orange purse containing diamonds and other jewelry, remain at large.

In the wake of this unsettling incident, the Diggs family faces scrutiny, and the legal battle involving Darez Diggs continues to unfold. The consequences of this lawsuit may have far-reaching implications for both the Diggs brothers and those associated with the apartment complex.


In conclusion, the Diggs family finds itself entangled in a disconcerting legal battle as Darez Diggs grapples with the repercussions of orchestrating a brutal elevator attack in downtown Los Angeles. The lawsuit, fueled by Cristopher Griffith’s claims of emotional distress and property loss, sheds light on a troubling chapter within the family dynamics. The shocking video footage captured by TMZ unveils a disturbing sequence of events, raising questions about the motives behind the assault. Darez Diggs, once a promising XFL player following in his brother Stefon’s footsteps, now faces legal scrutiny and potential consequences.

As the investigation unfolds, the lack of arrests in the robbery case adds an air of uncertainty. The Diggs brothers’ foray into the sports and fashion realms takes a backseat to the legal drama, emphasizing the far-reaching implications of this incident. The unresolved nature of the case leaves a lingering sense of unease, casting a shadow over the once-celebrated Diggs family.

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