Top 10 Best Dota 2 Arcade Games (So Awesome!)

dota 2 bleach vs one piece best arcade game

Dota 2 has been one of the best game – ever. It is an eSports game that is always on top in terms of the prize pool, and it has been played by millions of people worldwide.

It also has one of the best custom games out there, especially when there’s an active battlepass going on.

These arcade or custom games are usually being played by Dota 2 players to relieve their stress from the main game, so if you are one of these players who are looking for a game closely related to Dota 2, then continue reading as we unveil some of the best Dota 2 Arcade Games ever created.

10. Pudge Wars

dota 2 pudge wars best arcade games dota 2

One of the most fun Dota 2 arcade game is Pudge Wars. The mechanics of the game are very simple; all of you will simply play as pudge and will hook each other.

If you happen to hook a teammate, you will simply pull him to you, but if you hooked an enemy, then that enemy will instantly die. This goes to you as well if you get hooked by an enemy, so a skillful dodging and exceptional hook sniping are the keys in winning on this game!

9. Mirana Wars

dota 2 mirana wars arcade game

Well, if you happen to get sick of Pudge Wars as well, Mirana Wars can be a really good alternative.

Which is more fun is based of course on your opinion, but judging from the mechanics, if you prefer something that could survive from a direct blow at least, then Mirana Wars might be the better mode for you.

Getting hit by an arrow in Mirana Wars doesn’t mean instant death, but you will get damaged based on Mirana’s arrow level and you could get stunned with a duration depending on your distance from where the arrow projectile originiated.

This means free hit from other players, and the chances of survival is way too slim (at least you could).
Just like Pudge Wars, Mirana Wars will be played with just Mirana alone, so all of you including your opponents will play Mirana only.

8. Bleach vs One Piece Mod

dota 2 bleach vs one piece best arcade game

If you happen to seek a break from the main game, chances are you are looking for a MOBA still but with the same exact gameplay as Dota 2.

If so, then here’s a good suggestion for you which is the Bleach vs One Piece Dota 2 mod. Every bit of its gameplay is similar to Dota, except that the characters and skills are changed, in short, you will be playing using Bleach and One Piece characters in a new map.

Though this game is unofficial and is fan-made, you can never deny the fact that this is a well-made mod and is a very good alternative if you seek some rests during your red days.

7. Overthrow

dota 2 overthrow best arcade game

Another cool Dota 2 game mode is Overthrow.

Overthrow is set to play in a map with a single throne, but with multiple teams. The aim, however, on this mode is not to break the throne but rather get as much kills as possible to reach a certain number.

The first team to reach that number of kills will win the game.

So, if you are this Dota 2 player who always have godlike spree, but then still loses because of retard teammates, then having a break from the main game to play a mode which will make you win for the kills you make – then Overthrow must be the right alternative for you.

6. Colosseum

dota 2 Colosseum arcade valve mod

If you prefer the more strategic method leaning towards the use of environmental hazards to your advantage, then Coloesseum might be the mode you can enjoy.

This is Valve’s 2nd official arcade game being released next to Overthrow, and this mode has been played by thousands of players worldwide.
The mechanics of this game is pretty simple, but it can get complicated depending on how you perform.

The key is to make as much score as possible by killing your enemies, or by having them trapped by various environmental hazards.

These traps can be lethal, and some of them will ensure instant kill. So set a strategy in winning, and make sure that traps are included in all of your plans. This 5v5 match arcade game is totally fun, and though it is still based on the main game’s gameplay, still the incorporation of traps is a genius add-on.

5. Dota Run

dota 2 dota run arcade game

Another mode which stars Mirana is the Dota Run. This time it’s not about killing or arrowing, but rather racing towards a finish line. The person who reaches the finish line first, or at least the one who went furthest will win the round.

This is no ordinary race, because you can get screwed by both unique environmental obstacles or by your opponents as you race for the finish line. From evading hooks, to leaping towards a safe ground like Mario, this game will definitely make you laugh over and over again even if you are just playing alone.

4. Skillshot Wars

dota 2 skillshot wars best arcade games

If you think both Mirana Wars and Pudge Wars are equally fun, why not have them both in a single arcade game but with bonuses, right?

Bonuses because it is not just Mirana and Pudge that are being featured here, but all other heroes with skills that can’t be targeted directly towards a target. Heroes like Mirana (arrow), Pudge (hook), Invoker (sunstrike), and Clockwerk (hookshot) will be featured here.

This game requires teamwork to land a direct hit with those skills that you can not target directly with your mouse! A team will win if they reach 40 kills, so make sure to plan and strategize with your team to get those kills.

3. Hardcore Ninja

dota 2 hardcore ninja best arcade game

Our star for this game is Juggernaut. However, Juggernaut’s main game skills are not the only ones featured here for him to use, but also others. The key to this game is to play stealth and quick. This game features attacks that will kill you or the opponent instantly.

Skills like blink, skewer, and other skills that is fast in nature are being featured here. So, if you have the wit to juke your way out and deliver a good counter attack, or someone who loves to ambush enemies through a fog, then this might just be the best arcade game for you.

2. Grand Magus

dota 2 grand magus arcade best arcade game

This is a Dota 2 arcade game that features Rubick, a hero which specializes in copying his enemies’ spells. With that said, this game features mechanics wherein all of you will be using Rubick in a deathmatch.

The skills each of you will have will be randomized based on what you all prefer to have at the start of the match. It is fun in the sense that all of you will be playing as rubick, but so different in a way that none of you will have the same skills.

This is a game where your memory will be used to its fullest, and your wit to strategize properly based on what skills will be given to you versus the skills your opponents have. And again, this is a deathmatch, so consider it you against all 10 at all times!

1. Dota 2 10 vs 10

dota 2 10 vs 10 arcade custom game

If you still prefer that iconic main game, but also wants to rest from it a bit, maybe you should try Dota 2 10 vs 10. Everything is the same on this mode; the gameplay, the items, the skills, the mechanics are all the same – except it is 10 players against 10 players.

Here you can learn the best Beginner heroes for Dota 2.

If you think 5 vs 5 is not messy enough, then try the 10 vs 10 mode! This was first introduced in the 2015 The International All Star match up, and it has been released since for all players worldwide.

Bonus Auto Chess

dota 2 auto chess best arcade game

Auto chess is a game that has exploded in popularity recently and has a very unique playstyle. The point of the game is to choose three champions from the rng table and combine them to make each champion stronger. It’s a lot of luck involved and fast thinking.


Now that we have shared to you the top 10 best Dota 2 arcade games, it is now your duty to try them for yourself.

The games featured here as best are based on our opinion and others, so trying them for yourself is the best key to know the experience and thrill they offer. Also, these games all come when you download Dota 2’s DLCs, and these DLCs are all free from steam.

All you need to do is to have the main game installed, and you should be able to see these arcade games on Dota 2’s arcade game list in the main menu.

Also make sure to read what are the best dota 2 teams in history.

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