Fortnite Survey Statistics 2020 (Infographic)

Fortnite Survey Infographic

As Fortnite continues to explode in popularity among all gamers and with the huge streamers such as Ninja.

We at 10Roar decided to do a survey on the Fortnite sensation.

So that’s what we did a 230 person survey amongst Fortnite gamers on how much they play, how much they have spent on v-bucks and more.

Fortnite Survey Infographic
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Results from Fortnite survey statistics

Answers came from players who play Fortnite.

fortnite case study statistics responses

Have you ever spent money on in-game purchases for Fortnite?
  • Yes 93.9%
  • No 6.1%
Did you ever pay for in-game purchases on other games before you started playing Fortnite?
  • Yes, I’ve done it on other games 77.2%
  • No, it’s the first time 22.8%
An estimation, how much money have you spent on in-game purchases for Fortnite? (in USD $)
  • The average spent is $245.75 out of those who said Yes on the first question.

There were a few big spenders in the survey and the most spent $4000 money according to the data. And some preferred not to answer.

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Do you regret any in-game purchases on Fortnite?
  • Yes 54.0%
  • No 46.0%
Would you buy Fortnite if it was not free to play?
  • Yes 75.4%
  • No 24.6%
Did you know that Fortnite purchases do not give you an advantage on other players?
  • Yes 99.1%
  • No 0.9%

Only 0.9% responded no, which is quite surprising you would’ve thought everyone knew that.

How many hours per week do you spend playing Fortnite?
  • 0-5 Hours per week 19.2%
  • 6-10 Hours per week 24.5%
  • 11-15 Hours per week 21.0%
  • 16-20 Hours per week 15.3%
  • 21+ Hours per week 20.1%
What device do you play Fortnite on the most?
  • Mobile 5.3%
  • Xbox 25.4%
  • PC 35.1%
  • PS4(PlayStation 4) 29.8%
  • Nintendo Switch 4.4%

Playing Fortnite on PC is the biggest player base and on the console side, it’s pretty even between Xbox and PS4.

Luckily Fortnite has crossplay so you can play between all gaming devices with your friends.

Do you think Fortnite has improved over time or made it worse?
  • Improved 48.5%
  • Worse 22.0%
  • Neutral 29.5%
Have you ever missed school/work to play Fortnite instead?
  • Yes, a lot 4.0%
  • Yes, but not much 15.9%
  • No 80.1%

Around 20% have missed work/school to play Fortnite instead, the battle royale game mode probably makes it harder to stop the more you progress in a match when the zone gets smaller and more exciting.

So that’s all the answers we got, hope you found something interesting and please share if you found it interesting as well.

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