Geffri Hightower:A Diverse Skill in Entertainment

geffri hightower

American actress and model Geffri Hightower gained notoriety for her portrayal of Maya Bennett in the television series Private Practice. Despite her youthful appearance, she has been on television since she was a little child in the mid-2000s.

Geffri Maya Hightower’s breakthrough performance in All American made the world realize what a treasure she is. Nonetheless, a lot of people were unaware that Geffri had been a screen presence for a while and had not suddenly become so excellent. And because there is always a bright side to every story, All American is the movie that gave her widespread recognition in the industry.

Geffri Maya was born when?

On February 25, 1995, Geffri Maya Hightower was born in South Central Los Angeles, California. She is an African-American national living in the United States.

What is Geffri Hightower’s age?

Geffri Hightower will be 29 in 2024.
The American actress, whose zodiac sign is Pisces, presently resides in Los Angeles, California. Background in school

Educational background

Despite becoming an actor at the age of nine, Hightower managed to finish her education. After graduating from Alexander Hamilton High School, she enrolled in Clark Atlanta University. Career Maya debuted as an actress on Broadway at the age of nine in the Lion King movie, where she played Young Nala. Her appearance on the popular ABC series Private Practice marked a sea change in her career.

Who appears in Private Practice as Maya?

The character is portrayed by the actress. In two of the episodes, she played Maya Davies, and in the remaining ten, she played Maya Bennett. In private practice, how old was Geffri Maya? When she made her television debut in 2007, she was just 12 years old.


Maya’s performance in American Homecoming stands out as her most significant professional moment. The movie centers on Spencer James, a black student at South Crenshaw High. Despite being an excellent student, he is passionate about playing professional football. He is forced to leave his family behind and move to Beverly Hills to live with Coach Billy Baker, where he is adopted by another family. He now has two different families, but as he balances them, school, football, and love, the real drama is about to start. Jordan Baker’s girlfriend and Beverley Hills student Simone Hicks is portrayed by Maya.
Her ability to persuade Baker that Dane Kohler is the father of her unborn child is the pinnacle of her character.

geffri hightower

Which films did Geffri Maya feature in?

The list of films and TV series in which she has appeared is shown below.
Fresh Territory (announced) as Deanna Ross 2020:

  • Loco as Lydia 2019: Beast Mode 2019:
  • With(out) You as Delphine 2016:
  • Defending Daddy as an Adult Mandy 2015:
  • Blaq Gold as Jasmine Hardaway 2015:
  • Q & A as Maya;
  • Southern Lights Over-Exposed: The Visual Album 2014

Who appears in Snowfall as Khadijah?

The television character Khadijah Brown, played by Maya Geffri, made appearances in seven episodes during the fourth season. Manboy’s sister Khadijah is also Skully’s child’s mother.

Who is the husband of Geffri Hightower?

geffri hightower

The actress has mostly concealed information about her personal life. Regarding her relationship history and whether or not she has children, Maya has not disclosed any information.

What is the net worth of Geffri Hightower?

It is believed that she is worth $5 million. Her acting profession has provided her with considerable cash. Geffri Maya Hightower is an above-ordinary actor, yet she nevertheless readily fits the mold of a conventional Hollywood celebrity. Like many other celebrities, both past and present, Hightower entered the business at a very young age and made the most of her opportunity to stay up to date.

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