Hard vs. Soft Mouse Pad: Which Is the Better Option?

Whether you use the computer as an avid gamer, or a casual browser, you may be wondering if there’s a difference between hard and soft mouse pads. They vary in several ways, including their material composition and surface. But which is better, a hard or soft mouse pad?

A hard mouse pad is better than a soft mouse pad because it offers regular computer users more speed, durability, and precision. Soft pads are more comfortable and beginner-friendly, but they don’t provide the same longevity as hard ones. 

Read on for further details on the differences between hard and soft mouse pads, what to look for in them, and insights into the best pads to buy.

The Key Differences Between Hard and Soft Mouse Pads

Hard and soft mouse pads have ranging textures and are made from different materials. The materials used and the textures they produce affect how a mouse pad operates and feels to a computer user. 

Let’s take a closer look at some of the main differences between hard and soft mouse pads:

Surface Smoothness

Hard pads are much smoother than soft pads due to their material composition. Hard mouse pads provide an even surface that doesn’t bend, allowing your mouse to glide effortlessly with consistency and accuracy across them.

On the other hand, soft mouse pads use a flexible fabric that can feel choppy for sensitive users or gamers looking for accuracy.

Further, hard mouse pads retain their smooth surface even after prolonged usage periods. In contrast, soft pads tend to collect dust and dirt over time, making them less than ideal for games where speed and accuracy are critical.


Hard pads can be challenging for beginners since they don’t allow much room for error when aiming. They take getting used to if you’re starting out, because hard pads don’t have much “bounce-back,” making it more difficult to control your mouse precisely.

However, once you’ve got the hang of it, aiming with a hard pad is easier to handle than soft pads, which allow for less precision due to its bouncy material.

As a user points out on this Reddit thread, hard mouse pads are also faster. They offer excellent control, making them a better choice for gamers who typically go for speed instead of precision.

On the other hand, soft mouse pads are more comfortable for beginners.

Notably, the fabric bend allows the mouse to move freely and bounce back on impact. This enables them to focus more on their game rather than learning how to handle the mouse.

Tip: As a rule of thumb, it’s best to ensure the surface texture of your mouse pad is compatible with your mouse’s feet. For example, a combination of a hard mat and smooth mouse feet is ideal and vice versa.


A Reddit discussion thread highlights that the hard plastic is easier to clean. This is because it’s non-porous than soft pads, where dirt accumulates inside its surface fibers.

With fewer places for dust and other particles to get stuck, cleaning hard mouse pads is also more effortless. Hard pads are less likely to accumulate dirt over time.

The hard plastic is easier to wipe down, while you must wash soft mouse pads often for optimal cleanliness.


Hard pads are more durable than soft ones since they don’t absorb much lint or other particles that could scratch your gaming mouse’s surface over time.

Hard mouse pads can also withstand heavy usage for a more extended period without showing signs of wear and tear.

On the contrary, soft pads tend to absorb particles that can scratch your gaming mouse’s surface with time, decreasing its lifespan.

Hard vs. Soft Mouse Pad Sizes

Hard mouse pads are small in size, making it less likely for them to slip around on your desk compared to larger, rubberized soft mats. 

As a result, you can focus more on your game than the mouse pad itself. A downside to their small size is that it poses a challenge to users with bigger hands.

Specifically, these pads limit your wrist’s range of motion. They may cause discomfort over time, while soft pads allow for more room and can be customized to fit your needs.

Soft pads come in various sizes and shapes depending on what brand you purchase, making them easier to use regardless of your hand size.

To learn more about the key differences I’ve mentioned between hard and soft mouse pads, check out this YouTube video:

Pros and Cons of Hard and Soft Mouse Pads

Based on their fundamental differences, here are the pros and cons of a hard pad vs. a soft pad to help you make an informed decision when purchasing a new mousepad:

Hard Pads Pros

  • They are easy to clean since they don’t absorb dirt or particles from your desk.
  • Hard pads provide a smooth surface that allows the mouse to glide effortlessly for speed and accuracy.
  • Hard pads retain their smooth surface for a more extended period without showing signs of wear and tear.

Hard Pads Cons

  • They are less comfortable for newbies or users with sensitive wrists since there’s less room for movement.
  • Hard pads may cause discomfort over time due to their small size and can be challenging to fit users with bigger builds.

Soft Pads Pros

  • They provide a comfortable surface for newbies or sensitive wrist users since they are more flexible and forgiving due to their non-slip rubberized back.
  • Soft mouse pads are less likely to cause discomfort over time because of their larger sizes.

Soft Pads Cons

  • Soft pads accumulate dirt over time which could scratch your gaming mouse’s surface if particles get trapped inside the fibers.
  • They are difficult to clean since dirt accumulates inside the material, making it challenging to wipe or wash them. Excessive dirt build-up can also lead to some discoloration on the pad.

The Verdict: Hard Pads Are Better All-Around

Based on their pros and cons, hard pads beat out soft pads because they provide better aiming and precision. They also tend to last longer. Although soft pads are beginner-friendly and more comfortable, they don’t offer the same durability as hard pads, which means they can deteriorate quickly.

However, soft pads can be ideal for beginner gamers or those needing a pad for casual use. For frequent and extended use, a hard pad is recommended. 

Factors To Consider When Buying a Mouse Pad

Now that you’re familiar with both hard and soft mouse pads, their textures and materials, here are some of the critical factors that you should consider when buying a new mouse pad for gaming:


When adding any elements to your computer desk or gaming setup, you’ll want to make sure there’s enough space to accommodate all of your devices. This includes your mouse pad.

If you opt for a larger mouse pad, be sure to measure the surface next to the keyboard where it’ll be placed, checking that the pad isn’t obstructing another device, or that a device isn’t interfering with the mouse pad.

You’ll also want to ensure your mouse pad is big enough for your mouse and setup, so you aren’t scraping the mouse against other items on your desk, such as cables.

Special Features

Some mouse pads also come with special features to determine what you need depending on your gaming habits.

Some pads may have wrist rests for more comfort while playing longer sessions. In addition, some gaming surfaces offer extra thick padding to support high DPI settings for FPS gamers.

Mouse Type

The type of mouse you have will determine whether you need a hard or soft mouse pad.

For example, go with a soft pad for a roller ball mouse since it’s more forgiving and is less likely to scratch your gaming mouse.

On the other hand, hard pads are suitable for an optical mouse because they provide a smooth surface that allows the mouse to glide effortlessly on its surface for speed and accuracy.

Best Hard and Soft Mouse Pads on the Market

To see some examples of ideal mouse pads for your gaming or computer setup needs, check out these two options of top-rated mouse pads. Both are available on Amazon.com, and can provide support for your mouse.

Best Hard Mouse Pad: Razer Firefly Chroma Cloth Mouse Pad 

If you need a hard pad, I highly recommend The Razer Firefly. This is a quality hard mouse pad and is ideal for gamers who prefer speed and accuracy.

It comes with Chroma lighting effects and has customizable lighting zones for longer gaming sessions or LAN parties. It also features an ultra-smooth surface that provides effortless gliding.

Best Soft Mouse Pad: HyperX FURY Pro Gaming Mouse Pad

For a softer option, I recommend the HyperX FURY Pro Gaming Mouse Pad, since it’s one of the most versatile gaming surfaces that provides an ultra-smooth surface while taking into consideration comfort and wrist movements during your long gaming sessions or LAN parties.

The unique rubber base keeps the pad in place to prevent sliding off accidentally when playing bumpier games, such as racing games.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Really Need a Mouse Pad?

You don’t need a mouse pad, but you do need a smooth mat or surface for your mouse to glide on. Using a mouse pad increases the response time and precision when moving the cursor, making it easier to aim during your games.

It’s important to note that the surface on which you are using your mouse can affect its performance. Mouse pads are designed to enhance a mouse’s performance and make the cursor move quicker.

Are Hard Mouse Pads Bad?

A hard mouse pad is not bad. Hard mouse pads are designed for gamers who need speed and accuracy when playing their games. They are also durable and easy to clean.

Hard mouse pads have smoother surfaces that allow your optical mice to glide on them easily. They are ideal for FPS gamers who need quick movements to aim their targets or click specific areas fast. 

Can Mouse Pads Be Washed?

You can wash mouse pads as long as they’re made of high-quality materials that won’t fade quickly. However, hard pads are easier to clean since the surface doesn’t bend, unlike soft mats where dirt is harder to remove from those small crevices and edges.

Here are the steps to follow when cleaning a mouse pad:

  1. Get rid of excess dirt and grime. The first thing you want to do is wipe your mouse pad down with a dry, soft towel. If there are still some stubborn spots on it that won’t come off no matter how hard you scrub, take an antibacterial wipe and rub the area gently until those spots are gone as well.
  2. Mix dish soap and water. Using a small bowl, put enough dish soap in it so that there is just a little bit at the bottom when you mix it with water. You want to use just enough dish soap so that it can break up the grime in your mousepad, but you also want to make sure that there isn’t too much because you don’t want it to spread everywhere when you apply it.
  3. Apply the soapy mixture to your mouse pad. Once you have created a soapy solution in your bowl, take a sponge or rag and use it to apply some of the mixture to your mouse pad. Don’t put too much on there; otherwise, you’ll have dish soap spilling down your desk when you try to wipe it off. Once you’ve applied it, ensure that all grime is removed by scrubbing gently with the sponge or rag.
  4. Wipe off the mouse pad and let it dry. After you have finished scrubbing your mouse pad, take a towel and wipe away any excess soap left over on the pad’s surface until there are no more suds. Afterward, prop it up somewhere or lay it flat, but ensure there’s enough airflow near the area to let it dry faster.

What Is a Good Alternative to a Mouse Pad?

A good alternative to a mouse pad is a smooth, flat surface that will allow your mouse to move smoothly. Metallic eating plates, soft tablet covers, and cardboard covered in newspaper can safely be used as alternative mouse pads.

Bottom Line

A mouse pad provides an ideal surface for your mouse to move around without any problems. When buying a mouse pad, it’s essential to consider its size, surface smoothness, and materials before making a purchase.

Generally, hard mouse pads are ideal for gamers who need speed and accuracy when playing their games and those who prefer a smooth surface for their mouse. On the other hand, soft pads are more comfortable and suitable for casual computer users.

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